Fremont County, Iowa

Union Veterans and Sons Association Register, 1889
Alphabetical Order
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Given Name
P. O.
ACORD Green B. Sergeant E 29 Iowa Inft Percival Living
ALEXANDER J. M. 1st Lieut. H 103 Pennsylvania Inft Sidney Living
ARMSTRONG L. W. Corporal E 10 Illinois Inft Randolph Living
ARNOLD Enoch Corporal C 1 Missouri Cav Bartlett Living
BALLARD James Private C 23 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
BARNES R. W. Corporal A 8 Iowa Cav Sidney Living
BARTEN A. Private F 45 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
BEEK C. A. Private - 2 Illinois Bat. Hamburg Living
BEEL H. F. Corporal A 4 Iowa Cav Sidney Living
BENNETT Wm. H. Musician G 50 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
BENTLEY O. F. Private E 2 New York Cav Sidney Living
BOBET B. C. Private A 4 Iowa Cav Sidney Dead
BONWELL Alsord Private A 4 Iowa Cav Thurman Dead
BOWIN Henry Captain E 29 Pennsylvania Inft Sidney Dead
BRICKNELL M. S. Private I 13 Indiana Inft Tabor Living
BURROWS W. E. Musician I 121 Ohio Inft Hamburg Living
CARTER John W. Private F 15 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
CLARK G. W. Sergeant B 65 Illinois Inft Randolph Living
CLARK O. A. Sergeant D 21 Ohio Inft Randolph Living
CLAYBORN James Private E 25 Missouri Inft Sidney Living
COOKSEY J. G. Sergeant B 9 Iowa Inft Hamburg Living
COPLIN A. H. Private E 29 Iowa Inft Hamburg Living
COWAN J. F. Private H 17 Indiana Inft Thurman Living
CRAIN Smith R. Musician A 4 Iowa Cav United States Living
CROSSE G. W. Private D 72 Indiana Inft Sidney Living
DAVIDSON George Corporal G 2 New York Inft Randolph Living
DAVIS N. W. Private G 31 Iowa Inft Hamburg Living
DeFORD W. M. Private D 3 Iowa Cav Bartlett Living
DeGAUGH W. W. Private 1 New York Inft Sidney Living
DODD Clark Corporal H 20 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
DOWNER A. R. Private C 5 Iowa Cav Tabor Living
DUFF Dennis Private C 77 Illinois Inft Anderson Living**
EGLOFF Wm. Private E 29 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
ELKIN Wm. D. Corporal C 85 Illinois Inft Sidney Living
ENDACOTT Jesse Private B 29 Iowa Inft Bartlett Living
ENGLE Henry M. Corporal E 7 Iowa Cav Bartlett Living
ENGLE Wm. Private r 47 Iowa Inft Bartlett Living
ETLING Thomas Sergeant B 16 Pennsylvania Cav Sidney Dead
FAXON V. E. Private - 45 Ohio Bat. Hamburg Living
FOSTER J. B. Private A 33 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
FOYHT A. J. Private F 15 Iowa Anderson Living
FREDRICKSON L. D. Corporal B 2 Iowa Cav Thurman Dead
GAGNEBIN Henry Private L 7 Missouri Cav Sidney Dead
GOODE John T. Private B 41 Ohio Inft Sidney Living
GOODEN L. C. Private I 92 Ohio Inft Sidney Living
HAND G. F. Major 55 Illinois Inft Shenandoah Living
HARRIS J. J. Private I 4 Iowa Cav Thurman Living
HAVENS Charles Private E 29 Iowa Inft Sidney Dead
HOLISTER Isaac Private B 29 Iowa Inft Tabor Living
HOLSTED Levi Private B 2 Iowa Cav Riverton Living
IRWIN J. C. Private A 4 Iowa Cav Sidney Dead
JOBE Thos. H. Private E 29 Iowa Bat. Sidney Dead
JONES T. O. Private B 46 Iowa Inft Tabor Living
KEPLINGER Wm. L. Private 2 Iowa Ba. Sidney Living
LANKTIN John D. Private I 14 Illinois Inft Sidney Living
LINCAEUM George Private I 47 Indiana Inft Randolph Living
LOVE Lewis Private A 18 Ohio Inft Sidney Living
MANN Asahel, Jr. Lieutenant A 4 Iowa Cav Hamburg Living***
MANN John Private A 4 Iowa Cav Sidney Dead***
MARTIN D. H. Private E 29 Iowa Bat. Sidney Living
MATKENLEY A. N. Private F 1 West Virginia Bat. Sidney Living
McCELLAND J. H. Private B 29 Iowa Inft Tabor Living
McNOLTY E. Private C 7 Illinois Cav Thurman Living
MILES C. D. Private H 38 Indiana Inft Randolph Living
MITCHELL E. H. Sergeant A 54 Indiana Inft Sidney Dead
MOODY J. A. Musician I 1 Missouri Engineers Thurman Living
MORGAN W. W. Private L 2 Nebraska Cav Sidney Dead
MURRY George B. Private F 15 Iowa Inft Thurman Living
MYERS Wm. Corporal H ? Iowa Bat. Tabor Living
NELSON M. W. Sergeant C 40 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
OMER John W. Private K 25 Missouri Inft Tabor Living
PAIGE George W. Sergeant E 29 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
PARRY Daniel Private E 29 Iowa Inft Sidney Dead
PAUL Wm. R. Sergeant A 4 Iowa Cav Thurman Dead
PEASE E. N. Private E 29 Iowa Inft Shenandoah Living
PIPER H. I. Private D 61 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
POLK C. H. Private E 5 Illinois Cav Sidney Living
REAVES E. A. Corporal A 4 Iowa Cav Randolph Dead
REDMON H. M. Sergeant G 8 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
REED Jeramie Private K 48 Pennsylvania Inft Percival Living
REED Moses J. Private D 34 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
RORTGONG? Henry E. Private A 93 Illinois Inft Sidney Living
ROSCO Logan Private K 22 Missouri Inft Sidney Living
ROWE John W. Private F 15 Iowa Inft Sidney Dead ****
SAVAGE Paul Private E 13 Iowa Inft Tabor Dead
SAVAGE Samuel Private B 29 Iowa Inft Tabor Living
SETTELL R. P. Sergeant E 10 Michigan Inft Thurman Living
SHARR George Private H 102 Inft Sidney Living
SMITH I. C. Private B 11 Missouri Bat. Sidney Living
SMITH John R. Sergeant A 4 Iowa Cav Tabor Living
SMITH O. W. Private B 83 Illinois Inft Sidney Living
SMITH Thomas S. Sergeant C 30 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
SPENSER F. P. Sergeant C 17 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
SRATTES B. F. Private D 7 Iowa Cav Sidney Living
STAFFORD Jesse Private E 6 Iowa CAV Sidney Dead
STARETT H. M. Corporal K 7 Iowa Inft Tabor Living
STUBBS B. F. Private I 51 Illinois Inft Percival Living
STUCHY Richard Private F 1 Nebraska Inft Thurman Dead
TAYLOR D. S. Private A 2 Nebraska M. I. Randolph Living
THROCKMORTEN Job Corporal F 15 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
TOMPSON A. A. Private E 44 Iowa Inft Tabor/Hamburg Living
TOWNSEND C. H. 1st Serg. A 9 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
TRAVIS H. Private D 24 Iowa Inft Hamburg Living
WAGNER George Private A 26 Iowa Inft Sidney Living
WATKINS J. F. 1st Serg. C 8 Iowa Cav Farmers City Living
WEBSTER Merv. Private E 29 Iowa Inft Sidney Dead
WELLS O. F. Corporal B 29 Iowa Inft Tabor/Hamburg Dead
WILSON Joseph M. Corporal 55 Illinois Inft Anderson Living
WOOD Aaron Corporal E 25 Missouri Inft Thurman Living
WORK Fleming Sergeant A 8 Iowa Cav Hamburg Dead
WORKMAN Benj. Corporal A 3 Indiana Cav Sidney Dead
YARGER Jarad 1st Serg. F 40 Iowa Inft Sidney Dead
YORK W. A. Musician I 40 Iowa Inft Thurman Living
YOUNG R. S. Private H 7 Iowa Inft Randolph Living
** Dennis Duff was originally listed as "Dead". His obituary shows his death did not occur until 1912.
*** Asahel Mann's name was misspelled (Ashel).
*** John Mann was originally listed as living, but he was killed at Vicksburg in 1862.
**** John W. Rowe listed as "Dead"; however his widow's application for pension states death date 24 November 1903.

~ Source: Union veterans and sons of veterans association, 1889 -1927, LDS microfilm #1492024, item 1.

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