Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1887
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:
License No.=1517    Date=June 3, 1887
Permission=Calvin Hall

GROOM=Denver S. Andrews   Age Next Birth.=29
Res=Fremont Co.     Occupation=Farmer
Born=Washington Co., OH
Father=Samuel Andrews    Mother=Harriet Syms

BRIDE=Ardella M. Hall     Age Next Birth.=16
Res.=Fremont Co.     Born=Yam Hill , Oregon
Father=Calvin Hall   
Mother= (per 1880 Census) Caroline Hall
When=Blank    Where=Father's home
Witnesses=A. Dyke, Arma E. Dyke
  License#: 2262                           
permission: affd. by David Willard
date: Jan. 22, 1887                       occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Oscar Brown                    age next birthday: 23
residence: Shenandoah                  born: ILL
father: H. S. Brown                        mother: Anna Crosser

BRIDE: Anna R. Hanks                   age next birthday: 20
residence: Shenandoah                  born: Iowa
father: C. Hanks                           mother: Francis Fruit

where: Farragut                           
when: January 23, 1887
witnesses: J.P. Martindale, Jane Mullens
by: Rev. J.P. Martindale

License#: 2264                            permission: blank
date: Feb. 2, 1887                      
occupation: Traveling Salesman
GROOM: Chas. C. Blevins              age next birthday: 27
residence: Mound City, Missouri     born: MO
father: David M. Blevins               
mother: Margaret C. Sandy

BRIDE: Lottie E. White                 age next birthday: 23
residence: Farragut                   born: ILL
father: Egbert White                    mother: Mary A. Wright

where: Farragut                          when: Feb. 3, 1887
witnesses: blank                         by: Rev. S.J. Beach

License#: 2279                         
permission: affd. Mrs. Monroe
date: Feb. 22, 1887                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Lewis C. Boner               age next birthday: 29
residence: Fremont Co.                born: Wanesboro
father: Alex Boner                       mother: Mary Shank

BRIDE: Ivey E. Decamp                age next birthday: 24
residence: Fremont Co.                 born: New Jersey
father: David Decamp                   mother: Maggie Tebo ?

where: Randolph                         when: blank
witnesses: Edson Riches, Netty Goodwin
by: C. H. Rusk

License#: 2302                          
permission: Harlon Smay ("Harlo" in the 1880 census)
date: April 16, 1887                      occupation: Farmer
GROOM: C.W. Bates                      age next birthday: 24
residence: Fremont Co.                  born: Iowa
father: L.J. Bates                          mother: Jane Shanion

BRIDE: Elizabeth J. Smay               age next birthday: 18
residence: Fremont Co.                  born: Indiana
father: George W. Smay                
mother: Eliza E. Rollen

where: G.W. Smay                        when: April 17, 1887
witnesses: Mrs. Boyd & Wright      
by: Simeon Wright, Min.

License#: 2304                             permission: blank
date: April 28, 1887                       occupation: Farmer
GROOM: L.D. Brown                       age next birthday: 67
residence: Fremont Co.                  born: Ohio
father: James Brown                     
mother: Nancy Dawson 

BRIDE: Marise S. Warren                age next birthday: 60
residence: Hamburg                       born: New Brunswick
father: Thomas Garnett                 
mother: Margurette Pen

where: Sidney                               when: April 28, 1887
witnesses: blank                          
by: W.W. Morgan, Mayor
comments: Groom's second marriage, bride's second
License#: 2291                              permission:blank
date: Mar. 22, 1887                        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Henry Beachler                  age next birthday:36
residence: Page Co., Iowa               born: Ohio
father: Henry Beachler                    mother: Mary Wearer

BRIDE: Rachel Snider                      age next birthday: 26
residence: Gentry Co., MO              
born: G., MO (1880 Census gives IN as birth state
father: Wm. Snider                        
mother: Babary Braglock

where: Monroe Township                 when: Mar. 27, 1887
witnesses: J.K. Snider                     by: E.E. Lymer, Min.

License#: 2307                             
permission: C.J. Morse 
date: April 29, 1887                      occupation: Carpenter
GROOM: Silas A. Barstow               age next birthday: 25
residence: Broken Bow, Neb.          born: Wisconsin
father: Scott Barstow                    mother: Melinda Parker

BRIDE: Cilea J. Hackett                 age next birthday: 18
residence: Percival                        born: Percival
father: Jacob Hackett                    mother: A. Peacock

where: Milton Hackett's, Percival    when: April 30, 1887
witnesses: Milton Hackett, Linda Collier
by: G.C. Wajnick, Min.

License#: 2308                            permission: Ben Clare
date: April 29, 1887                      occupation: ?
GROOM: Merritt J. Bailey               age next birthday: 31
residence: Nonpareil, Neb.            born: Mt. Carmel, ILL
father: Ira L. Bailey                    
mother: Fannie J. Scott (Mistake?)

BRIDE: Fannie J. Scott                  age next birthday: 26
residence: Shenandoah                 born: McComb, ILL
father: W.K. Scott                        
mother: Sarah J. Stickle

where: Locort Grose Twp.             when: May 4, 1887
witnesses: J.J. Wenale, Ira Baglin (Bailey?)
by: J.B. Wickersham

License#: 2309                            permission: blank
date: May 24, 1887                      occupation: Farmer 
GROOM: David Brainard                age next birthday: 28
residence: Plum Hollow                 born: Ireland
father: John Brainard                    mother: Mary Boll

BRIDE: Allice Walker                    age next birthday: 23
residence: Randolph                     born: Ohio
father: John Walker                      mother: A.A. Camplin

where: Randolph                         when: May 25, 1887
witnesses: H.C. Addy, George E. Walker
by: blank

License#: ?                                 permission: blank
date: May 12, 1887                      occupation: Laborer
GROOM: Philip Buck                     age next birthday: 56
residence: Hamburg                     born: Germany
father: Simeon Buck                     mother: Lizzie Yack

BRIDE: Catherine Archer                age next birthday: 56
residence: Hamburg                      born: N.Y.
father: John Catherene                  mother: Mary Allen

where: Hamburg                           when: May 12, 1887
witnesses: Amasa (Asa in 1880 Census) & Francis Branson
by: blank
comments: Groom's second marriage; Bride's third

License#: 2313                           permission: Frank Terry
date: June 1, 1887                      occupation: Trio Binitto?
GROOM: H.C. Bullock                   age next birthday: 27
residence: Oakland, Cal.              born: Penn.
father: Thos. Bullock                   mother: Jane Chambers

BRIDE: Bell Terry                        age next birthday: 23
residence: McPaul, Iowa               born: Iowa
father: Wm. Terry                        mother: Jane Scott

where: Sidney, Iowa                    when: June 1, 1887
witnesses: blank                         by: Rev. A.T. Conery
License #: 2322                             permission: blank
date: Aug. 1, 1887                         occupation: Laborer
GROOM: S.J. Beam (or Beans)          age next birthday: 24
residence: Iowa                             born: Iowa
father: A. Beam                             mother: Fornell?

BRIDE: Mary Spry                           age next birthday: 19
residence: Iowa                             born: Iowa
father: Wm. Spry                           mother: E. Roberts

where: Sidney                               when: August 1, 1887
witnesses: Kate Mooman, Nell  Lear 
by: J.B. Mooman, Minister

License #: 2324                           
permission: affd. Ben F. Harroun
date: Aug. 8, 1887                        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Jelotis V. Black                 age next birthday: 21
residence: Worth Co., MO               born: Penn.
father: Joseph Black                      mother: Thompson

BRIDE: Rosa E. Harroun                  age next birthday: 18
residence: Fremont Co.                   born: Missouri
father: B.F. Harroun                       mother: Hannah Lamb

where: Sidney                               when: August 1, 1887
witnesses: Mrs. B.F. Harroun, Mrs. F.M. Hadley
by: Rev. F.M. Hadley

License #: 2327                            permission: blank
date: Aug. 10, 1887                       occupation: Farmer
GOOM: Abram T. Birkby                  age next birthday: 22
residence: Knox                            born: ILL
father: Thomas M. Birkby               mother: Mary Courtney

BRIDE: Maggie B. Asman ?             age next birthday: 19
residence: Knox                            born: ILL
father: Jacob Asman                     
mother: Mollie Schrieger

where: Jason Rector                      when: August 10, 1887
witnesses: Wm. Elkins, Emmitt Bobbitt
by: Rev. M. Stahl

License #: 2331                            permission: blank
date: Aug. 19, 1887                      
occupation: Hotel Keeper
GROOM: John C. Burdick                 age next birthday: 25
residence: Farragut                        born: Texas
father: Ira Burdock                        
mother: Abigail Shearer

BRIDE: Nellie Fish                         age next birthday: 18
residence: Farragut                        born: Penn.
father: Harvey Fish                       
mother: Eliza Harofsaton?

where: Riverton                            when: Aug. 19, 1887
witnesses: R.L. Brown, W.H. Phillips
by: Rev. L.M. Campbell

License #: 2359                           
permission: J.F. Davison, Father
date: Oct. 19, 1887                      
occupation: Telegraphing
GROOM: James J. Breeding             age next birthday: 20
residence: Fremont Co.                  born: Indiana
father: Daniel Breeding                 mother: blank

BRIDE: Abigail Davison                 age next birthday: 20
residence: Percival, Iowa               born: Iowa
father: Frank Davison                    mother: Keyser

where: Percival                            when: Oct. 23, 1887
witnesses: Henry Keyser              
by: George Weaver, Min.

License #: 2367                           permission: blank
date: Nov. 4, 1887                       occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Henry Balka                    age next birthday: 57
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa        born: Germany
father: Chris Balka                       mother: Margrit Wolse

BRIDE: Marg. E. Nelly                  age next birthday: 50
residence: Fremont Co.                born: Indiana
father: Isiace Wolston                 mother: Mary Shaw

where: Residence Of Bride            when: Nov. 8, 1887
witnesses: C.O. Potter, S.A. Thornton?
by: L. Shelton, Min.
comments: Groom's second marriage; Bride's second marriage

License #: 2373                          permission: W.S. Crane
date: Nov. 21, 1887                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: G.J. Beardsley                age next birthday: 21
residence: Shenandoah, Iowa        born: Anderson Co., ILL
father: Joseph Beardsley             
mother: Hannah Darbyshire

BRIDE: Emma M. Myers                age next birthday: 18
residence: Shenandoah, Iowa        born: Fremont Co., IA
father: John W. Meyers                 mother: Marise Lowe

where: Bride's Home                    when: Nov. 24, 1887
witnesses: J.B. Meyers, H.E. McComb
by: L.B. Wickersham, Min.

License #: 2374                          permission: blank
date: Nov. 22, 1887                     occupation: Stockman
GROOM: William L. Bass              age next birthday: 29
residence: Randolph, Iowa           born: New York
father: Volney A. Bass                mother: Mary E. Dailey

BRIDE: Maggie Reed Nicolson       age next birthday: 25
residence: Randolph, Iowa            born: blank
father: Chas. P. Nicolson              mother: Margaret Reed

where: Randolph, Iowa                 when: Nov. 23, 1887
witnesses: A.W. & Maggie A. Sutherland
by: Rev. J.B. Taylor

License #: 2379                          permission: O.S. Wing
date: Nov. 23, 1887                    occupation: Teaming
GROOM: Charles H. Brown           age next birthday: 35
residence: Nebraska                    born: Kansas
father: P?.R. Brown                     mother: Cordelia Skiles

BRIDE: Martha A. Hicks                age next birthday: 19
residence: Hamburg, Iowa            born: MO
father: Alfred Hicks                     mother: Sarah Beard

where: Hamburg, Iowa                 when: Nov. 23, 1887
witnesses: O.S. Wing                  by: J.M. Hadley, J.P.
License #: 2381                       
permission: Wm. Proctor, Father Of Bride
date: Nov. 29, 1887                 occupation: Carpenter
GROOM: Henry H. Barnard         age next birthday: 31
residence: Sidney, Iowa            born: ILL
father: George A. Barnard          mother: Isabella Smith

BRIDE: Emma Proctor               age next birthday: 18
residence: Sidney                    born: Indianola, Iowa
father: Wm. Proctor                 mother: A. Kingley

where: Farragut, Iowa              when: Nov. 30, 1887
witnesses: John B. Proctor, Minnie Ross
by: J.P. Martindale

License #: 2351                       permission: blank
date: Oct. 1, 1887                    occupation: Plasterer
GROOM: G.W. Burrows              age next birthday: 37
residence: Farragut, Iowa          born: Williams Co., Ohio
father: B.W. Burrows                mother: Elizabeth Douglas

BRIDE: Lucinda Wilcoxen           age next birthday: 34
residence: Farragut                   born: Salem, Iowa
father: Dannil Gray                   mother: Lydia Hoops

where: Farragut, Iowa               when: Oct. 4, 1887
witnesses: G.? H. Burrows, George Grady
by: J.P. Martindale, Min.
comments: Groom's second marriage; Bride's second

License #:2387                        permission: Alex Boyd
date: Dec. 22, 1887                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Verni J. Boyd               age next birthday: 22
residence: Percival, IA               born: Indiana
father: Alex Boyd                     mother: C.J. Turley?

BRIDE: Fannie J. Davison          age next birthday: 21
residence: Percival, Iowa           born: Iowa
father: J.G. Davison                  mother: M.E. Keyser

where: Percival, IA                   when: Dec. 22, 1887
witnesses: James J. Breeding    by: Rev. Geo. Weaver

License #: 2392                      permission: J.H. Williams
date: Dec. 24, 1887                 occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Edmond W. Boyd        age next birthday: 24
residence: Percival                   born: Oregon
father: W.H. Boyd                    mother: Synthia Hendricks

BRIDE: Fannie H. Williams        age next birthday: 20
residence: Percival                   born: Ohio
father: J.H. Williams                mother: Mary Henseline?

where: Percival                        when: Dec. 25, 1887
witnesses: Lula & Fannie Boyd
by: Rev. K.H. Rusk