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These lists contain information that was recorded with the county at the time or near the time of birth.   But remember many home births were not recorded unless a doctor attended the birth. 

All Births Name Order
Bob Jenkins
All Births Year Order
Bob Jenkins

Births 1841-1870                      

Bob Jenkins
Births 1871-1879
Bob Jenkins
Births 1880-1885
Bob Jenkins
Births 1886-1890
Bob Jenkins
Births 1891-1895
Bob Jenkins
Births 1896-1900
Bob Jenkins

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Births 1901 - 1909
Bob Jenkins
Births 1910 - 1919 Bob Jenkins
Births 1920 - 1929 Bob Jenkins
Births 1930 - 1939 Bob Jenkins
Births 1940 - 1949 Bob Jenkins

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