Fremont County, Iowa

Thurman War Monument
World War II Names, L - V
This Veteran's Monument is in the city park at Thurman.

Gilbert Langston
Newell Lorimor
Truman Lorimor
George Martin
Ross Martin
Elvin Maxwell
Harold Maxwell
Earl McCluskey
Hubert McCluskey
Cecil R. McCollum
Eldwin L. McCollum
Harley McDaliel
Harley Mendenhall
Robert O'Dell
C. T. Parr
Norman Pierce
Glen Plank
Kenneth Pierson
Merritt Pierson
Allen Poort Jr.
Cyril Powles
Erskine Powles
Donald Prather
Kenneth Rickabaugh
William Roof
Eugene Roof
Dillie Scott
Dale Settell
Elbert Snodgrass
Lavern Snodgrass
Bernard Stafford
Cecil Stafford
Noel Stattler
Bernard Study
Ezra G. Study
Francis Study
Leslie Study
Everett Surface
Dean Surface
Dean Surface
Betty Travis
Junior Vanatta
Hubert Van Horn

Source: Thanks to Stephanie Pierce for sharing her photos with IAGenWeb, Fremont County site.

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