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Israel Clem

July 3, 1908.
"A Letter From Israel Clem"

This office is in receipt of a letter from Israel Clem, of Fort Morgan, Colorado, giving the Herald a word of praise for publishing a list of the aged people of Sidney.

Mr. Clem further states that a party of nine left Sidney May 17, 1864, for the newly opened gold mines of Idaho and Montana. The names: Harlow Chambers, William Chambers, Andrew Johnson, T. B. Gray, R. J. Welty, John W. Singleton, Henry Clem, Samuel Clem and Israel Clem.

All of the above named person are living except Harlow Chambers. Israel Clem gives his age as 64 years and he was probably as young as any of the company who took upon themselves the hardships and dangers of crossing the plains of that day long since gone.

Yours Truly,


Source: Submitted by Danette Hein-Snider

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