Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1885
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:
License#: 2029                       
permission: James Townsend
date: June 11, 1885                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Mason Brown               age next birthday: 28
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa     born: Fremont Co.
father: L.D. Brown  (D.D.Brown in 1880 Census)
mother: Sophia Beason

BRIDE: Etta Peters                   age next birthday: 19
residence: Otoe Co., Nebr.         born: Polk Co., Iowa
father: William M. Peters           mother: Martha Blake

where: Valley Farm, Fremont Co.   when: June 14, 1885
witnesses: blank                      by: blank

License#: 2043                         permission: blank
date: July 17, 1885                   occupation: Merchant
GROOM: Henry F. Bullens           age next birthday: 37
residence: Hamburg, Iowa          born: Massachusetts
father: Joseph m. Bullens           mother: S.G. Ray

BRIDE: Mamie J. Kibbe                  age next birthday: 21
residence: Hamburg, Iowa          born: Iowa
father: Alphonso Kibbe              mother: Mary V. Hendrick

where: Hamburg, Fremont Co.    when: July 20, 1885
witnesses: blank                      by: W.E. Howe

License#: 2048                       
permission: Jane Brown, His mother 
date: Aug. 11, 1885                 occupation: Painter
GROOM: W. J. Brown                age next birthday: 19
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: Iowa
father: James H. Brown            
mother: Silvons (or Silvins)

BRIDE: Minnie E. Bacon            age next birthday: 18
residence: Hamburg, Iowa         born: New York
father: C. E. Bacon  (Charles in the 1880 Census)
mother: E. Ames (Emma in the 1880 Census)

where: Hamburg, Fremont Co.     when: Aug. 12, 1885
witnesses: Mr. Bacon, Miss Brown
by: W. E. Howe

License#: 2062                     
permission: affd. by Bessy? Proctor
date: Sept. 14, 1885                occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Jabez (Jacob?) Boyd    age next birthday: 26
residence: Watson, MO            born: Tipton, Iowa
father: James Boyd                 mother: Ester Bedford

BRIDE: Ella (Etta for Rosetta?) age next birthday: 23
residence: Watson, MO.           born: Van Buren Co., Iowa
father: Mathias Burkhart          mother: Lidia Burkhart

where: Sidney, Fremont Co.     when: Sept. 14, 1885
witnesses: W.T. Frager, B.F. Proctor
by: A.H. Rush

License#: 2066                      permission: blank
date: Sept. 28, 1885              occupation: Druggist
GROOM: Wm. S. Bentley         age next birthday: 26
residence: Randolph, Iowa       born: North Am__ton, N.Y.
father: Elisha Bentley             mother: S.M. Hantson

BRIDE: Libbie Laboret             age next birthday: 22
residence: Tabor, IA                born: Tabor, IA
father: J. Laboret                    mother: Kate Wardwell

where: Tabor, Fremont Co., Iowa   when: Sept. 30, 1885
witnesses: J.C. Tipple, G.E. Brooks
by: Thos. McClelland

License#: 2080                       permission: blank
date: Nov. 11, 1885                
occupation: Cigar Manufacturer
GROOM: Lyle H. Black              age next birthday: 26
residence: Shanandoah             born: Illinois
father: Alexander Black             mother: Delqu__ Titter

BRIDE: Gertrude McBride          age next birthday: 18
residence: Shanandoah            born: Illinois
father: Tho's. McBride              mother: Jane E. Melson

where: Hamburg, Iowa             when: Nov. 21, 1885
witnesses: Chas. Cowles          by: A.H. Danforth, J.P.

License# 2083                             permission: blank
date: November 23, 1885              occupation: Farmer
GROOM: C.E. Bixley                      age next birthday: 38
residence: Tabor, Iowa                 
born: Winnebago Co., Ill.
father: C.I. Bixley                        
mother: Louisa Compton or Corsipton?

BRIDE: Eliza B. Harrison               age next birthday: 29
residence: Malvern, Mills Co., IA    born: Adams Co., Ill.
father: Benjamin Harrison             mother: Mary Bell

where: Tabor, Iowa                     when: Dec. 26, 1885
witnesses: Willis Bell, Talie L. Davis
by: Rev. J.W. Cowan

License#: 2094                           permission: blank
date: Dec. 16, 1885                    occupation: Farmer
GROOM: J.A. Bouger                    age next birthday: 24
residence: Fremont Co.                born: blank
father: John Bouger                     mother: Fanny Crane

BRIDE: Rebecca A. Reynolds         age next birthday: 18
residence: Fremont Co.          born: Missouri
father: Daniel Reynolds               mother: Matilda Gonge

where: Daniel Reynolds'               when: Dec. 16, 1885
witnesses: Chas. Sheldon, Samuel Keyser
by: J. A. Howell, J.P.

License#: 2101                           permission: blank
date: Dec. 19, 1885                     occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Simon P. Beckstead        age next birthday: 64
residence: Hamburg, Iowa            born: Canada
father: Francis Beckstead            mother: blank

BRIDE: Celista Manley                 age next birthday: 46
residence: Hamburg                     born: Louisa Co., Iowa
father: John Hamilton                  mother: Catharine Miller

where: Hamburg                         when: Dec. 19, 1885
witnesses: C. Garnett                 by: A. H. Danforth, J.P.
comments: Groom's fourth marriage, Bride's second.

License#: 2103                          permission: blank
date: Dec. 21, 1885                    occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Charles Billeen              age next birthday: 31
residence: Fremont Co., IA        
born: Gothenburg, Sweden
father: Fredrick Billeen                mother: Nelly Nelson

BRIDE: Mary H. Bricker                age next birthday: 24
residence: Highcreek(?), Iowa      born: Hamsworth, Ohio
father: H.M. Bricker                   
mother: Barbara Hand (Tzland in RootsWeb)

where: H.M. Bricker, Fremont Co.  when: Dec. 24, 1885
witnesses: Geo. & Anna Lush       by: Rev. J.M. Sevy

License#: 2054                         
permission: Father Of Bride
date: Sept. 5, 1885                     occupation: Printer
GROOM: Paul/Bruce/Bance Bories  age next birthday: 22
residence: Farragut, IA                born: Dwight, Ill.
father: Wm. Hart Bories             
mother: Rhuanna D. Short

BRIDE: Alice E. Ball                    age next birthday: 18
residence: Shenandoah, Iowa       born: Ottawa, Ill.
father: John Hamilton Ball          
mother: Juliette Jainiklies(?)

where: Sidney, Fremont Co.,        when: Sept. 5, 1885
witnesses: Geo. L. Dickey           
by: S.J. Beach, Pastor, Cong' Church