Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1886
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:
License#: 2133                          permission: blank
date: Feb. 6, 1886                      occupation: Laborer
GROOM: Frank Bond             age next birthday: 23
residence: Nebraska City, Neb.     born: Fremont Co.
father: James W. Bond                mother: Sarah Gidney

BRIDE: Rebecca Stuart                age next birthday: 18
residence: Neb. City, Neb.           born: Cass Co., Neb.
father: Calvin Stuart                   mother: Mary Long

where: Sidney                           when: February 6, 1886
witnesses: E.A. Engelkes            by: P.S. Stoop, J.P.

License#: 2135                         permission: blank
date: Feb. 8, 1886                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Jerry M. Barlow             age next birthday: 28
residence: Sidney                      born: MO
father: Washington Barlow         mother: Elizabeth Wood

BRIDE: Catherine Langston         age next birthday: 41
residence: Sidney                      born: Tennessee
father: Eli Greenliaff (actually Greenlee)
mother: Mary Daniel

where: Catherine Langston's        when: February 6, 1886
witnesses: William Lineman (?)   by: Eld. Geo. Weaver
comments: Checked this data twice and the ages are accurate according to the record.  Bride's second marriage.

License#: 2158                         permission: blank
date: Mar. 17, 1886                   occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Alphonso A. Brackney    age next birthday: 22
residence: Fremont Co., IA          born: Fremont Co., IA
father: Joseph Brackney              mother: Mary Baker

BRIDE: Cora elle Younts (Yontz in the 1880 Census)
age next birthday: 17
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa      born: Fremont Co., Iowa
father: John Younts                  
mother: Ursula Masnone (?)

where: Sidney, Iowa                   when: March 18, 1886
witnesses: Jns. Brackney, Geo. Younts
by: Rev. M. Stahl

License#: 2174                          permission: blank
date: June 10, 1886                    occupation: Physician
GROOM: H.C. Bishop                   age next birthday: 50
residence: Neb. City, Neb.            born: New York
father: John Bishop                     mother: Armanda Clark

BRIDE: Sarah A. Birkby                age next birthday: 40
residence:xxxxx                          born: ILL
father: John Birkby                     
mother: Elizabeth Pinder

where: Hamburg                         when: June 10, 1886
witnesses: Frank Gillman, Prof. H.W. Sawyer
by: Rev. F.M. Wodly
comments: Groom's second marriage, Bride's third.

License#: 2181                             permission: blank
date: June 17, 1886                       occupation: Laborer
GROOM: Wm. J. Baiggs                  age next birthday: 36
residence: Shenandoah                   born: Indiana
father: G.J. Baiggs                         mother: Sarah J. Cook

BRIDE: Mary E. Wallace                  age next birthday: 37
residence: Shenandoah                   born: Indiana
father: John Baiggs                       
mother: Phoebe Kitchel

where: Sidney                               when: June 17, 1886
witnesses: Eliza E. Gibson, Wesley Rowe
by: W.W. Morgan, J.P.
comments: Groom's second, Bride's second

License#: 2193                              permission: blank
date: Aug. 4, 1886                         occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Wm. R. Bliss                     age next birthday: 21
residence: Randolph                       born: Kansas
father: L.A. Bliss                            mother: Fanb----

BRIDE: Rosa Wheeler                     age next birthday: 19
residence: Fremont Co.                   born: Fremont Co.
father: Frank Wheeler                    
mother: Margaret Biddlecom                                    

where: Randolph                            when: Aug. 5, 1886
witnesses: Thos. Livingston, Tassey Thessking?
by: R.S. Farrell, J.P.

License#: 2199                              permission: blank
date: blank                                    occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Emmit Bobbitt                   age next birthday: 26
residence: Knox                             born: Iowa
father: A.R. Bobbitt                       
mother: Sarah E. Pugh

BRIDE:  Minnie H. Keyser                age next birthday: 18
residence: Percival                         born: Iowa
father: Jno. B. Keyser                    
mother: Asenath? Jane Copeland

where: Knox                                  when: Aug. 5, 1886
witnesses: Clay Bobbitt, Nillie Keyser
by: Rev. M. Stahl

License#: 2229                             
permission: J.M. Parish
date: Nov. 11, 1886                        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Joseph E. Butler                 age next birthday: 24
residence: Farmers City                   born: ILL
father: Joseph Butler                     
mother: Amanda Gene(?)

BRIDE: Eva Miller                            age next birthday: 19
residence: Farmers City                    born: ILL
father: Moses Miller                       
mother: Jane Bidwell             

where: Farmers City                        when: Nov. 14, 1886
witnesses: Jno. Parrish, A. Miller       by: Rev. M. Stahl

License#: 2242                              when: Nov. 14, 1886
date: Dec. 7, 1886                          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Clinton E. Brackney            age next birthday: 28
residence: Fremont Co.                   born: Iowa
father: Joseph Brackney                  mother: Mary Baker

BRIDE: Maggie Jackson                   age next birthday: 20
residence: Sidney, Iowa                  born: Iowa
father: J. Jackson                          
mother: Salley Keaton ("Sallie" in the 1880 Census)

where: Hamburg                            when: Dec. 8, 1886
witnesses: Wm. Howe, Boydton ?     by: Rev. W.E. Howe

License#: 2252                             permission: blank
date: Dec. 23, 1886                       occupation: Farmer
GROOM: C.M. Bridge                      age next birthday: 30
residence: Farragut                        born: Ohio
father: James W. Bridge                 mother: Ruth Hanley

BRIDE: Carrie D. White                   age next birthday: 29
residence: Farrugut                         born Ohio
father: Robert White                      
mother: Phoebe McPiek

where: Sidney                               when: Dec. 23, 1886
witnesses: W.A. & Mrs. W.A. Keaton
by: Rev. M. Stahl