Fremont County, Iowa
Early Marriages

Groom's Surname "D"

Groom's Name
Bride's Name
Dahlgran, Abel Furman, Mary Married 25 Jan 1877 Pat O'Dell
Daison, Joseph Ballard, Mary Married 11 Aug 1880 Pat O'Dell
Dalbey, J. Lee Hall, Belle Mar 31 Jul 1879 Pat O'Dell
Dalbey, Mary Casper, Charles Mar 01 May 1870 Pat O'Dell
Dallas, William Brainard, Luvesa Mar 12 Aug 1880 Pat O'Dell
Danforth, George Smith, Imogene Mar 30 Apr 1879 Pat O'Dell
Daniels, Er Mills, Mary Mar 07 Nov 1872 Pat O'Dell
Danof, Michael Arend, Catherine Mar 28 Oct 1875 Pat O'Dell
Darst, Solomon Hiatt, Alice Mar 31 Jul 1879 Pat O'Dell
Datesman, W.P. Stearns, Mary Mar 28 Oct 1879 Pat O'Dell
Daugherty, James Flanary, Susan Mar 28 Feb 1866 Pat O'Dell
Daugherty, Oscar Blanche Edith Wilcoxson 25 Jan 1899 Thomas C Hodge
Davis, Bennett Bash, Phoebe Mar 28 Sep 1870 Pat O'Dell
Davis, E.L. Underwood, Clara Mar 15 Feb 1880 Pat O'Dell
Davis, H.C. Dalby, Fanny J. Mar 27 Dec 1870 Pat O'Dell
Davis, James B. Keyser, Emma Mar 28 Nov 1875 Pat O'Dell
Davis, James H. Calfee, Maggie Mar 11 May 1879 Pat O'Dell
Davis, Jesse M. Connor, Elizabeth Mar 23 Jan 1876 Pat O'Dell
Davis, John Marvin, Francis Ellen Mar 15 Sep 1875 Pat O'Dell
Davis, K.E. (female) Buckham, Robert Mar 24 Jun 1872 Pat O'Dell
Davis, O.C. Shafer, Delilah Mar 24 Dec 1872 Pat O'Dell
Davis, Perry Forney, S.E. (female) Mar 26 Mar 1874 Pat O'Dell
Davis, Robert Brown, Maryann Mar 21 Feb 1866 Pat O'Dell
Davis, Sarah Campbell, Joseph Mar 03 Jan 1861 Pat O'Dell
Davis, W.T. Tarr, E.J. Mar 28 May 1873 Pat O'Dell
Davis, William Frasier, Mary Mar 21 Dec 1865 Pat O'Dell
Davis, William Chadwick, Mary Mar 19 Sep 1874 Pat O'Dell
Davis, William C. Whetstone, Mary Jane Mar 22 Dec 1859 Pat O'Dell
Davison, Allen Snow, Sarah Mar 23 Oct 1864 Pat O'Dell
Davison, William Calvert, Maggie Mar 01 Apr 1878 Pat O'Dell
Dawnard?, George Russell, Lucy Mar 29 Mar 1875 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, Alvin Baker, Louisa Mar 25 Dec 1865 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, Elisha Richie, Sarah Mar 16 Mar 1865 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, John Reed, Eunice Mar 15 May 1873 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, Mason Simpson, Martha Mar 20 Nov 1864 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, Philander Gladden, Hulda Ann Mar 15 Apr 1880 Pat O'Dell
Dawson, William Gaylord, Sarah Mar 07 Nov 1879 Pat O'Dell
Day, Charles DeRossett, Mary Mar 23 Jun 1880 Pat O'Dell
Deane, Zenos Alexander, Minerva Mar 20 Feb 1870 Pat O'Dell
Decker, Benjamin Crawford, Eunice Mar 19 Dec 1876 Pat O'Dell
Defreece, William Wright, Emma Mar 22 Jan 1880 Pat O'Dell
Dempster, Barton Gish, Mary Mar 30 Jun 1878 Pat O'Dell
Denerbach, Michall Arnold, Eliza Mar 24 May 1868 Pat O'Dell
Denison, James Mortimer, Mary Mar 05 Dec 1878 Pat O'Dell
Dennis, Wayne Butts, C.L. (fem) Mar 15 Mar 1866 Pat O'Dell
Derr, Martha E. Acord, Abram Mar 27 May 1875 Pat O'Dell
Derry, George P. Pennington, Julia Evaline Mar 10 Jun 1866 Pat O'Dell
Dickinson, James W. Killgore, Mary Mar 26 Aug 1874 Pat O'Dell
Dickinson, Jon Chisnut, Annie Mar 13 Feb 1879 Pat O'Dell
Dignan, James Stanten, Emma Mar 23 Dec 1880 Pat O'Dell
Dike, David Focht, Susannah Mar 31 Mar 1872 Pat O'Dell
Dike, Ephrim Study, Mary Mar 10 Apr 1873 Pat O'Dell
Dike, Simon jr Davis, Martha Elmira Mar 08 Mar 1866 Pat O'Dell
Dillehay, Alfred Hatcher, Tecie Mar 07 Feb 1872 Pat O'Dell
Dilley, William Colins, Elzina Mar 10 Jan 1869 Pat O'Dell
Dilts, Mason Kiger, Catharine Mar 23 Apr 1865 Pat O'Dell
Dimick, Lucinda Baird, J.B. (male) Mar 11 Oct 1866 Pat O'Dell
Doll, George Squiers, Bell Mar 04 Mar 1870 Pat O'Dell
Donly, William Woods, Eunice J. Mar 13 Oct 1870 Pat O'Dell
Donovan, William Anderson, Eliza Mar 01 Jan 1862 Pat O'Dell
Dorrance, Wallace Anderson, Kizzie Mar 03 Oct 1872 Pat O'Dell
Doty, James Ruse, Emaline Mar 16 Jan 1879 Pat O'Dell
Doty, W.H. Wade, Mary Mar 06 Jan 1872 Pat O'Dell
Douglas, George Wolf, Mahala Mar 06 Jan 1870 Pat O'Dell
Dowler, Charles Lingle, Amanda Mar 22 Mar 1874 Pat O'Dell
Dowling, Solomon Houck, Martha Mar 19 Mar 1878 Pat O'Dell
Doyle, Thomas Shirley, Mary Mar 17 Mar 1873 Pat O'Dell
Drak, H.B. Thompson, Emma Mar20 Nov 1879 Pat O'Dell
Draper, Albert Bruno, Clara Mar 14 Apr 1867 Pat O'Dell
Draper, George Loose, Ada Mar 23 Oct 1873 Pat O'Dell
Drew, John Neeley, Emma Mar 03 Dec 1879 Pat O'Dell
Duffield, George Thrasher, Mary E. Mar 12 Apr 1866 Pat O'Dell
Dumbell, John Bebout, Maggie Mar 07 Jun 1876 Pat O'Dell
Duncan, A.N. Aspinwall, Sarah Mar 14 Sep 1873 Pat O'Dell
Duncan, James Webb, Margaret Mar 09 Jan 1868/9? Pat O'Dell
Duncan, John Acord, Amanda Mar 05 Mar 1874 Pat O'Dell
Duncan, Robert Ruse, Alice Mar 08 Aug 1877 Pat O'Dell
Duncan, William Horton, Amanda Mar 04 Mar 1869 Pat O'Dell
Duncan, William Hood, Cevilla Mar 12 Mar 1871 Pat O'Dell
Dunlap, J.A. Moore, Jemima Mar 22 Oct 1866 lic Pat O'Dell
Dunlap, J.J. Hollaway, Saphona Emaline Mar 12 Sep 1867 Pat O'Dell
Dunn, John Wadsworth, Martha Mar 15 Aug 1866 Pat O'Dell
Dunsdon, James Salen, Nancy Mar 20 Sep 1868 Pat O'Dell
Durec, Samuel Ferrell, Margaret Mar 15 Oct 1879 Pat O'Dell
Durfey, H.F. McCaffree, Minta Mar 05 Oct 1873 Pat O'Dell
Dyke, Nathaniel Gray, Amanda Mar 05 Sep 1880 Pat O'Dell
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