Fremont County, Iowa marriages from 1882
(transcribed and submitted by Judy Ponichtera:

No License Date
GROOM=James H. Morgan   Age Next Birth=25   Res.=Fremont Co.
Born=England     Father=James H. Morgan
Mother=Ellen Noble

BRIDE=Elizabeth Potter   Age Next Birth.=19   Res.=Bartlett, IA  Born=Blank
Father=J. K. Potter  Mother=Emily C. Pack
Where Married=Bartlett  Witnesses=David Widen
Married By=Howell Smith, J.P.
Married=No Date  Date of Return=April 5, 1882

License Date=Aug. 28, 1882
GROOM=Michael J. Kellemer ?   Age Next Birth=30 
Res.= Nothing
Occupation=Salesman  Born=Ill. 
Father=Michael H. Kellemer  Mother=Harriett Fox

BRIDE=Luvisa Miller   Res.=Lincoln, Neb. 
Age Next Birth.=24 Born=N.Y. Father=John Miller
Marriage Not Completed

License No.=1616      License Date=Sept. 27, 1882
GROOM=Milton W. Murphy   Age Next Birth.=27
Res.=Sidney Twp.    Occupation=Farmer 
Born=Sidney, Fremont Co.
Father=Joseph Murphy  Mother=Elizabeth J. Richards

BRIDE=Elizabeth M. Clark  Res.=Sidney Twp., Iowa 
Age Next Birth.=27
Res.=Sidney Twp., Iowa   Born=Blank
Father=George Clark 
Mother=Ann Murray 
Where Married=Walnut Grove, Fremont Co., Iowa  When=Sept. 27, 1882
Witnesses=Equana? Bayes, Beauxx Bayes, Lillie Hanley
Performed by R. R. Hanley, Minister

License No.=1618  Date=Oct. 2, 1882
GROOM=Joseph F. Miller  Age Next Birth.=25  Res.=Farragut, Iowa
Occupation=Farmer  Born=Iowa  Father=Alexander Miller
Mother=Mary Taylor

BRIDE=Mattie Fisher  Age Next Birth.=19
Res.=Farragut, Iowa   Born=Missouri 
Father=Richard Fisher  Mother=Evaline Berry
Where=Farragut Iowa  When=Oct. 3, 1882
Witnesses=Evaline Berry, H.J. Slaughter
By=Rev. Fred Harris, Paster, M.E. Church

License No.=1607   License Date=Nov. 16, 1882
GROOM=J.P. McKissick   Age Next Birth.=37
Res.=Riverton  Occupation=Farmer  Born=Fremont Co., IA
Father=C.W. McKissick  Mother=Hannah Chaney

BRIDE=M.E. Hawkins  Age Next Birth.=40
Maiden Name (Widow)=M.E. Swaney  Res.=Hamburg
Born=Warren Co., MO  Father=Blank  Mother=Blank
Where=Sidney  When=Nov. 16, 1882
Witnesses=Samuel Chandler, W. W. Morgan
By=G.E. Skagg

License No.=1644     License Date=Dec. 15, 1882
GROOM=George W. Martin   Age Next Birth.=25
Res.=Blank   Occupation=Farmer  Born=Warren Co., Ill.
Father=Wm. Martin  Mother=Mary Shepard

BRIDE=Rachel A. Pennington   Age Next Birth.=27
Res.=Blank   Born=McDonough Co., Ill. 
Father=Mxxxron (Myron?) Pennington 
Mother=Julia N. Shannon
Where=Farragut, Iowa  When=Dec. 15, 1882
Witnesses=Miss Pennington, Miss Greedy?
By Samuel F. Beach, Paster

License#: 1520 (or 1570)    permission: blank
date: Jany. 10, 1882          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Nathan L. Mortimore    age next birthday: 24
residence: Franklin Twp. Fremont Co., IA  
born: Howard Co., IA        father: Adam F. Mortimore
mother: Sarah Gardner

BRIDE: Sarah J. Baker       age next birthday: 23
residence: Franklin Twp., Fremont Co.
born: Fremont Co., Iowa   father: H. H. Baker
mother: Matilda Sanford

where: Sidney, Iowa         when: Jan. 11, 1882
witnesses: Grace A. Baker    by: blank

License#: 1721               permission: Lucy T.(F.?) Burdich
date: Jany. 10, 1882        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William A. Murphy  age next birthday: 27
residence: Fremont Co.     born: Randolph Co., Indiana
father: Benj. Murphy         mother: Anna Livengood

BRIDE: Alena Burdick       age next birthday: 15
residence: Fremont Co.     born: Fulton Co., Ill.
father: Rolland C. Burdick  mother: Lucy A. Manrose

where: Sidney, Iowa         when: January 10, 1882
witnesses: J. C. Singleton  by: P. H. Hoop, J.P.

License#:1522                permission: blank
date: Jany 10, 1882         occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Dabner T. McQuinn   age next birthday: 35
residence: Fremont Co.     born: blank
father: Joel T. McQuinn     mother: Rebecca Thacker

BRIDE: Mary B. Pope        age next birthday: 21
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa   born: blank
father: Theodore Pope    mother: Margaret E. Malden

where: Theodore Pope's House, Fremont Co., Ia.
when: Jany 17, 1882
witnesses: M. G. Ruise?, Theodore Ruise?
by:  blank
comments: witnesses' last name could be Ruin, couldn't find them in the 1880 census.

License#: 1527                permission: blank
date: Jany 18, 1882          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Jesse R. Mark      age next birthday: 44
residence: Madison Twp., Fremont Co.     born: East Tenn.
father: John J. Mark          mother: S. E. Halfield
comment:  second marriage

BRIDE: Margaret A. Reynolds   age next birthday: 28
residence: Madison Twp., Fremont Co.
born: Davis Co., Iowa
father: N. P. Reynolds    mother: M. A. Carr

where: N. P. Reynolds, Fremont Co., Ia.
when: Jan. 19, 1882       
witnesses: F. M. Reynolds   by:Ed Wellington

License#:1533                 permission: blank
date: Jany 27. 1882          occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Lewis Montony? (spelled Montonie in the 1880 census, Wisconsin)
age next birthday: 24
residence: Wisconsin, Dane Co.
born: Oregon, Dane Co., Wis.
father: Geo. W. Montongy (Montonie?)
mother: blank (Adda M. Montonie, age 40, as father's wife in 1880 census)

BRIDE: Lida A. Inman     age next birthday: 19
residence: Fremont Co., Iowa  born: Dane Co., Wis.
father: Norton Inman    mother: Hannah E. McIntyre

where:Walnut Twp.        when: Jan. 19, 1882
witnesses: Alvin F. Daland
by: S. J. Beach, Pastor Cong. Ch.

License#: 1537           permission: blank
date: Jany 27, 1882     occupation: blank
GROOM: John C. Miller
residence: blank          age next birthday: 24
father: blank               mother: blank

BRIDE: Mary A. Heilger   age next birthday: 20
residence: blank            born: blank
father: blank                 mother: blank

where: blank                 when: blank
witnesses: blank            by: blank
comments:  marriage not completed, no return date

License#: 1539             permission: Carles Tynes
date:Feby 14, 1882        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: William McMahon   age next birthday: 26
residence: Walnut Twp.       born: blank
father: blank                   mother: blank

BRIDE: Mary Tynes          age next birthday: blank
residence: blank              born: blank
father: blank                   mother: blank

where: blank                   when: blank
witnesses: blank              by: blank
comments: marriage not completed. Mary Tynes was listed as Charleton Tynes' wife in the 1880 census in Indian Village, Tama, IA.  She was 38 years old.

License#: 1552               permission: blank
date: March 2, 1882        occupation: blank
GROOM: John F. Meyer    age next birthday: 32
residence: blank             born: blank
father: blank                  mother: blank

BRIDE: Dora Kuker          age next birthday: 27
residence: blank             born: blank
father: blank                  mother: blank

where: blank                  when: blank
witnesses: blank             by: blank
comments:  marriage not completed

License#: 1556               permission: Geo. E. Miller
date: March 8, 1882        occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Alva E. Miller     age next birthday: 24
residence: Atchinson Co., MO   born: Stark Co., Ill.
father: John Miller       mother: Hannah Swank

BRIDE: Josephine E. Lawrence   age next birthday: 21
residence: Stark. Co., Ill.   born: Stark Co., Ill.
father: A. J. Lawrence   mother: Eliza Earhart

where: Farragut, Iowa      when: March 9, 1882
witnesses: John E. Miller   by: Geo. Clammer, Minist.

License#: 1653                   permission:blank
date: Dec. 22, 1882             occupation: Farmer
GROOM: David E. Adamson   age next birthday: 29
residence: Fremont Co.         born: Grant Co., Ind.
father: Moses Adamson        mother: Mary Johnson
comments: second marriage

BRIDE: Mary M. Baker          age next birthday: 27
residence: Fremont Co.        born: Michigan
father: Henry H. Baker         mother: Matilda Sanford

where: Washington Twp., Fremont Co.
when: Dec. 24, 1882
witnesses: G. H. Bassett      by: A. H. Danforth, J.P.

License#: 1656                  permission: blank
date: Dec. 26, 1882            occupation: blank
GROOM: R. B. Allen            age next birthday: blank
residence: blank                 born: blank
father: blank                      mother: blank

BRIDE: Ella O. Crosthwait    age next birthday: blank
residence: blank                 born: blank
father: blank                      mother: blank

where: blank                      when: blank
witnesses: blank                 by: blank
comments:  marriage incomplete

License#: blank                  permission: blank
date: Dec. 26, 1882            occupation: blank
GROOM:  William A. Anderson  age next birthday: 25
residence: blank                  born: blank
father: blank                       mother: blank

BRIDE: Catherine C. Osborne   age next birthday: 23
residence: blank                  born: blank
father: blank                       mother: blank

where: blank                       when: blank
witnesses: E. B. Edgar          by: blank
comments: marriage incomplete

License#: 1748                 permission: Otis C. Shipman
date: July 17, 1882           occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Loren D. Fosket   age next birthday: 22
residence: Atchison Co., MO  born: Wisconsin
father: Oron (Oren in the 1880 Census) D. Fosket
mother: Ester A. Smith

BRIDE: Nellie May Shipman    age next birthday: 19
residence: Atchison Co., MO   born: Wisconsin
father: Sidney Shipman         mother: Mary A. Sweet

where: Sidney, Iowa             when: July 17, 1882
witnesses: Otis C. Shipman, Miss R.M. Beck
by: W. J. Beck

License#: 1600               permission: H. B. Shafer
date: July 17, 1882          occupation:  Farmer
GROOM: Alfred Fields       age next birthday: 35
residence: Farragut, IA     born: Indiana
father: Smith Fields         mother: Alvina Acton

BRIDE: Almira Acton (couldn't find her or her father in the 1880 census...anywhere)
age next birthday: 20
residence: Farragut, IA     born: Ohio
father: H.C. Acton            mother: Jane Acton

where: Sidney, IA            when: July 17, 1882
witnesses: blank             by: blank

License#: 1629               permission: blank
date: blank                    occupation: Farmer
GROOM: Chas. H. Fichter ? age next birthday: 24
residence: Prairie Tp., Fremont Co.   born: Morris Co., NJ
father: Albert C. Fichter     mother: Louisa E. Corley?

BRIDE: Mary E. Inman      age next birthday: 22
residence: Prairie Tp., Fremont Co.  born: Brown Co., Wisc.
father: Sam'l Inman         mother: Ester Baker

where: Sam'l Inman's       when: Oct. 24, 1882
witnesses: unreadable      by: Rev. W. J. Puck ?, Pastor

License#: 1518                        permission: blank
date: Jany. 7, 1882                  occupation: Farmer
GROOM: John C. Cox                age next birthday: 40
residence: Farragut, Iowa          born: Peoria Co., ILL
father: John Cox                      mother: Ann Butler

BRIDE: Levina Corbit               age next birthday: 23
residence: Riverton                 born: Mercer Co., MO
father: John N. Corbit              mother: Rebecca Bean

where: Fisher Twp., Fremont Co.  when: Jan. 12, 1882
witnesses: blank                    by: Rev. Geo. Clammer

License#: 1529                      permission: blank
date: Jany. 25, 1882               occupation: blank
GROOM: Samuel W. Catlett      age next birthday: 22
residence: blank                     born: blank
father: blank                          mother: blank

BRIDE: Emily J. Niday             age next birthday: 27
comments: marriage not completed
Corrections and Additions

Here are some corrections as a result of research in the 1880 Census.  Some of the names from last night's list are still a big question mark though.

License No.=2024   Date=May 24, 1885
GROOM could be Gagriabin, but I haven't been able to find a name similar in the whole USA in 1880.
Born=Carroll Co., MO (I researched the county on a map, and Carroll Co. seems to be the correct one.)

License No.=2090    Date=Dec. 9, 1885
GROOM's Mother=Elmira J. Cherington (not Chinington) I researched the name in the 1880 Census, and found that there were Cherington's in Ohio..seems to match the writing well.

License No.=2127   Date=January 26, 1886
BRIDE=Minerva C. Garnmon (Gar n mon) 
Father=Hugh Garnmon

License No.=2146  Date=Feby 22, 1886
BRIDE'S birthplace is=Massachusetts (found a Thomas Noble and Nancy Noble there in the 1880 Census)Also the entry for the birthplace looks like Ma instead of Mo.

>From first email of marriages:

License Date=Aug. 28, 1882
GROOM=Michael J. Kellemer - I think that the last name would more likely be Kellener. The "m" would make too many pen strokes.

License No. 1644        Date=Dec. 15, 1882
Bride's father is Warner Pennington...found them in the 1880 Census.
Bride's mother is named Juliette N. Shannon

License No. 1675   Date=Jan. 8, 1883
Bride's name is more likely Idolia than Jdulia.

Sorry for all the changes, but I wanted to be as accurate as possible.