Fremont County, Iowa

American Legion Rodeo Workers, 1938
Sidney Rodeo

(Photos submitted by Trish Randolph)

Each man, in each of the three photos, has a small number on his hat or shoulder. You will find the corresponding number by his name. The numbers read left to right in both front and back rows.

This picture was taken in front of the south grandstands at the Sidney Rodeo arena in 1938 by O'Neill Photo Co., Nebraska, when the grandstands (now replaced) were new.

1-16 and 75-67
STANDING BACK ROW: (1) Clyde J. Rogers; (2) Leroy T. Rodman; (3) Clifford H. Wells; (4) Rolley E. Holloway; (5) Everett R. Williams; (6) J. Logan Chaney; (7) Lucius L. Howard; (9) Ernest McAlexander; (10) W. Lee Crosse; (11) Richard A. Otte; (12) Sidney Carter; (13) Jack F. Bryan; (14) Ralph Jackson; (15) Rev. Clark W. Howard; (16) Louis E. Kuester
KNEELING ROW: (75) R. H. Lee Edwards; (74) Emmet C. Kincaid; (73) Wm. E. Stubbs; (72) A. Rex Darst; (71) Ray Derrickson; (70) Ray C. Doil; (69) John H. Rubink; (68) Geo. A. Barnard; (67) Stewart S. Foster

17-32 and 66-56
STANDING BACK ROW: (17) Cassel O. Cupp; (18) Ivan Reeves; (19) Earl Vest; (20) Wm. M. Kimsey; (21) Ernest M. Travis; (22) H. Allam Bateman; (23) Herbert Patterson; (24) Gilbert S. Zach; (25) Don C. Johnson; (26)Richard G. Christopher; (27) Mike Kaiser; (28) John W. Jordan; (29) Tolbert P. Randolph; (30) John T. Larson; (31) Allen G. Clark; (32) Roland E. Baucom
KNEELING FRONT ROW: (66) J. Al Davis; (65) Loyd Martin; (64) Robert N. Archie; (63) Wm. B. Hall; (62) Walter Lewis; (61) Ben Gardner; (60) Lisle J. Weatherhead; (59) Ival E. DeFreece; (58) Moses Rhoades; (57) Dr. E. B. Humphrey, (56) Thomas W. Ilams

33- 51 and 55-52.
STANDING BACK ROW: (33) H. R. Krug; (34) Geo. Mottweller; (35) H. M. Garlock; (36) Warren Booth; (37) John L. Rhode; (38) Chas. B. Goodell,; (39) Glen E. Thomas; (40) Harry L. Whitman; (41) Robert Eaton; (42) Sidney G. Reade; (43) Sidney F. Shannon; (44) Horace W. Reed; (45) Clarence Inman; (46) M. E. Rawlins; (47) Bernal E. Shull; (48) Dr. Ralph Lovelady; (49) Grover C. Magel; (50) Russell B. Laird; (51) W. Frees Haning
KNEELING FRONT ROW: (55) Geo. H. Neal; (54) Sam Kellogg; (53) James L. Parkison; (52) Bernal P. Jones.

Source: The Argus-Herald is indebted to Don Mosley for the use of this picture, one he acquired while compiling a pictorial history of the Sidney Rodeo's first 50 years over the last two years.

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