Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1913
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

License#: 1840            
permission: S. S. Smith, Father Of the Bride
date: Jan. 26, 1884            occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Wm. J. Ashbough   age next birthday: 28
residence: Shanandoah, IA   born: TN
father: David Ashbough       mother: Susanah Hill

BRIDE: Mary L. Smith         age next birthday: 20
residence: Shanandoah, IA  born: Ill.
father: Samuel S. Smith      mother: Sarah Mathews

where: xxxxxxxx                when: Jan. 31. 1884
witnesses: S. S. Smith, Lady? & H. Ashbough
by: A. Hill, Pastor, M.A. Church

License# 1879                     permission: S. J. South
date: April 16, 1884             occupation: Farmer
GROOM: David R. Andrews    age next birthday: 21
residence: Fremont Co.         born: North Carolina
father: Jackson Andrews        mother: Nancy Richardson

BRIDE: Martha South            age next birthday: 19
residence: Fremont Co.         born: NC
father: Steven South            mother: Rebecca Williams

where: Father's home           when: April 17, 1884
Witnesses: Charles Taylor, Josiah Andrews,
                Wm. xx & xxxxxx South

License# 1914                    
permission: Wit. Jas. W. Ackley   date: Aug. 27, 1884
occupation: Farmer
GROOM: John H. Ackley      age next birthday: 37
residence: Farragut, IA       born: Johnson Co., MO
father: Oli Ackley               mother: Susan Reeves

BRIDE: Esther E. German    age next birthday: 24
residence: Farragut, IA       born: Colssa ?, xxxxx
father: Daniel German        mother: Elizabeth H. Graves

where: Sidney                   when: Aug. 27, 1884
witnesses: xxxxx Dutcher, Mary Rusk
by: A. H. Rusk

License# 1915               permission: blank
date: Aug. 28, 1884       occupation: Clerk
GROOM: John Anderson   age next birthday: 31
residence: Sidney           born: Ohio
father: Robt. Anderson   mother: Lettie Parker

BRIDE: Cirila Tinsler ?     age next birthday: 23
residence: Sidney           born: Pxxxxxx Co., Ill.
father: James Tinsler      mother: Hannah Stephens

where: Riverton             when: Aug. 28, 1884
witnesses: Elizabeth Horn, Sirna Tinsler
by: ?
License#: 6644                    permission: blank
date: Jan 29, 1913               occupation: Farmer
GROOM: David William Cashin   age next birthday: 32
residence: Chicago               born: Peoria, ILL
father: David William Cashin  mother: Mary Ann Doyle

BRIDE: Anna Marie Maher      age next birthday: 24
residence: Imogene, Iowa     born: Imogene
father: J. Maher                   mother: Ellen Berigan

where: St. Patrick Church, Imogene   when: Feb. 3, 1913
witnesses: L.R. Soderburg, Nellie I. Soderburg
by: Edmond Hayes

License#: 6645                     permission: blank
date: Feb. 5, 1913                 occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Herbert D. Barnes     age next birthday: 25
residence: Sidney, Iowa         born: Sidney, Iowa
father: R. W. Barnes              mother: Louisa J. Barrett

BRIDE: Ludy L. Goodin           age next birthday: 24
residence: Sidney, Iowa         born: Randolph, Iowa
father: Geo. M. Goodin          mother: Laura Fichter

where: Sidney, Iowa             when: Feb. 5, 1913
witnesses: Harry L. Goodin, Mrs. H. L. Goodin
by: Rev. E.W.F. Requa

License#: 6646                    
permission:  affd. by  David H. Dye
date: Feb. 5, 1913                   occupation: Farming
GROOM: Charley A. Dye            age next birthday: 28
residence: Tabor, Iowa             born: Near Sheridan, MO.
father: James I. Dye                mother: Ella Miller

BRIDE: Maudie Laudreth           age next birthday: 23
residence: Tabor, Iowa             born: Fremont County, IA
father: Ora Laudreth                mother: Mary Large

where: Sidney, Iowa                when: Feby. 5, 1913
witnessesd: R.R. Goodin, Amy Laudreth
by: E. H. Harrison, Minister

License#: 6647                        permission: blank
date: Feb. 11, 1913                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Harry Gibson               age next birthday: 24
residence: Percival, Iowa           born: Payne, Iowa
father: James Gibson                mother: Ella Hahn

BRIDE: Elinor J. Lord                 age next birthday: 24
residence: Percival, Iowa           born: Furnas Co., Nebr.
father: Vincan Lord                   mother: Lillian R. Keyser

where: Thurman, Iowa              when: Feb. 12, 1913
witnesses: Mabel Gibson, Charlie Lord
by: F. J. McKay, Pastor, M.E. Church
comments: Elinor gave name as Ella at State Board of Health

License#: 6618                        
permission: Miss Mabel B. Jones
date: Feb. 10, 1913                    
occupation: Implement dealer
GROOM: Rollo T. Jones                age next birthday: 23
residence: Farraagut, Fremont County   born: Farragut
father: John C. Jones                  
mother: Ida Mary Thornton

BRIDE: Mildred Beatrice Cox         age next birthday: 19
residence: Farragut, Fremont County  born: Farragut
father: John Calvin Cox                mother: Lavina Corbit

where: Farragut, Iowa                 when: Feb. 12, 1913
witnesses: Elva Cox, Will Miller   
by: Rev. A. W. Armstrong, M.E. Minister

License#: 6649                         
permission: Miss Mabel B. Jones
date: Feb. 10, 1913                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Elmer Allen Cox              age next birthday: 23
residence: Farragut, Fremont County   born: Farragut
father: John Calvin Cox                 mother: Lavina Corbit

BRIDE: Minerva Victoria Atwood     age next birthday: 20
residence: Fisher Twp., Fremont Co.
born: Syracuse, Otoe County, Nebr.
father: Edwin Oren Atwood          
mother: America Ella Jarrells

where: Fisher Twp., Fremont Co.  when: Feb. 19, 1913
witnesses: Mildred B. Jones, Rollo T. Jones
by: A.W. Armstrong, Officiating Minister

License#: 6650                          permission: blank
date: Feb. 12, 1913                    occupation: Farming
GROOM: William Cross               age next birthday: 25
residence: Sidney, Iowa              born: Sidney, Iowa
father: James Cross                   mother: Minnie McCoy

BRIDE: Mabel P. Hodges             age next birthday: 23
residence: Sidney, Iowa              born: South Dakota
father: George Hodges                mother: Ella Blaisdell

where: Sidney, Iowa                   when: Fey. 12, 1913
witnesses: Ethel Hodges, Gary (Guy?) Adkinson
by: E.H. Harrison, Minister

License#: 6651                          permission: blank
date: Feb. 15, 1913                    occupation: Laborer
GROOM: William Andrews            age next birthday: 23
residence: Plattsmouth, Nebr.      born: Hamburg, Iowa
father: Joshua Andrews               mother: Mary South

BRIDE: Kate Derr                       age next birthday: 19
residence: Sidney, Iowa              born: Sidney, Iowa
father: Chas. F. Derr                  
mother: Dena Nannian (Mennen?)

where: Sidney, Iowa                   when: Feb. 15, 1913
witnesses: Carroll Sanderson, Freda Sanderson
by: C.B. Hatten. J.P.

License#: 6652                          
permission: H.J. Beedle
date: Feb. 18, 1913                 occupation: Farming
GROOM: Edgar S. Brown           age next birthday: 26
residence: McCelland, Iowa       born: Council Bluffs, Iowa
father: Wm. R. Brown               mother: Ellen Lewin

BRIDE: Nellie G. Beedle            age next birthday: 21
residence: Thurman, Iowa         born: Sidney, Iowa
father: Henry J. Beedle            
mother: Eudora Alma Proctor

where: Near Thurman, Iowa      when: Feb. 19, 1913
witnesses: John Beedle, Elsie Brown
by: Geo. D. Ruse, Sidney, Iowa

License#: 6653                       
permission: Consent of Groom's father
date: Feb. 19, 1913                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Albert Sitton               age next birthday: 21
residence: Sidney, Iowa            born: Sidney, Iowa
father: John Hardon Sitton        
mother: Mary Olivia Laudrith

BRIDE: Anna Prescott               age next birthday: 21
residence: Thurman, Iowa         born: Neligh, Nebr.
father: Thomas Prescott           mother: Mary Jane Alkire

where: Thurman, Iowa              when: Feb. 19, 1913
witnesses: Ora Sitton              
by: Rev. J. F. McKay, Minister

License#: 6654                       
permission: Affd. by Geo. W. Townsend
date: Febry. 26, 1913                 occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Samuel Robert Spoons    age next birthday: 29
residence: Hamburg, Iowa           born: Near Loudon, KY
father: John Spoons                    mother: Sarah Purkey

BRIDE: Sallie E. Clement             age next birthday: 24
residence: Hamburg, Iowa           born: Palco, Kansas
father: James Clement                mother: Emma Beck

where: Methodist Parsonage, Hamburg, IA
when: Feb. 27, 1913
witnesses: Mrs. Kara Babbs
by: Arthur V. Babbs, Minister of the Gospel
comments: Groom's second marriage, Bride's second marriage

License#: 6655                        permission: blank
date: March 5, 1913                  occupation: Farming
GROOM: Moses Givens              age next birthday: 38
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: Howard Co., MO
father: Ben. Givens                   mother: Charity R. Patten

BRIDE: Mary Ethel Blunk            age next birthday: 29
residence: Payne, Iowa              born: Indiana
father: J. H. Blunk                     mother: Francis L. Tabor

where: M.E. Parsonage               when: Mar. 5, 1913
witnesses:  Mrs. H. W. Requa     
by: Rev. E.W.F. Requa, M.E. Minister

License#: 6656                        
permission: Affd. by H.S. Forney
date: March 12, 1913                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Guy W. Grindle              age next birthday: 23
residence: Thurman, Iowa           
born: Weeping Water, Nebr.
father: A. J. Grindle                    mother: Nora Bates

BRIDE: Goldie Forney                  age next birthday: 18
residence: Thurman, Iowa            born: Thurman, Iowa
father: H.S. Forney                   
mother: Luda (Lydia) Jane Botts

where: Bartlett, Iowa                  when: March 14, 1913
witnesses: Pearl Siney, C. L. Van Syoc
by: Chas. Aitkin, Minister
License#: 6657                            
permission: affd. H.J. Piper
date: March 14, 1913             
occupation: Commercial man
GROOM: Charles Henry Burton         age next birthday: 27
residence: Vegreville, Alberta, Canada  born: Brainard, NE
father: Elba T. Burton                     mother: Armada Fleek

BRIDE: Mamie S. Piper                    age next birthday: 24
residence: Randolph, Iowa               born: Randolph, Iowa
father: Henry J. Piper                    mother: Annabel Lowry

where: Randolph, Iowa                 when: March 15, 1913
witnesses: Father & Mother, brother & sister of bride;
Mother & brother of Groom
by: E. S. MacCartney, M.E. Minister

License#: 6658                           
permission: Gertrude Smith, Groom's mother
date: March 19, 1913                    occupation: Auditor
GROOM: John Joseph Fulmer          age next birthday: 21
residence: Omaha, Nebr.               born: Omaha, Nebr.
father: Albert I. Fulmer              mother: Gertrude E. Clark

BRIDE: Verna Blanche Van Meter   age next birthday: 21
residence: Hamburg, Iowa             
born: Atchison County, MO
father: Perry Lewis Van Meter    
mother: Clara Belle Edwards

where: Hamburg, Iowa                 when: March 23, 1913
witnesses: Edna E. Darr (or Derr), Bessie Gilmore
by: A.W.Tandy, Baptist Minister
comments: Written permission by groom's mother in letter format on the marriage record.

License#: 6659                      permission: Jacob Jefferson
date: April 2, 1913                 occupation: Laborer
GROOM: Charles Frederick Young   age next birthday: 30
residence: Newton, Iowa         born: Edinburgh, Scotland
father: Chas. Frederick Young
mother: Margaret Jane Watson

BRIDE: Jessie Ann Jefferson      age next birthday: 18
residence: Sidney Twp., Fremont Co.  
born: Taylor County, Iowa
father: Jacob Jefferson           
mother: Alice Selser (or S. Elser)

where: Sidney, Iowa                  when: April 2, 1913
witnesses: Mrs. S. P. Beale, Jacob Jefferson
by: C.B. Hatten, J.P.
comments: Consent of Bride's father on file.

License#: 6660                       permission: L.L. Vanatta
date: April 4, 1913                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Charles Everett Ames  age next birthday: 23
residence: Randolph, IA           born: Randolph, IA
father: Charles E. Ames           mother: Ruah Riffel

BRIDE: Nellie J. Asman            age next birthday: 23
residence: Tabor, IA                born: Tabor, IA
father: John F. Asman              mother: Julia Proctor

where: Four miles south of Tabor, IA   when: April 5, 1913
witnesses: Mrs. Ellen Purckney, Julia Taylor
by: C. F. Fisher, Pastor, Congregational Church, Tabor

License#: 6661                       permission: blank
date: April 7, 1913                  occupation: Printer
GROOM: Robert L. Duncan        age next birthday: 47
residence: Hamburg, Iowa        born: Sangamon Co., ILL
father: John Duncan                 mother: Elizabeth C. Ross

BRIDE: Louisana Duncan           age next birthday: 46
residence: Washington Twp.      born: Nebraska City, Nebr.
father: John Volkhardt               mother: Matilda Drath

where: Residence of Bride         when: April 9, 1913
witnesses: blank                      by: H. B. Williams, J.P.
comments: Third marriage for both

License#: 6662                      
permission: Affd. by R. F. Hickman
date: April 12, 1913                 occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Charles H. Monk          age next birthday: 40
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: Ringold, Iowa
father: Jessie Monk                  mother: Mary Spain

BRIDE: Nellie Monk                  age next birthday: 32
residence: Riverton, Iowa          born: Hatfield, MO
father: Noah Ward                     mother: Mary L. Ward

where: Riverton, Iowa              when: April 13, 1913
witnesses: Mrs. E.L. Field, Miss Agnes Field
by: E. L. Field, Minister
comments: His first marriage. Her second marriage