Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1889
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:
License No.=1651     Date=Dec. 20, 1889
GROOM=Allen S. Woodrum     Age Next Birth.=23
Res.=Plum Hollow, IA     Occupation=Farmer
Father=Washington Woodrum   Mother=Netty Wright

BRIDE=Anna S. Harless   Age Next Birth.=22
Res.=Percival, IA     Father=Silas Harless
Where=Home of the Bride
When=Dec. 21, 1882
By=?  I can find out
  License#: 2536                      permission: blank
date: Jan 8, 1889                   occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Edson H. Fishter        age next birthday: 28
residence: Randolph, IA          born: New Jersey
father: Albert Fishter              mother: Cooby ?

BRIDE: Alta Bentley               age next birthday: 23
residence: Wisconsin              born: Wisconsin
father: T. H. Bentley               mother: A. Inman

where: Randolph, IA               when: Jany 8, 1889
witnesses: blank                    by: J. B. Taylor

License#: 2563                    
permission: afd. by D. A. Payne 
date: Feby. 11, 1889               occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Willis A. Frazier          age next birthday: 26
residence: Fremont Co., IA       born: MO
father: Benton Frazier              mother: Elizabeth Bennet

BRIDE: Emma Zack                 age next birthday: 26
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa   born: IA
father: Wm. Zack                    mother: Dorah Hackville

where: Hamburg, IA                when: Feby. 12, 1889
witnesses: P. St. Clair, Emma Newton?
by: W. C. Wingate

License#: 2597                     
permission: Father Of Bride  
date: May 25, 1889                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: David L. Foster            age next birthday: 29
residence: McPaul, Iowa            born: Iowa
father: Thomas A. Foster           mother: Bertha Copple

BRIDE: Lizzie Albritton            age next birthday: 17
residence: McPaul, IA               born: Iowa
father: Thomas W. Albritton     mother: Mary L. Long

where: McPaul, IA                   when: May 26, 1889
witnesses: Sarah Dessnon?      by: N.M. Allen, J.G.?
  License#: 2611                       permission: Henry West
date: July 5, 1889                   occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William Fox               age next birthday: 24
residence: Iowa                      born: MO
father: Fox                             mother: Brown

BRIDE: Cora A. West               age next birthday: 16
residence: Iowa                born: Missouri
father: H. West                      mother: Banker

where: Sidney, IA                   when: July 3, 1889
witnesses: Henry West           by: J. B. Mosmon?

License#: 2616                     permission: blank
date: Aug. 2, 1889                occupation: Farmer
GROOM:  Loren E. Foster       age next birthday: 23
residence: Tabor, Iowa          born: Fremont Co., IA
father: John Foster              mother: Mary Packard

BRIDE: Rebecca Miller           age next birthday: 23
residence: Randolph, IA        born: Knox Co., IL
father: Henry Miller             
mother: Henrietta Beaushxmp?

where: Randolph, Iowa         when: Aug.6, 1889
witnesses: Geo. W. Ramsey, Flora Miller
by: J. W. Cowan, Minister

License#: 2636                   permission: blank
date: Sept. 17, 1889            occupation: Cashier In Bank
GROOM: Alva A. Failing        age next birthday: 25
residence: Randolph, IA       born: Rural, Rock Island, ILL
father: Adam Failing            mother: Joanna Valentine

BRIDE: Edith A. Rhode         age next birthday: 23
residence: Tabor, Iowa         born: Tabor, IA
father: Joseph Rhode           mother: Mary Kinney

where: Tabor, Iowa             when: Sept. 18, 1889
witnesses: H. Snow, Luta Rhode (A Lucy Rhode in the 1880 Census, and H. Snow would be Herschel Snow, a step brother).
by: Levi H. Cook, Pastor, M X Church