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History of  the Nenneman House

As written by Ronald Weston – September 05, 2013
This is the information that I have relating to the Nenneman house.

      The Nennemen House is located on county road L44, between Iowa Highway 2, and Sidney Iowa. County Road L44 in the 1920s was known as the Golden Rod, but now is called th Bluffs Road. This road starts at the north west corner of Hamburg, and continues along the western base of the Loess Hills, for several counties.

      To drive to the Nennemen House, start at the south side of the city square in Sidney, drive south on Highway 275 and Iowa Highway 2. Where Highway 2 turns west toward Nebraska City, turn west and after about two miles you will pass Waubonsie State park, which is on your left. Immediately you will start down the western slops of the bluffs. At the base Road L44 crosses highway 2. Turn to the right, about three miles you will cross a creek. Immediately the road forms a “Y”. The right side goes into a valley the left continues on to Knox Iowa and then to Sidney. The Nennemen house is located in “Y” of this road. The house was built about 1850, using the floor plan then referred to as “two over two” meaning two rooms down and two rooms up stairs.

      This house was built about 1850, and an addition was added about 1890, which included a screened porch, larger kitchen and another bedroom.

      My grandfather, James Evan, his wife and daughter lived in this house from about 1926 till 1936. My mother Vera gave birth to me at 4:53am on November 10, 1928 in the upstairs front bedroom.

Until the next chapter. I am very happy that someone is taking the time to document this history.

~ submitted by Ronald Weston, Sr.

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