Fremont County, Iowa


Acord Family

Family of Green B. "Greenberry" and Grace martha (Rowland) Acord

Benton Township, Fremont County, Iowa

Front Row:
Earl Acord (1894), Grace Mariha Acord (1857-1908), columbia Acord (1897-)
Gracy Acord (1896-), Myrtle Acord (1893-), Greenberry Acord (1841-1923)

Back Row:
Arthur John Acord (1883-), Clara Delia (Acord) Hendy (1883-1965)
Handy (1880-1929), Albert Acord (twin) (1889-). Waller Acord (1891-)
Lucy Acord (1881-1882?), Frankie Acord (twin) (1886-1888?), Annie Acord (1893-1897)

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