From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell,


name residence business nativity to Ia post office
Brouse, J.A. Section 21 Farmer Highland co, Ohio 1871 Farragut
Cox, Amos Section 26 Stock Farmer Tioga co, NY 1846 Shenandoah
Chandler, S. Farragut Gen'l Mdse & L'mb'r Vermillion co, Ind 1868 Farragut
Coleman, J.A. Section 8 Stock Farmer Fulton co, Ill 1865 Farragut
DeForest, (----) Section 10 Farmer Warrick co, Ind 1866 Shenandoah
Eggleston, Uriah Section 13 Stock Farmer Lake co, Ohio ---- Shenandoah
Fisher, L. Section 25 Stock Farmer Hancock co, Ill 1845 Shenandoah
Goodridge, J.B. Section 26 Stock Farmer Allegany co, NY 1866 Shenandoah
Harris, James Section 12 Stock Farmer Clermont co, Ohio 1858 Shenandoah
Hood, W.A. Section 24 Stock Farmer Ontario, Canada 1869 Shenandoah
Jones, J.S. Section 21 Stock Farmer Highland co, Ohio 1869 Farragut
Kaster, J.J. Section 9 Stock Farmer Rush co, Ind 1839 Farragut
Kennedy, Alex Section 35 Stock Farmer Trumbull co, Ohio 1856 Lawrence
Latimer, J.A. Section 25 Stock Farmer Knox co, Ill 1867 Shenandoah
Lester, J.B. Section 9 Stock Farmer Tompkins co, NY 1871 Farragut
McComb, J.H. Section 35 Stock Farmer Allegany co, NY 1866 Shenandoah
Miller, D.D. Section 33 Stock Farmer Highland co, Ohio 1866 Farragut
Martin, J.N. Section 35 Stock Farmer Butler co, Pa 1857 Shenandoah
Perkins, G.W. Section 28 Stock Farmer & Osage Hedge Plant Raisr Rockingham co, NY 1871 Farragut
Rich, A.N. Section 36 Stk Far., Nursery & Fruit Grower Oneida co, NY 1855 Shenandoah
Rockafield, J.A. Section 36 Stock Farmer Green co, Ohio 1868 Shenandoah
Rush, Jno Farragut Carpenter & Builder Trumbull co, Ohio 1864 Farragut
Robbins, W. Farragut physic'n & druggist Breckenridge co, Ky 1868 Farragut
Stearns, M.C. Section 35 Stock Farmer Ontario co, NY 1864 Shenandoah
Stainaker, C.C. Section 28 Stock Farmer Randolph co, Va 1870 Farragut
Trullinger, B.W. Section 17 Stock Farmer Fountain co, Ind 1840 Farragut
Wilson, Dan'l P. Section 20 Stock Farmer Loudon co, Va 1864 Farragut