From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell,


name residence business nativity to Ia post office
Benson, P.A. Section 17 Stock Farmer Catarangus co, NY 1870 Farragut
Clem, Israel Section 7 Stock Farmer Warren co, Ind 1855 Farragut
Catlett, R.C. Section 7 Stock Farmer Laurel co, Ky 1851 Farragut
Fruit, J.L. Section 3 Farmer Adams co, Ills 1866 Shenandoah
Hanks, C.C. Section 10 Stock Farmer Washington co, NY 1865 Shenandoah
Moody, A. Section 5 Stock Farmer Licking co, Ohio 1866 Shenandoah
Park, F.M. Section 4 Stock Farmer Adams co, Ill 1869 Shenandoah
Pepper, J.P. Section 3 Stock Farmer Brimfield, Mass 1870 Shenandoah
Pepper, T.D. Section 3 Stock Farmer Hampden co, Mass 1875 Shenandoah
Pease, E.N. Section 9 Farmer Clarke co, Ind 1853 Shenandoah
Ratekin, J.R. Section 16 Stock Farmer Warren co, Ill 1867 Shenandoah
Roe, A.L. Section 12 Stock Farmer Taylor co, WVa 1856 Shenandoah
Smith, M.L. Section 12 Stock Farmer Marion co, Ind 1858 Shenandoah
Snodgrass, Wm H. Section 2 Stock Farmer Dubuque, Ia 1841 Shenandoah
Vaughan, L.K. Section 7 Miller & Farmer St Joseph co, Mich 1870 Vaughan
Young, Wm Section 5 Stock Farmer Lebanon co, Pa 1865 Shenandoah