From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell,


name residence business nativity to Ia post office
Carraher, F.H. Fremont Boots and Shoes Toledo, Ohio 1856 Plum Hollow
Carraher, P. Fremont Boots and Shoes Armagh co, Ire 1856 Plum Hollow
Crouch, M.V. Fremont House Mover Washington co, Ind 1856 Plum Hollow
Ewell, J.M., Sr Section 36 Stock Farmer Albemarle co, Va 1847 Plum Hollow
Fletcher, W.H. Fremont Farmer and Phys'n Putnam co, Ind 1852 Plum Hollow
Hanna, J.H. Fremont Lumber Dealer Brown co, Ohio 1872 Plum Hollow
Mann, Granville Section 12 Stock Farmer Monroe co, Va 1850 Plum Hollow
Shonk, J. Section 25 Stock Farmer Lancaster co, Pa 1865 Plum Hollow
Van Houten, Oscar Scott twp Stock Farmer Taylor, Ia 1858 Plum Hollow
Woodrum, W.M. Section 34 Stock Farmer Putnam co, Ind 1854 Plum Hollow
Young, J.J. Fremont Physician Montgomery co, Ill 1865 Plum Hollow