Fremont County, Iowa

Buckham Cemetery
(Washington Township)

Pt. NW ¼ NW ¼, Section 26, Township 68, Range 42

Recorded by Walter Farwell

Tilden L. Buckham and his wife, Jane Hillis, came to Pleasant Grove, Fremont County, in 1842. The oldest son Peter Buckham was born in 1845. (He later served in the Civil War.) The oldest graves in the Buckham Cemetery go back to October of 1845. when two of Archibald H. Argyle’s children were buried here. Mr. Argyle was one of the county’s early distinguished residents. He owned the store at Austin which was first used as a courthouse.

Mr. Buckham was the first treasurer and recorder of the county being chosen in 1849 when the county was organized. He died Jan. 1, 1876 at his farm home 1 ¾ miles northwest of the Belcher Ferry. He willed his final resting place – lot No. 15 in his timber known as “Grave Yard Site” to Fremont County. Recorded in county deed book M., page 596.

Buckham, Mary H. 19 May 1861 25 Jul 1882 21y 2m 6d d/o T. L. & Jane
Hoop, Jeanie 23 Feb 1856 14 Jan 1882 25y 10m 21d w/o S. N.
Buckham, T. L. 16 Oct 1815 1 Jan 1876 60y 2m 15d b. Kentucky
Harris, Addie   no date    
Buckham, May   no date    
Buckham, James   no date    
Buckham, P. R.   20 Jan 1869 24y 4m 1d  
Buckham, Andrew W.   28 Dec 1858 4m 26d s/o T. L. & Jane
Buckham, Mary H.   18 Dec 1852 6y 3m 18d dau/o T. L. & Jane
Buckham, Jane   5 Nov 1861 5m   dau/o T. L. & Jane
Singleton, Wm. A.   6 Feb 1861 8y 5m 15d s/o John J. & Mary
Singleton, J. J. 22 Jul 1818 22 Feb 1881    
Singleton, Wm. 1 Sept 1852 16 Feb 1861    
Argyle, Catherine 18 Apr 1837 Apr 1861    
Argyle, Wm. E. 25 Dec 1831 18 Oct 1845    
Argyle, Francis K. 23 Mar 1843 Oct 1845    
Argyle, Archibald H. 25 Jan 1815 31 Jan 1866    
Argyle, Eliza Jane 13 Mar 1812 9 Dec 1849    
Williams, Martha 30 Mar 1844 1 May 1886   wf/o W. L.
Dimmitt, Miles J.   27 Sept 1867 1y 5m 28d s/o C. M. & N. L.
Clelland, Charles H.   10-Jul-02   s/o J. M. & R. J.
Singleton, John J. 22 Jul 1818 22 Feb 1881   Levisa also on stone
Singleton, Levisa   no date    
Miller, Jennitta 1 Oct 1771 1845    
Williams, Emmit   no dates    
~ transcribed by Constance Diamond for Fremont County IAGenWeb
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