Fremont County, Iowa

Walnut Township


Source: History of Fremont County, Iowa
(Des Moines: Iowa History Co., 1881)
Transcribed by Cay Merryman

  • ARCHER, JNO. Q., farmer, section 17, P. O. Farragut; is a native of Greene county, Illinois, and was born March 9, 1865(sic). At the age of seven years he moved with his parents to McDonough county, Illinois, and resided there during the Black Hawk war. In 1856 he moved to Henderson county of the same state, where he engaged in farming, remaining there until he moved to Fremont county, Iowa, in 1876. In the year 1848 he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah A. Hendricks, a native of Urbana, Ohio; by this union they have seven children: Pauline E., James B., Clara C., Frederick H., Atta O., Effie D., Nettie L., one deceased. Mr. Archer owns a fine farm of 320 acres, and is an extensive stock dealer.
  • ARCHER, WILLIAM F., farmer, section 20, P. O. Farragut; is a native of Casey county, Kentucky, and was born May 21, 1815. At the early age of five years he moved with his parents to Illinois, settling near Alton. They shortly moved to Greene county, taking their subsistence for one season with them. After remaining there twelve years, he moved to McDonough county of the same state, residing there until 1853, when he moved to Henderson county, engaging in farming until 1875, when he moved to Knox county of the same state. In 1879 he again moved, settling on his present farm in Fremont county, March 11, 1879. December 31, 1840, he was married to Miss Pauline Kirk, a native of Kentucky. She died in April, 1847. He was married for the second time February 12, 1854, to Miss Elmyra E. Hartford. By his first marriage he has five children: John C., Ann E., wife of Wm. Miller; Juliet, wife of R. W. Hume. By his second, two, Isaac J. and Scott.
  • AYERS, MONROE L., farmer, section 26, P. O. Shenandoah; was born September 11, 1842, and is a native of Knox county, Ohio. At six years of age he moved with his parents to Fulton county, Illinois, where he remained until 1861, when he enlisted in company G, fifty-fifth Illinois infantry, serving until April 6, 1862, when he was discharged for disability. After returning to Illinois he moved in 1864 to Andrew county, Missouri, remaining there about four years. In 1868, he moved to his present home in Fremont county, hauling lumber to build his house eighty miles. He now has a fine stock farm of 245 acres, and makes fine hogs a specialty. He was married November 30, 1865, to Miss Samantha McCrary, a native of Indiana, who was born in Miami county, October 14, 1847. They have six children living: James B., Joseph L., Maggie, Thomas N., Jacob Y., and Cloy M.
  • BODE, LEWIS P., farmer, section 1, P. O. Shenandoah; born February 26, 1841, at Huntsville, Alabama. At an early age he went with his parents to Wyoming county, Pennsylvania. His parents dying while he was still young he was taken into the family of his uncle, who resided in the state of New York. At the age of seventeen he left his uncle's roof and went to Michigan. During the war of the rebellion he enlisted in the fifth Michigan cavalry and participated in the battles of Fairfax Court House, Fredricksburg, Second Bull Run, Gettysburg and the Wilderness. Was wounded in the left arm and discharged April 4, 1865. He returned to Michigan and after remaining two years went to Chicago, and from there to New York, finally locating in 1874, in Fremont county. November 13, 1879, was united in marriage to Miss Anna Birge, who was born in Minnesota, March 2, 1861. Owns a fine well cultivated farm.
  • BEARDSLEY, JOSEPH, farmer, section 34, P. O. Shenandoah; is a native of Derbyshire, England, and was born April 11, 1828. At the age of twenty-two he emigrated to America, locating near Burlington, Iowa, engaging in farming for seventeen years, and then moved to Henderson county, Illinois, and continued the same avocation for nine years. In 1875, he moved to Fremont county, locating on his present farm of 240 acres, which is finely improved. He makes stock raising a specialty and has a fine herd of Short Horn Durhams, which are unsurpassed by any in the county. He was married March 28, 1852, to Miss Anna Darbyshire, a native of England, who was born December 23, 1827. They have six children living: Rebecca, Maria, Thomas G., Mary E., Gertrude A., Eliza J., three deceased.
  • CLEM, AARON D., farmer, section 7, P. O. Shenandoah; born May 5, 1854, in Warren county, Indiana. At the early age of two years he left his native place with his parents, moving to Linn county, Iowa; remaining there but a short time, he again moved with his parents to Fremont county, Iowa, and settled in Walnut township, in the year 1856. Has followed farming for a livelihood, and was educated in the common schools. He was united in marriage October 18, 1874, to Miss Libby A. Myers. By this union they have two children: Rolla and Laura B.
  • CATLETT, ROBERT C., farmer, section 7, P. O. Farragut; born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, December 26, 1846. At the age of four years his parents started westward, and finally located at Pleasant Grove, Fremont county, where they remained until 1865. In February, 1864, he went to Missouri, returned in 1865 and attended school in Sidney. After finishing his education he taught school from April, 1867, until March, 1872. Was married March 5, 1872, to Miss Jennie Irons, who was born in Indiana, December 24, 1852. They have four children: Percy, Bernice, Charles E. and John H.
  • CHAMBERLAIN, MARY, section 6, P. O. Farragut; was born January 1, 1819, in Buffalo, New York. She was married to Artemus Chamberlain, July 4, 1835. They settled in Cataragus county, New York, but after a short residence moved to Pennsylvania. After living in Ohio and Michigan they came to Iowa, but returned to Michigan during the war, then returned to Iowa, locating in Fremont county. Mr. Chamberlain was born in Pittsfield, Vermont, September 9, 1813, and died June 3, 1875. She has two children: Nancy M., wife of George Woodford, and George S. Six deceased: Nathan T., died 1837; Susan L. died 1846; James S., died 1863; William E., killed at the battle of Murfreesboro; Charles, died 1863; John D., died 1863
  • HIGH, EPHRAIM, farmer, section 9, P. O. Shenandoah; born in Licking county, Ohio, January 5, 1823. He resided with his parents until he attained his majority, working on a farm and receiving his education in the common schools. In 1856 he moved to Iowa and located at his present home May 28, of the same year. On April 2, 1848, was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Osborn, a native of Indiana, who was born October 24, 1823. By this union they have six children: Martha Jane, wife of Henry Ripley; John, Marion, Susanna, wife of Isaac Scott; and Willis. Two deceased. Mr. High is caring for a sister's child, Dora Belle Sigler. Owns a fine, well-improved farm.
  • KENT, WILLIAM H., farmer, P. O. Shenandoah; born March 16, 1828, in Sussex county, New Jersey, and resided there until sixteen years of age, when he moved to Livingstone, Essex county, New Jersey, where he resided until the year 1854. After removing to Peoria county, Illinois, and remaining until 1870, he moved to Henry county, Illinois, and from there to Iowa locating in Fremont county. March 6, 1847 he was united by the marriage tie to Miss Catherine Westfall, a native of Sussex county, New Jersey, who was born January 24, 1828. They have eight children: Floyd G., Willie W., Albert D., Sarah A., George R., Frank E., Robert C., Charles T.; four deceased.
  • LATIMER, JOSEPH A., farmer, section 25, P. O. Shenandoah; is a native of Knox county, Illinois, and was born April 2, 1839. Resided with his parents until he attained his majority, when he engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1862, and then enlisted, August 7, in company I, 83d Illinois volunteer infantry, and participated in the battle of Donelson, and other engagements. Was discharged July 5, 1865, and returned to Knox county. In 1866 he came to Fremont county and purchased the land upon which he now resides. He has made a fine farm and a good home. October 18, 1872, he was married to Miss Mary L. Pease, a native of Massachusetts, who was born October 12, 1851. They have two children: John L. and Arthur A.
  • McMAHILL, JOHN, farmer, section 8, P. O. Shenandoah; born in Warren county, Illinois, October 26, 1839, and resided with his parents, receiving his education in the common school, until he was twenty years of age, when he engaged in merchandising until the year 1861, when he moved onto a farm, remaining there until 1872, when he again removed to Sidney, Fremont county, Iowa, and again engaged in merchandising, remaining there until July, 1875, when he moved onto the farm now owned by him. On the 11th day of June, 1861, he was united in marriage to Miss Emily Hogue, a native of Knox county, Illinois, who was born May 28, 1838. They have nine children: William, Mamie, Mattie, James, Lena, Arthur, Emma, Albert and Jesse. Mr. McMahill is a man of influence and is respected by his neighbors.
  • MYERS, ELIZABETH, section 5, P. O. Shenandoah. Mrs. Myers, was born in Ohio, November 2, 1827, and moved to Warren county, Indiana, at the age of four years. On February 26, 1843, she was united in marriage to Thomas Myers, who died September 9, 1865. She remained in Warren county, Indiana, until 1867, when she moved to Fremont county with her family. She has ten children: Susan, wife of James Flanagan; Phillip, John, Sarah, Cibba, wife of A. D. Clem; James B., Mariah L., William H., Mary J. and Emeline; Ephriam died October 27, 1867; Austin, died in 1870. In 1873 she was again married to Wm. Hobbe, but on account of incompatibility was separated from him after a short time, and has since resided with her children, who are dutiful and are a source of enjoyment in her old age.
  • McCOMB, JOHN H., farmer, P. O. Shenandoah; born April 30, 1837, in Alleghany county, New York. When eight years of age he removed with his parents to Winnegabo county, Illinois, where he engaged in farming until 1862, when, on August 7, of that year, he enlisted in company K, seventy-fourth Illinois volunteer infantry. He was in numerous battles, among them, Mission Ridge, Columbus, Franklin, and Nashville. He was mustered out June 17, 1865. In the fall of 1867 he came to Iowa, locating in Montgomery county, and in July of 1869 came to Manti, this county. He was married May 27, 1860, to Miss Maggie Van Noy, a native of Missouri. They have three children: Ida B., Charles A., deceased, and Hattie E.
  • PEASE, EBENEZER N., farmer, section 9; born November 15, 1828, at Monroe, Clark county, Indiana. Remained with his parents until twenty-four years of age, receiving his education in the common schools. He came to Iowa in 1853, locating in Fremont county, at his present home, on the 27th day of April of the same year. On the 9th of September, 1872, he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Davis, who was born in Monroe, Clark county, Indiana, February 28, 1833. By this union they have eight children, Electa, wife of Willis Thompson; Vine, Charles M., Walter S., Ida M., Emmaritta E., Eugene W. and James. Owns a fine farm, well improved, and under a high state of cultivation.
  • PARKS, FRANCIS M., farmer and auctioneer, section 4, P. O. Shenandoah; born July 7, 1833 in Adams county, Illinois. While quite young he commenced the support of his mother, owing to the death of his father. At the age of fourteen he entered the merchandise business and retained his position for nine years. He then engaged in farming and moved to St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1868, engaging in the stock business, and moved to Fremont county, March 20, 1870. His mother, Mrs. Mary Parks, died March 27, 1870, aged seventy-nine. He was united in marriage September 16, 1856, to Miss Julia E. Westgate, who died July 15, 185? January 20, 1858, he was married to Miss Eliza J. Morris, who was born December 8, 1838, in Adams county, Illinois. By this marriage he has ten children: Mary E., Adda B., George H.., Effie M., Mendal B., Daniel Y., Jacob M., Lucy M., Zoa P. and Nellie M. Has a good farm of 160 acres, well stocked, on which is located a fine grove.
  • YOUNG, MILTON, farmer, section 35, P. O. Shenandoah; born May 10, 1834, in Indiana, where he remained until about seven years of age, when he moved with his parents to McDonough county, Illinois, remaining there until twenty-two years of age, when he removed to Fisher township, Fremont county, locating on the farm where he now resides. He was united in marriage October 18, 1855, to Miss Judith Chambers, a native of Illinois, who died in 1857. By this union they had two children both deceased. He was again married April 1, 1861, to Miss Phebe A. Hale, a native of Indiana. They have two children: Lina J., Sarah M. Mr. Young is engaged largely in stock raising, making horses a specialty. He owns some fine blooded stock.
  • VAUGHAN, ISAAC S., physician and farmer, section 6, P. O. Farragut; born November 30, 1818, at Bethany, Wayne county Pennsylvania. At the age of five years he moved with his parents to Cattaraugus county, New York, and at nineteen years of age went to Michigan, after remaining a short time he returned to New York, and after making a tour of the southern states, again went to Michigan. September 13, 1845, he was married to Miss Luana Potter, a native of Canada, who died June 13, 1850. He was again married to Miss Mary Vail, a native of Michigan, September 21, 1850. By his first wife he has one child: Bartlet, born May 4, 1849. By his last, three: Homer W., born November 19, 1852; Josephine L., born September 7, 1857; one deceased. In 1855 Mr. Vaughan went to Pike's Peak, and from there to Michigan, where he remained until 1863. He then returned to Fremont county and by his own efforts has secured for himself a fine farm of 200 acres, well stocked.

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