Fremont County, Iowa


Brown-Zuck Marriage License

Fremont County, Iowa marriages, 1888
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

License#: 2403             permission: blank date: Jan. 27, 1888             occupation: Farmer

GROOM: Judson B. Fishter             age next birthday: 25
residence: Randolph             born: New Jersey
father: Jacob H. Fishter             mother: Fern Auld?

BRIDE: Alenna J. DeConough?             age next birthday: 25
residence: Randolph, Iowa             born: New Jersey
father: David M. DeConough?             mother: unreadable

where: Randolph             when: Feb. 1, 1888
witnessses: unreadable             by: Rev. J. B. Taylor

License#: 2470            permission: Afd. by Chas. Freel & D. Matney
date: July 20, 1888             occupation: Farmer

GROOM: Adolph Freel             age next birthday: 19
residence: Atchison Co., MO             born: Atchison Co., MO
father: Chas. W. Freel             mother: Nancy Ross

BRIDE: Sarah E. Matney             age next birthday: 18
Residence: Atchison Co., MO             born: Illinois
father: Daniel Matney nbsp;           mother: Sarah Cahill

where: Hamburg, Iowanbsp;           when: July 25, 1888
witnesses: Daniel Matney, Tho. Freel
by: Rev. R. T. Parkhurst

License#: 2494           permission: blank
date: Sept. 27, 1888             occupation: Farmer

GROOM: James A. Fishter             age next birthday: 25
residence: Sidney             born: Iowa
father: Fishter             mother: Edwards

BRIDE: Jessie Hackney             age next birthday: 18
residence: Sidney             born: Missouri
father: Hackney             mother: Chambers

where: Sidney             when: Sept. 28, 1888
witnesses: John Carter, Mary Chambers
by: J. A. Norman, Min.

License# 2409             permission: J. A. Jones
date: Feb. 7, 1888             occupation: Merchant
GROOM: Winfida B. Clark             age next birthday: 28
residence: Atlanta, Iowa             born: New York
father: R. Clark             mother: Mary Dexter

BRIDE: Emma J. Perkins             age next birthday: 27
residence: Farragut             born: IL
father: James J. Dickey             mother: Carolina Jones

where: Farragut             when: Feb. 8, 1888
witnesses: Bride's parents & brothers & sisters
by: Rev. David G. Shouffer
comments: Bride's second marriage

License#: 2419             permission: afd. Leonard or Lesiard (Leonhart in 1880 Census?)
date: Feb. 22, 1888             occupation: Farmer

GROOM: Chancey G. Calkins (Chancy in 1880 Census)
age next birthday: 31
residence: Hamburg             born: Iowa
father: Alva C. Calkins             mother: Martha M. Skidman

BRIDE: Louisa R. M. Leitz             age next birthday: 17
residence: Hamburg             born: KY
father: Leonard or Lesiard (Leonhart) Leitz
mother: Millie M. Beck

where: blank             when: Feb. 23, 1888
witnesses: Mary Leitz, Jessie Calkins
by: Elder W.C. Wingate

~ Source: Register of Marriages, Fremont Co. Iowa
~ Contributed and transcribed by Theresa Davids for Fremont County IAGenWeb

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