Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1883
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

License No.=1672  License Date=Jan. 3, 1883
GROOM=Jidero? Mogis   Age Next Birth.=35
Res.=Nebraska City   Occupation=Farmer   Born=France
Father=John Mogis    Mother=Anne Aurrage?

BRIDE=Elizabeth Cummings   Age Next Birth.=24
Res.=Independence, MO  Born=Nebraska City 
Father=David Cummings  Mother=M. Lambert
Where=Sidney  When=Jan. 3, 1883  Witness=Peter Mogis
By=J. R. Pershall, Minister

License No.=1673    Date=Jan.3, 1883
GROOM=John F. McAfee  Age Next Birth.=24
Res.=Holt County, MO   Occupation=Farmer 
Born=Lawrence Co., Indiana
Father=Charles McAfee  Mother=Elizabeth Baker

BRIDE=Carrie A. Baker   Age Next Birth.=19
Res. Holt County, MO   Born=Lawrence Co., IN
Father=Daniel A. Baker   Mother=Eliza J. Noon
Where=Sidney    When=Jan. 3, 1883
Witnesses=Peter L. Baker, Richard Smith
By P.H. Hoop, J.P.

License No.=1675    Date=Jan. 8, 1883
GROOM=Abraham E. Mckean   Age Next Birth.=24
Res.=Emmerson, IA  Occupation=Farmer 
Father=L.A. McKain   Mother=Ester Jons

BRIDE=Jdulia? E. Monties  Age Next Birth.=23
Res.=Emmerson   Born=Ohio
Father=N.W. Monties  Mother= O.H. Bride
Where=Residence of D.P. Lafever
When=Jan.8, 1883
Witnesses=Elizabeth Lafever
By=D.P. Lafever, Minister

License No.=1681   Date=Jan. 8, 1883
Consent=John W. Myers, Father; Certificient of D.D.Wood
GROOM=Albert A. Myers  Age Next Birth.=20
Res.=Manti, Fremont Co.    Born= Warren Co., Ill
Occupation=Farmer  Father=John W. Myers
Mother=Maria Low

BRIDE=Katie J. Wood    Age Next Birth.=19
Res.=Manti, IA    Born=McClean Co., Ill
Father=D.D. Wood  Mother=Helen M. Jones
Where=Manti, Fremont Co.
When=Jan. 18, 1883
Witnesses= E. W. Taylor, Emma Harris
By= P.O. Stevenson, Minister

License No.=1708   Date=Feb. 27, 1883
Permission=J.A. McKinney
GROOM=Andrew J. McKinney  Age Next Birth.=21
Res.=Percival, IA   Occupation=Farmer
Born=MO   Father=Andrew J. McKinney
Mother=Margaret Carr

BRIDE=Sarah E. Spry  Age Next Birth.=22
Res.=Plum Hollow, IA   Born=Ohio  Father=William J. Spry
Mother=Elizabeth Robits
Where=Plum Hollow
When=Feb. 28, 1883
Witnesses=John Spry, Betts H. Weaver
By Geo. Weaver, Elder

License No.=1720  Date=March 14, 1883
GROOM=Gard? L. Mayhew  Age Next Birth.=25
Res.=Farragut  Born=Werthenfield  Occupation=Farmer
Father=Joseph Mayhew   Mother=Martha Baker

BRIDE=Martha Castle   Age Next Birth.=28
Res.=Riverton    Born=Galesburg, Ill
Father=Henry Castle  Mother=Eliza Garnett
Where=Sidney  When=March 14, 1883
Witnesses=Mrs. M.R. Beck,  Lillie Beck
By Rev. W.J. Beck

License#: 1702                    permission: John D. Rhode
date: Feb. 13, 1883              occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William E. Asman?   age next birthday: 22
residence: Tabor, IA             born: Scott Twp., Fremont Co.
father: Francis Asman?         mother: Marinda Carpenter

BRIDE: Harriet M. Rhode      age next birthday: 23
residence: Tabor, IA            born: Tabor, IA
father: John Rhode              mother: Martha Scott

where: Father's Residence    when: Feb. 15, 1883
witnesses: W. A. Rhode, A. A. Timson  by: blank

License# 1783                     permission: blank
date: Oct. 9, 1883                occupation: Clerk In Store
GROOM: Leonidus S. Ambles  age next birthday: 23
residence: Plum Hollow          born: Illinois? (or Maine)
father: xxxxx ( maybe Carson) Ambles
mother: Mary Duvall

BRIDE: Carrie McCartney        age next birthday: 19
residence: xxxxx                   born: xxxxxx
father: xxxxxxxxx                  mother: xxxxxxxxxx
comments:  Not readable

License# 1790                  permission: blank
date: Oct. 23, 1883           occupation: Merchant
GROOM: Allen R. Ames      age next birthday: 33
residence: Stoughton, Wis.  born: blank
father: John W. Ames        mother: Eleanor Ruskben (r) ?

BRIDE: Aliace (Alice in 1880 Census) J. Andress
age next birthday: 25  
residence: Tabor, IA         born: Burlin, Ill.
father: H. J. Andress (Alvia in 1880 Census)
mother: Amanah Van Polt (Amanda in 1880 Census)

where: Tabor, IA         when: Oct. 24, 1883
witnesses: Geo. O. Ames  by: H. J. Andress, Minister

License#: 1809                permission: Presley Glasgo
date: Nove. 29, 1883       occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Start-Irvin Armstrong   age next birthday: 30
residence: Prairie Twp.     born: Ohio
father: George Armstrong   mother: Maryann Armstrong

BRIDE: Amanda I. Glasgo  age next birthday: 20
residence: Prairie Twp.     born: Union Co., IA
father: Presley Glasgo      mother: Martha Foster

where: Randolph Twp.      when: Nov. 29, 1883
witnesses: Wm. Ed. xxxxx, Ivon Stalls?
by: T. H. Rosaland. J.P.

License#: 1768                   
permission: Affs of Noah Woolsey
date: Aug. 27, 1883             occupation: Painter
GROOM: Chas M. Fivecoate  age next birthday: 22
residence: Hamburg, IA        born: Columbus, Indiana
father: James Fivecoate      mother: Susan Siene?
comments: Name could be Fivsconte.

BRIDE: Mattie C. Taylor        age next birthday: 19
residence: Lindon, MO        born: Jonesburrough, TN
father: Frank Taylor             mother: Sarah Nevod?

where: Hamburg, Iowa         when: blank
witnesses: Noah Wolsey, Annie Cxxxx
by:  M. Noerr

License#: 1780                    permission: blank
date: October 3, 1883          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Edmund Foster        age next birthday: 25
residence: Fremont Co., IA    born: Canada
father: J. R. Foster               mother: Bell Evans

BRIDE: Sarah C. Dickinson     age next birthday: 23
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa  born: New Jersey
father: Calvin Dickinson          mother: Susan Foster

where: Locust, Iowa               when: blank
witnesses: Mahlon Dickinson,  x.? Dickinson
by: Ira W. McNut, J.P.

License#:1725                permission: blank
date: March 7, 1883        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William Fisher    age next birthday: 22
residence: Fremont Co., IA   born: Armstrong Co., PA
father: Wm. Fisher          mother: Caroline Bryer

BRIDE: Mary L. Howard    age next birthday: 23
residence: Fremont Co., IA   born: Warren Co., Ill.
father: Geo. W. Howard   mother: Mary A. Whitten

where: Geo. W. Howard Residence  when: blank
witnesses: Linxx? and Susie Vandervorst
by: Chas E. Lyness?, Minister

License#: 1742                 
permission: Written consent of parents filed.
date: July 3, 1883                    occupation: Blacksmith
GROOM: Christian H. Fredricks   age next birthday: 21
residence: Imogene, Iowa        
born: AslamBazebring?, Mieklinburger?
father: Christian Fredricks         mother: Sophia Sivens

BRIDE: Annie Reterldorf            age next birthday: 21
residence: Imogene, Iowa         born: Davis Co., Ill.
father: Heinrich Reterldorf        
mother: Fredrica Baggenstein   

where: Imogene, Iowa              when: July 5, 1883
witenesses: Trjachim Babraun    by: B.R.P. Ruppuoht ?