Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1884
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

License#: 1840            
permission: S. S. Smith, Father Of the Bride
date: Jan. 26, 1884            occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Wm. J. Ashbough   age next birthday: 28
residence: Shanandoah, IA   born: TN
father: David Ashbough       mother: Susanah Hill

BRIDE: Mary L. Smith         age next birthday: 20
residence: Shanandoah, IA  born: Ill.
father: Samuel S. Smith      mother: Sarah Mathews

where: xxxxxxxx                when: Jan. 31. 1884
witnesses: S. S. Smith, Lady? & H. Ashbough
by: A. Hill, Pastor, M.A. Church

License# 1879                     permission: S. J. South
date: April 16, 1884             occupation: Farmer
GROOM: David R. Andrews    age next birthday: 21
residence: Fremont Co.         born: North Carolina
father: Jackson Andrews        mother: Nancy Richardson

BRIDE: Martha South            age next birthday: 19
residence: Fremont Co.         born: NC
father: Steven South            mother: Rebecca Williams

where: Father's home           when: April 17, 1884
Witnesses: Charles Taylor, Josiah Andrews,
                Wm. xx & xxxxxx South

License# 1914                    
permission: Wit. Jas. W. Ackley   date: Aug. 27, 1884
occupation: Farmer
GROOM: John H. Ackley      age next birthday: 37
residence: Farragut, IA       born: Johnson Co., MO
father: Oli Ackley               mother: Susan Reeves

BRIDE: Esther E. German    age next birthday: 24
residence: Farragut, IA       born: Colssa ?, xxxxx
father: Daniel German        mother: Elizabeth H. Graves

where: Sidney                   when: Aug. 27, 1884
witnesses: xxxxx Dutcher, Mary Rusk
by: A. H. Rusk

License# 1915               permission: blank
date: Aug. 28, 1884       occupation: Clerk
GROOM: John Anderson   age next birthday: 31
residence: Sidney           born: Ohio
father: Robt. Anderson   mother: Lettie Parker

BRIDE: Cirila Tinsler ?     age next birthday: 23
residence: Sidney           born: Pxxxxxx Co., Ill.
father: James Tinsler      mother: Hannah Stephens

where: Riverton             when: Aug. 28, 1884
witnesses: Elizabeth Horn, Sirna Tinsler
by: ?
  License#: 1896                     permission: blank
date: Jany 4, 1884               occupation: Farmer
GROOM: W. Ferrner ?               age next birthday: 26
residence: Hamburg, IA          born: Ger.
father: Chas. Ferrner ?             mother: Jessie Hanson

BRIDE: Isabella Inman          age next birthday: 25
residence: Hamburg, IA         born: Iowa
father: Horrace Inman            mother: Louisa Hanley

where: Sidney, Iowa             when: Jany 4, 1884
witnesses: F. R.? Crogjesut?
by: A. H. Puck, Ringmaster

License#: 1923                   permission: Geo. Fox
date: Sept. 16, 1884           occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Luther Fox             age next birthday: 24
residence: Franklin              born: Tennesee
father: Wm. Fox                 mother: Anna Ollis?

BRIDE: Sega? (Probably Mary in the 1880 Census) Graves
residence: Sidney               born: Iowa
father: Andrew Graves        mother: Isabel Walters

where: Hamburg                when: Sept. 17, 1884
witnesses: Jupa Thorman?, Sarah E. Bridge? (probably bride's younger sister)
by: D.F. Biebe? or Riebe or ?
  License#: 1924                     permission: blank
date: Sept. 12, 1884             occupation: farmer
GROOM: Milton Fudge            age next birthday: 63
residence: Hamburg, Iowa      born: Virginia
father: blank                        mother: blank

BRIDE: Susan Kinney             age next birthday: 30
residence: Hamburg, Iowa      born: Africa
father: xixxxy Kinney             mother: blank

where: Michison?, Hamburg    when: Sept. 27, 1884
witnesses: Lizzie Sparks, Mrs. Beck
by: W. C. Wingate

License#: 1955                      permission: J. W. Fordyce
date: Oct.11, 1884                 occupation: Carpenter
GROOM: Samuel F. Fordyce      age next birthday: 21
residence: Hamburg, Iowa       born: Indiana
father: Wm. Fourdyce             mother: Liza Morris

BRIDE: Sarah A. Lovland         age next birthday: 18
residence: Hamburg, Iowa       born: Iowa
father: Dan Lovland                mother: Cornelia Coal

where: Cornelia Lovland          when: October 12, 1884
witnesses: John Fourdyce        by: W. G. Wingate