Fremont County, Iowa

Ewell Cemetery
(Green Township, Section 36)

Small Family Cemetery
1491 Cemetery Road, Thurman, Iowa

The Ewell Cemetery, is a small family cemetery. It is located near the Thurman Cemetery. According to the Study Family History, John Ewell had a desire to be buried on a certain spot on his farm, northwest of his home. It sits on the brow of a hill overlooking the farm home. His wife Elizabeth was buried next to him.

From Thurman go 1/2 mile east, on Highway 145, until you hit County Road J18. Turn northeast about 1 mile, until you hit Cemetery Road. Turn north and go 1/2 mile, until you hit a curve road going west. Turn and go west 1/2 mile until you reach an address that says 1491.

Turn and go south 1/4 mile, until you find a house. The Cemetery is behind the house. It is a family plot with just 4 burials. The people who own the house take care of the cemetery. I took a look at this cemetery on November 7, 2002. - Anne Braun

Ewell, Elizabeth b. Jan 15 1824, d. May 26 1906
Ewell, Infant d. 1852, headstone is buried in the ground
Ewell, John M. b. Aug 5 1820, d. Oct 1 1898
Ewell, Thomas b. May 16 1812, d. Jan 16 1900
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