Fremont County, Iowa

Royal Arch Masons 1878 - 1882
Chapter #44 Shekinah
Riverton, Fremont County
Charter granted: 10/16/1868
No. of members yr. ending Sept. 1882: 53
No. of members yr. ending Oct. 1890: 46

For sources and miscellaneous notes explanations, see "Keys" below index.

Adams, W.E. Ex-78/m-82
Alhouse, D. Su-81
Anderson, Charles m-90
Anderson, J.W. Sc,Di-82
Anderson, W.H. Di-81
Ausbach, M. R. m-82,90
Batchelder, G.D. GMFV-82/HP-90  (Batcheldor)
Bates, C.E. Ex-82/m-90
Bayne, Alex. m-82
Beard, J.W. Ex-78/m-82/Dr-90
Bowen, Henry m-82,90
Buttercase, Alex. D-80 (11/28/1879)
Calfee, H.H. Ex-82
Chandler, Samuel Ex-82/m-90
Clark, C.T. HP-78,79,80,82  (C.F. Clark)
Claycomb, G.F. m-90
Cochran, A.N. Sc-90
Cole, G.L. Di-80
Cooper, John m-82,90
Craig, C.F. Ex-78/m-82,90
Cromwell, F.C. m-82,90
Croshaw, G.H. Ex-82
Crosser, Samuel Ex-82
Crouch, J.S. Ex-82
Davies, John m-82
Davis, A.L. Ex-81/m-82/Di-90
Davis, W.P. Di-90
Durlin, C. m-90
Ellidge, E.B. Di-79
Furbush, J.B. m-82,90
Goldberg, A.W. RAC-90
Goldbery, S. m-90
Gould, C.W. RSMD-79/Di-81
Gray, A. D Ex-82/m-90
Griggs, F.H. m-90
Griggs, H.F. Ex,HP-82
Hammond, J. M. RSMD-79/m-90
Hammond, J. W. HP-82
Hatten, S.C. RAC-82/PS-90
Hawkins, W. H. Su-82
Hawley, P. V. Ad-78/Di-79
Hays, Oscar RSMD-79/m-82
Herlscher, H. m-82
Hershey, David m-82/Su-90
Hertsche, J.H. T-90
Hewett, S.M. m-82
Hinkle, L. Ex-82
Hosier, P. m-82,90
Hough, J. H. K-82/GMSV-90
Hohn, O.F. m-82/D-90 (March 1890)
Hurley, A.S. Di-90
Irons, J.L. m-82
Jackson, J. T. Se-90
Jacobson, Aug. m-90
Jefferson, Wade m-82
Johnson, Chris. m-90
Jones, F.A. m-90
Jones, J.H. Ex-81/m-82
Junquist, John GMTV-90
Keller, C.F. Ex-79/S,RSMD-80/S-82/m-90
Keith, Geo. L. m-82
King, A.D. m-82
Lamoraux, C. Di-82
Lovelady, J.M. PS-90
Luke, -- Di-82
Lynch, John Ex-78
Lynch, J.E. Su-82
Leich, W.T. m-90
Likes, Charles W. m-90
Linglefelter, L. Su-81
Lusby, Charles Ex-82
Lusby, C.N. RAC-90  
Lusby, Thos. GMTV-82/GMFV-90
Magaw, J.S. m-90
Marauville, L.D. m-90
Meek, W.H. m-90
Moomaw, M.F. Di-81
Morgan, W.W. m-82
Mace, E.A. HP-78,80/HP,RSMD-79/T-82/m-90
Mann, C.W. m-90
McCracken, William RSMD-79/K-82/m-90
Mincer, D.A. S-90
Nace, J.T. HP-90
Nye, C.L. m-90
Palmer, W.W. Ex-78/RSMD-79/Sc-82/CH-90
Patten, R.L. Su-82
Putnam, A.H. RSMD-79/Se-82,90
Palmer, George Di-80
Perkins, Fred m-90
Perry, T.J.R. Jr. S-79,80,82/*Sc,GCh-81/GCh,*K-82/m-90
Pryor, J.C. Di-81
Pryor, W.C. m-82,90
Randall, J.H. Ex-78/Su-81
Reynolds, G.D. Ex-78/m-82
Rhode, S.T. m-90
Robbins, W. Ex-82
Rea, J.B. Su-82  (Rhea)
Reece, W. Ex-82
Rees, W.W. Di-90
Risdon, Charles RSMD-79/GMSV-82/Su-90
Shipley, G. Ex-82
Smith, William N. m-82,90
Sproul, George Ad-79/Di-81
Stafford, A.P. RSMD-79/m-82,90
Stauffer, J.M. Su-82
Steinmeyer, E.H. Ex-82  (Steumeyer)
Stow, W.A. RSMD-79/GCh-80/PS-82
Swiggart, D.W. RSMD-79/CH-82/m-90  (Swigart)
Samuels, J.B. m-82/K-90
Samuels, M. m-82
Scofield, R.H. Ex-78/m-82,90  (Schofield)
Shockley, J.C. m-82
Slaughter, H.J. Ad-82
Smith, E. Ex-82/S-90
Sproul, George  Di-78
Stickler, A.R. Ex-82/m-90
Story, D.M. GCh-80/PS-82/m-90
Thatcher, J.C. GCh,K-78/GCh,K-79/m-82,90
Thompson, Thomas CH,T-90
Thunsen, Thos. T,CH-82
Trobee, F.M. GMSV-82
Templeton, W.G. RSMD-79/m-82
Thompson, F.L. GMFV-90
Thorp, A.G. m-90
Tyler, Myron F. Ex-78/RSMD-79/GMTV-82/m-90
Utterback, J.H. m-82,90
Vaughn, A.J. m-90
Wade, Jeff D-90 (9/6/1890)
Wikoff, Peter Ex-82/Dr-90  (Wykoff)
Williams, W.M. Ex-82/m-90
Wilson, William m-90
Wingate, Alfred S,GCh,Sc*,GMFV-78/Di-81
Woodlands, N.J. m-90
Woodlands, W.J. Ex-82
Watson, B.F. Su-82
Watterman, J.M. Su-82
Wise, William m-82/Su-90
Yowell, W.J. S,GCh,K*-78/RSMD,GCh,K*-79/m-82,90
Yordy, W.T. Se-82
Yowell, M.R. Ex-81/m-82,90  (Yewell)
  • Abbreviation Key:
    • Ad=admitted
    • D=died
    • Di=dimitted (left the lodge to join another or became non-affiliated)
    • Dr=dropped (dismissed)
    • Ex=exalted (raised to a higher degree)
    • Exp=expelled
    • Su=suspended (possibly for non-payment of dues or unmasonic-like conduct)
    • M=found on membership rolls for indicated year 18--
    • C=Chaplain
    • CH=Chaplain of the Host or Captain of the Host
    • GC=Grand Chaplain
    • GCh=Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa
    • GMFV=Grand Master First Vail
    • GMSV=Grand Master Second Vail
    • GMTV=Grand Master Third Vail
    • HP=High Priest
    • K=King
    • PS=Principle Sojourner
    • R=Recorder
    • RAC=Royal Arch Captain
    • RSMD=received Royal & Select Masters degree in the indicated year
    • S=Secretary
    • Sc=Scribe
    • Se=Sentinel
    • Ss=Steward & Sentinel
    • T=Treasurer
    • *Proxy=indicates he attended the Grand Chapter, annual convocation as a proxy
      (ex. GCh,HP*-78 This man attended the Grand chapter as a proxy High Priest in 1878)
  • Key to Years:
  • 78=1878 annual report (10/1/1877-9/30/1878)
  • 79=1879 annual report (10/1/1878-9/30/1879)
  • 80=1880 annual report (10/1/1879-9/30/1880)
  • 81=1881 annual report (10/1/1880-9/30/1881)
  • 82=1882 annual report (10/1/1881-9/30/1882)
  • 90=1890 annual report (10/1/1889-9/30/1890)
~ "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, for the Years 1878 to 1882, Inclusive", Vol. IV, Original Edition; Muscatine, Iowa - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1883.
~ "Transactions of the Grand Chapter of the State of Iowa, at its Thirty-Seventh Grand Annual Convocation", Convened at Cedar Rapids, Thursday October 9th, A.D. 1890, Original Edition; Des Moines - published by order of the Grand Chapter, 1890.

~ Disclaimer: Researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately, but there may be errors.
~ Credit: Compiled from original sources by Sharyl Ferrall for IAGenWeb. copyright 2003 Sharyl Ferrall, July 1, 2003

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