Fremont County, Iowa
Earliest Known Map

Mills and Fremont County - 1854

The map shown below was found in the archives of the Fremont County Historical Society by Harry Wilkins. It is believed to be one of earliest known maps of Fremont and Mills Counties.

This map was drawn by Rev. John Todd in 1854.John Todd, and George Gaston, left Ohio in 1847 and arrived in the Civil Bend (now Percival) area Oct 1848. There they established a church, and school, but when the Missouri river flooded the area in 1851, they decided to move to higher ground settling the area now known as Tabor. They constructed what became known as the 'Todd House' and later Tabor College. Besides being some of the earliest settlers in the area they were abolitionists who supported the'underground railroad' and assisted John Brown in moving slaves to freedom.

Source: Provided by Sandra Bengtson
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