Fremont County, Iowa

Tabor College, 1892-1894
by Danette Hein-Snider

View from the Attic ~ A Weekly Series
Fremont County Historical Society
Week of March 29, 2010

Graduates of Tabor College:
1892-Abbie T. Mervin Chambers, Myrtle Williams Darling, Alice C. Piper Johnson, Edward N. Prouty
1893-Effie M. Chambers, Mary Barbour, P. Adelstein Johnson, James S. Torrence
1894-Winifred Wells Benson, Sylvia Drake Brooks, Myrtle Foote, Louise Farifield Harris, Fredrick W. Long, Anna Louise McCredie

(Many of the students in these graduating class lists are mentioned in the following letter, from 1893, written by Myrtle M. Foote. It gives a glimpse of what life was like in this college in southwest Iowa.)

Tabor, Iowa
October 10, 1893

Dear Folks at Home,

I received your letter and am thankful for all it contained. The price of text books is more than ever, exorbitant. I still have two recitations at the same hour two days of the week. I am quite well and like the girls here. Miss Mani is 'awful nice' you may have her. Annie McCredie has not come yet but is expected this week. Effie Chambers will be here for prayer meeting next Friday evening en route for Boston from whence she sails the 21st. I have not seen her yet, but Addie is at Miss Martin's so I see her often. Miss Brooks sent for a picture "Christ With the Doctors", smaller than one in her room, this is to be given to Miss C. from the College Christian Endeavor Society, .

Miss Martin had another gold watch stolen a few weeks ago, Tabor keeps up with the times. We're in the burglar line.

Annie Johnson's step-father poisoned himself recently, cause, supposed to be poor health. Ada Deleware is married. Jennie Stiles is teaching at Hillsdale and Alice Piper in Sidney. Our class seems to have dwindled, down to Sylvia D., Louise F., Annie Mc & me and perhaps Mr Speese. H. Barns does not board at Pres. Brooks, do not know why, Miss Ellis teaching in Fontenelle.

There are some decided improvements in the faculty here, but the music is confined more closely to the piano than ever. But there is talk of a vocal teacher coming from Shenandoah. There is to be an elocution entertainment in the church next Saturday evening, given by a friend of Pres. Bartlell's.

The Southwestern Christian Endeavor Society, convention is to be here next year. Miss Brooks, Lawrence, & H. S. attended the one held at Clarinda last week.

I have a new broom!! I don't think I am as badly behind as I had feared, for I lack five books of having something to work with now, they have not come yet so I have to borrow and do without. It is becoming rather monotonous too but I suppose they will soon be here.

Well I must close and 'remain'. I hope you are all well by this time. I will try and write better next time and not in such a hurry.

May, Cloid said to tell you, you would have to wait till next year for the strawberries, & George said to tell you he believed he owed her a letter.

Well the clock has struck ten and I have more of my Algebra for tomorrow but I can't get it, so, I thought I would write, and Yes, Miss Brooks is now Lady Principal.

Love to all from M. M. Foote 

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