From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell,


name residence business nativity to Ia post office
Alsworth, T.W. Section 20 Farmer & Fruit Lawrence co, Pa 1871 Hamburg
Applegate, G.W. Section 16 Farmer & Fruit Delaware co, Ind 1842 Sidney
Amis, W.D. Section 29 Farmer & Fruit Vermillion co, Ind 1860 Sidney
Bishop, C.H. Sidney Commission Agent Knox co, Ohio 1869 Sidney
Bobbitt, A.R. Section 31 Stock Farmer Campbell co, Ky 1849 Sidney
Birkby, Thos Section 31 Stock Farmer Yorkshire, Eng 1864 Sidney
Copeland, J.F. Section 8 Stock Farmer Putnam co, Ind 1850 Sidney
Crane, Smith R. Section 7 Stock Farmer Fountain co, Ind 1856 Sidney
Cromwell, S.T. Section 30 Stock Farmer Jefferson co, Va 1846 Sidney
Gray, Jas A. Sidney County Treasurer Tyrone co, Ireland 1856 Sidney
Gore, Wm Section 25 Stock Farmer Monroe co, Va 1864 Sidney
Huff, E. Section 17 Farmer & Fruit Harrison co, Ohio 1856 Sidney
Hatten, J.R. Section 22 Farmer & Fruit Kanawha co, Va 1865 Sidney
Hunt, W.C. Sidney Grocer Mulenburgh co, Ky 1867 Sidney
Hume, Jno M. Section 32 Stock Farmer Kenton co, Ky 1854 Sidney
Knox, Jas Jr Section 7 Farmer & Fruit Allegany co, Va 1855 Sidney
Knox, Austin F. Section 7 Farmer & Fruit Allegany co, Va 1855 Sidney
Linn, S.J. Sidney Furniture Perry co, Oh 1840 Sidney
Laird, H.R. Sidney County Clerk Erie co, Pa 1853 Sidney
Murphy, C.W. Sidney Publisher Greene co, Oh 1874 Sidney
Mooman, M.F. Sidney Merchant Giles co, Va 1856 Sidney
Mann, A. Sr. Section 19 Farmer & Fruit Monroe co, Va 1851 Hamburg
Mitchell, S.T. Section 10 Stock Farmer Hendricks co, Ind 1868 Sidney
Mullen, Henry Sidney Stock Farmer Springfield, Ill 1865 Sidney
McComb, Wm M Sidney Wag'n & Car'ge Mfr Mahoning co, Oh 1868 Sidney
Neeley, J.W. Section 20 Farmer & Fruit Ill 1854 Sidney
Penn, J.N. Sidney Physician Washington co, Pa 1855 Sidney
Penn, ---- Sidney Druggist Green co, Pa 1855 Sidney
Pierce, J.W. Section 13 Stock Farmer Auglaize co, Oh 1854 Sidney
Purvis, L.G. Section 4 Farmer & Aparian Moultrie co, Ill 1854 Sidney
Reeves, E.A. Sr Section 3 Farmer Athen co, Oh 1853 Sidney
Rector, Jason Section 31 Stock Farmer Marion co, Ind 1847 Sidney
Rector, Wm Section 17 Stock & Fruit Marion co, Ind 1847 Sidney
Richards, Milton Section 22 Stock & Fruit Highland co, Ohio 1846 Sidney
Shockley, J.C. Sidney Hardware Hancock co, Ind 1862 Sidney
Stephens, Thos G Sidney Physician Preble co, Ohio 1864 Sidney
Sandy, Wm Section 28 Stock Farmer Pickaway co, Oh 1867 Sidney
Swearengin, G.V. Section 32 Stock Farmer Beaver co, Pa 1845 Sidney
Story, D.M. Section 31 Stock Farmer Genesee co, NY 1857 Sidney
Wilson, J.M. Section 23 Farmer Warren co, Oh 1854 Sidney
Walker, Geo Sidney Hardware Leeds, Eng 1860 Sidney
Wade, Jefferson Section 14 Stock Farmer Highland co, Ohio 1844 Sidney
Wade, Franklin Section 24 Stock Farmer Fremont co, Ia 1854 Sidney
Wade, A.J. Section 24 Stock Farmer Fremont co, Ia 1854 Sidney
Wade, Sanford Section 14 Stock Farmer Jay co, Ind 1844 Sidney
Wade, W.H. Section 13 Stock Farmer Highland, Ohio 1867 Sidney