Fremont County Cemetery Directory With Maps


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Fremont County, Iowa WPA Grave Records (introduction)

(transcribed by Pat O'Dell)



Latitude Longitude Location Township
Abshire Cemetery 40.767N 95.658W View Map Sidney
Acord Cemetery 40.793N 95.667W View Map Sidney
Austin Cemetery 40.639N 95.650W View Map Washington
Baker Cemetery 40.675N 95.683W View Map Washington
Beehive Cemetery 40.592N 95.608W View Map Washington
Benson Cemetery 40.722N 95.667W View Map Sidney
Blanchard Cemetery 40.736N 95.851W View Map Benton
Brown/Sunnyside Cemetery 40.679N 95.703W View Map Washington
Buckham Cemetery 40.686N 95.633W View Map Washington
Chambers/Singleton Cemetery 40.786N 95.508W View Map Prairie
Columbia and French Cemetery 40.592N 95.556W View Map Madison
Dawsonburg/Gaylord Cemetery 40.850N 95.658W View Map Green
Duff Cemetery 40.822N 95.600W View Map Riverside
Ewell Cemetery
40.825N 95.742W View Map Green
Farragut Cemetery 40.735N 95.478W View Map Fisher
Fremont County Cemetery 40.714N 95.641W View Map Sidney
Frost Cemetery 40.667N 95.647W View Map Washington
Gaylord Cemetery
40.8543N 95.6705W View Map
Grandview Cemetery 40.733N 95.704W View Map Sidney
Hamburg Cemetery 40.618N 95.660W View Map Washington
Hume Cemetery 40.751N 95.717W View Map Sidney
Knox Cemetery 40.722N 95.683W View Map Sidney
Lacy Cemetery 40.786N 95.697W View Map Sidney
Lambert/Wadhams Cemetery 40.749N 95.853W View Map Benton
Locust Grove Cemetery 40.616N 95.422W View Map Locust Grove
Lovelady Cemetery 40.683N 95.626W View Map Washington
Mackey Cemetery 40.901N 95.738W View Map Scott
Manti Cemetery 40.723N 95.399W View Map Fisher
Means Cemetery 40.672N 95.633W View Map Washington
Monroe/Old Lutheran Cemetery 40.888N 95.422W View Map Monroe
Mt. Calvary Cemetery 40.872N 95.421W View Map Monroe
Mt. Olive Cemetery 40.594N 95.594W View Map Madison
Mt. Zion Cemetery 40.829N 95.654W View Map Green
Parsley Cemetery 40.798N 95.628W View Map Sidney
Penny Cemetery 40.850N 95.683W View Map Green
Randolph Cemetery 40.877N 95.570W View Map Riverside
Rector Cemetery 40.708N 95.683W View Map Sidney
Redd Cemetery 40.694N 95.616W View Map Sidney
Rhodes Cemetery 40.901N 95.710W View Map Green
Riverside Cemetery 40.881N 95.527W View Map Riverside
Riverton Cemetery 40.677N 95.570W View Map Riverton
Ross Cemetery 40.867N 95.681W View Map Green
Saint Mary's Cemetery 40.617N 95.662W View Map Washington
Saint Paul's Lutheran Cemetery 40.604N 95.413W View Map Locust Grove
Sidney Cemetery 40.743N 95.643W View Map Sidney
Slusher Cemetery 40.642N 95.692W View Map Washington
Stauch Cemetery 40.650N 95.575W View Map Madison
Thurman Cemetery 40.831N 95.734W View Map Scott
Utterback Cemetery 40.628N 95.568W View Map Madison
Wagner Cemetery 40.808N 95.542W View Map Prairie
Wesleyan Cemetery 40.650N 95.533W View Map Madison


Cemeteries Used By Fremont County Residents In Bordering Counties



Latitude Longitude Location Township
Shearer Cemetery

Buchanan, Page Co.



                   Additional Cemtery info:
                        Chambers cemetery deed
                        Chambers cemetery letter