From A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa 1875
(transcribed by Pat O'Dell,


name residence business nativity to Ia post office
Bennett, N. Section 35 Stock Farmer Wilkhire, Eng 1874 Shenandoah
Dodd, C.W. Section 34 Stock Farmer Jackson co, Oh 1843 Riverton
Ellis, D.D. Section 22 Stock Farmer Lamoile co, Vt 1870 Deer Creek
Flynn, Arthur Section 36 Farmer & Carp'ter Cavan co, Ireland 1870 Shenandoah
Griffin, O. Section 36 Stock Farmer Medina, Oh 1854 Sidney
Hammond, A. Section 26 Stock Farmer Clarke co, Ohio 1862 Shenandoah
Hodge, A.J. Section 25 Stock Farmer Hartford, Conn 1874 Shenandoah
Jones, Steve Section 27 Stock Farmer Holt co, Mo 1852 Riverton
Love, Mrs Bell Section 23 Stock Farmer Lycoming co, Pa 1871 Shenandoah
Leighty, C.H. Section 28 Stock Farmer Fayette co, Pa 1867 Shenandoah
Lamb, G.D. Section 21 Stock Farmer Orange co, Vt 1858 Malvern
McKee, Thos A. Section 34 Stock Farmer Decatur co, Ind 1860 Riverton
Price, D. Section 26 Stock Farmer Cuyhoga co, Ohio 1867 Shenandoah
Rood, A. Section 16 Stock Farmer Chittenden co, Vt 1870 Deer Creek
Tompkins, J.N. Section 27 Stock Farmer England 1864 Shenandoah
Tipple, J.D. Section 27 Stock Farmer Oneida co, NY 1871 Riverton
Woods, J.M. Section 28 Stock Farmer Oneida co, NY 1868 Deer Creek
Wilson, W.H. Section 14 Farmer & Attorney Belmont co, Ohio 1870 Shenandoah
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