Fremont County, Iowa

(January 18, 1900)
by Echo

View from the Attic ~ A Weekly Series
Fremont County Historical Society
Week of August 9, 2010

Following is an accounting of the community of Knox, in January of 1900, that was published in the Herald Newspaper. The author identifies himself as "Echo".

It has been a long time since I saw anything in your valuable paper from this vicinity. I thought I would send in a few items, which I hope will interest a few of your many readers.

An introduction of our prominent business men will be the first thing in order. We will commence with the Honorable F.M. Hume, our enterprising merchant, corner Main and 3rd streets. Mr. Hume has a thoroughly up to date store, carrying a genuine line of dry gods, groceries, boots and shoes, limburger cheese, postage stamps and almanacs. Anyone wishing square dealing and courteous treatment should call on F.M. Hume & Son.

Next the new firm just started into business in our beautiful city, Messrs. Inman and Crane. These gentlemen have a nice stock of goods and will do the right thing to anyone trading with them. Mr. Inman is also doing the tonsorial act. He is a first rate barber, and will shave you while you are having your goods wrapped up.

Next we come to our general blacksmith and miller, F.S. Young, corner 2nd and Main streets. Mr. Young is a no. 1 blacksmith and wood workman, also makes a gilt edge quality of cornmeal. People come from Nebraska and Kansas to this mill. At least there are some passing by every day or two.

Turning west to Arlington street, you next come to the palatial mansion of John Keyser, retired farmer and dealer in fine horses, cattle, hogs, etc. Returning east and looking across the beautiful stream, we see the handsome home of Joe Staley, dealer in wild game and watermelon. Orders left at the house will be carefully attended.

In South Park are living two of our most noted characters, Jenk Job and Hugh Boyd. Mr. Job is well known all over the state of Iowa and part of Arkansas. He is a noted blacksmith and a tip top brick mason, a blackface artist and comedian. Open to engagements at all hours day or night. Just across Echo Canyon lives, Mr. Boyd, dealer in hides, second hand wagons, buggies, etc. He is also somewhat of a mule trade, pugilist and wood chopper.

We will now proceed to give you the latest news, up to date and unabridged:

  • Abe Birkby and Henry Abbey have their lightning buzz saw in running order and they will guarantee to saw enough wood in the forenoon for your wife to cook their dinner with.
  • Henry Abby says there will have to be a reduction in the price of postage stamps, as money is scarce and hard to find sometimes.
  • A.R. Bobbitt and Sons are baling a large amount of hay. Parties wanting hay can get all they want of them.
  • Johnnie Hume wants to trade his bicycle for a mule or a dog or something that can travel in the mud.
  • Walt Hume says we will have to come to town twice a day as there are two stores in town now.
Well, as this is our first attempt, at writing the news of Knox, we will call a halt. If we see this in print we may sometime in the future conclude to soar again.

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