Fremont County, Iowa

Summit Methodist Church
Summit, Iowa

Source: Photographs submitted by Gareld Whitehill
The "Summiteers" Assisting in the church's "Golden Anniversary"

The Summiteers, members of the choir, who took part in the 50th celebration of the rural church Sunday; directed by Mrs. Ivan Snook on the right.

Thank you, to Gareld Whitehill, for a new identification. "George Robert (Bob) Whitehill, is in the back row, at the left, by the window." (26 May 2004) {Note: If you can name any of these young people, please contact the County Coordinator.}

Summit Sunday School Picnic

(circa 1925 - 1930)
Back Row:
Ethel (Kelly) Whitehill, Sylvia (Kelly) Selway, Arthur Kohler, Alvin Rogers, Bill Tyner, Will Kelly, Rev. Hugh Jackson, Ben Simmons, Maude (Mrs. Hugh) Jackson, John Whitehill, Hattie James, Will Simons, Ethel Hurst, George Whitehill, Paul Whitehill, Tom Copland, ? James, Jack Swift, Grant Oldfield, Jim Lynn, Oscar Hurst, Hugh Latimer.

Center Row:
Mabel (Mrs. Alvin) Rogers & Paul, Margaret Kelly, Daisy (Mrs. Arthur) Kohler, Lilly Mae (Mrs. Merrill) Pierson & Ellen, Annie (Mrs. Elbert) Lynn & Betty, Esther (Mrs. Paul) Whitehill, Will Howard, Lucy Howard, Lou (Mrs. Ben) Simmons, Oweta (Mrs. Wilbur) (Whitehill) Lynn, Mrs Grant Oldfield, Ruth (Mrs. George) (Tyner) Whitehill & Margery, Inez (Mrs. Bill) Tyner, Annie (Mrs. Will) Simmons, Irene (Mrs. Hugh) Latimer, Fanny (Mrs. Oscar) Hurst, Grace (Mrs. Tom) Copland, May (Mrs. John) Whitehill.

Front row:
Lowell Lynn, Ellen Oldfield, Kathryn Lynn, Eldon Whitehill, Forrest Simmons, Sterling Simmons, Elvin Rogers, Bobby Whitehill, Billy Tyner, Janice Tyner, Louella Oldfield, Eugene Latimer, Lois Hurst.

Women of Summit Church

(circa 1911 - 1913)
Back Row: Mabel McCrary, Mattie Ware, ??, Anna Simmons, Mrs. Carmikle, Lou Simmons, ??, Grace Whitehill, Edna Buntz , Fannie Simmons, ??, Lydia Tyner, May Kelly, Lessie Kelly Patton, Bess Patton Kelly.

Front Row: Mrs. Kohler, ??, Mrs. Howard, Miss Maud Whitehill, ??, ??, ??, ??, Oweta Lynn

Children: ??, Arline Whitehill, Myrtle Whitehill, ??, Margaret Kelly, Ethel Kelly Whitehill

March 6, 1941.
Submitted by Walter Farwell


More than fifty years ago, the neighborhood six miles south of Shenandoah, built the Summit Methodist church. This very unusual community has kept their church going through all the vicissitudes the times have brought. A year ago, on October 4, 1939, a severe windstorm badly wrecked the building. To the Summit folk it proved an opportunity, for they raised the money necessary to complete a basement, install a modern heating plant with blower and also, to complete an up to date kitchen with large dining room, and game room in connection.

They enjoyed their newly equipped building only a few months when on August 27, 1940, lightning struck the church and it was entirely consumed. Nothing daunted, this brave people met together, voted to rebuild, subscribed again for the second time within a year, appointed a building committee, let the contract for the new building, and now it is all ready for dedication. The best thing of all, perhaps is the fact that every dollar has been raised and every item is paid for in full.

Bishop J. Ralph Magee of Des Moines will give the dedication sermon on March 23, (1941) this present month. There is to be an all day service, with a dinner at noon at the church, furnished by the women of Summit Community.

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