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Hotel Julien

Hotel Julien, Early 1900s
The Julien Hotel, Mrs. C.G. Fisher, Prop.
Hamburg, Iowa

I found a picture of the Julien Hotel in Hamburg, which was purchased in 1906 by Cyrus "Coon" Fisher. The gentleman standing in front of the hotel is Thomas Huff, married to Laura Fisher, and brother-in-law to Cyrus. (Wendi Torres)

Menu of the Julien Hotel
Hamburg Reporter; December 28, 1917

Dinner Menu, March 5, 1916

    • Cellery Hearts
    • Queen Olives
  • SOUP
    • Chicken
    • Mulligatawny
    • Boiled Leg of Lamb with Jelly
    • Baked Young Chicken with Julien Dressing
    • Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, Au Jus
    • Hot Light Rolls
    • Mashed Potatoes
    • Browned Potatoes
    • Baked Southern Potatoes
    • Sifted Peas
    • Escalloped Corn
    • Waldorf Salad
    • California Peach Roll
    • English Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce
    • Pineapple Ice Cream
    • Boston Cream Pie
    • Cranberry Pie
    • American Cheese and Wafers

Stories related to Julien Hotel:

A Duck Story:
The question uppermost at the dinner tables of the Julien last Tuesday, as the guests read the menu for the meal, "duck with dressing" was who in this part of the country raises such nice ducks and how does it come that the Julien proprietor is so fortunate as to be able to provide so many at one meal? Of course the matter could not be settled until mine host Fisher gave the proper solution. Like a man proud of the privilege he explained that the evening before he went hunting and had the good fortune to get near a flock that were huddled close together up on the wide waters and with one discharge of his gun, he killed and secured fourteen fine specimen of fat ducks, and his efficient cooks had prepared them for his guests.

The guests believed his statement sufficiently to relish the prepared "duck and dressing" all right. -Taken from the Hamburg Reporter, Friday November 26, 1909.

A Runway Accident:
Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Fisher Badly Injured in One Saturday
C.G. and Mrs. Fisher of the Lindel Hotel met with a serious runaway accident late Saturday evening whileout riding in which they were seriously injured. They had taken the team of Mr. Fisher's nephew, Charly, and gone for a drive about the city. As they were passing along Washington street just in front of Mrs. Clark's residence a dog frightened the team causing it to start to run. In going over a crossing it threw them both out of the buggy. Mr. Fisher had two ribs broken and several bruises about the head and face. Mrs. Fisher was hurt about the face and it was feared injured internally. They were taken home at once and given the proper attention and we learn are getting along nicely. The buggy was overturned and considerably damaged before the team could be stopped. It is fortunate however it was not worse.

-Taken from the Hamburg Reporter, Friday September 17, 1906

Petty Theft:
Mr. Fisher, of the Hotel Julien says his money drawer was robbed of nearly thirty dollars sometime Tuesday fore noon.

-Taken from the Hamburg Reporter, Friday March 15, 1907.

~ Source of Photos and Stories: Compliments of Wendi Torres

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