Fremont County, Iowa

Prairie Township


Source: History of Fremont County, Iowa
(Des Moines: Iowa History Co., 1881)
Transcribed by Cay Merryman

  • CRANDALL, SILAS, farmer, section 16, P. O., Riverton; born March 8, 1841, in Adams county, Illinois. Came to the farm on which he now resides in 1854, whereon the first school in the township was taught. Mr. Crandall was married November 9, 1866, to Melvina Brown, of this township. They have two children: Oscar and Emma. Mr. C. has held various local offices, and is regarded as one of the most prominent citizens of the township. When he first settled on his farm large herds of deer could be seen from his door, but now the place is in an excellent state of cultivation, with a fine orchard, vineyard, etc. He has made one trip to California, where he remained four years, and returned well satisfied to remain in his present comfortable home.
  • DODD, SILAS, farmer, section 4, P. O. Randolph; was born June 26, 1811, in Mercer county, Pennsylvania, residing there until he reached the age of twenty-eight, and then moved to Jackson county, Ohio. After remaining there one year, he moved to Linn county, Iowa. Succeeding after a severe struggle, in paying for his farm there, he sold out and came to Fremont county in 1870. In 1838, was united in marriage to Miss Eunice Vaughan, of Pennsylvania, who died in February, 1839. Was again married in March, 1854, to Mrs. Pomeroy. Mr. and Mrs. Dodd are members of he Presbyterian church and were educated in select schools. He has held the office of road supervisor, and school trustee, for a number of years, and is president of the Fremont Lyceum. Has three children: C. W., H. M. and R. W. He was an early abolitionist, and has lived to see the principles of his youth triumph.
  • DE CAMP, DAVID M., farmer, section 2, P. O. Randolph; born at Succasunna Plains, N. J., Sept. 8, 1830. Came to Jones county, Iowa, in 1870, and to Fremont county the same year. Mr. DeCamp was married June 15, 1861, to Margaret T. Tebo. He enlisted September 5, 1864, in company K, Seventy-ninth N. J., and served ten months. He was a member of the pioneer corps; was present at the action at Poplar grove, Va., and at the capture of Petersburg. He is the father of six living children: Lucy E., Almira J., George F., Nancy L., Julius A. and Warren M. His occupation was formerly that of a miner, but since he has been west he has been engaged in farming. He has a good farm of 160 acres and is well settled in life.
  • FITCHER, A. C., farmer, section 2, P. O. Randolph; was born in New Jersey, March 3, 1836, passed his early life there and moved to Jones county, Iowa, in 1866; after remaining there four years he moved to Fremont county, Iowa. On June 19, 1858, married Miss Louisa E. Corby, of New Jersey. Was again married on December 3, 1874 to Mrs. Alice L. Woodard, widow of A. F. Woodard, of Fremont county, who was an early settler, dying ten months after marriage and leaving one child, Freddie. Mr. Fitcher has seven children: Charles H., Laura H., Mary L., Eva D., Edson H., Joseph A., Grace W. Owns 160 acres of good well cultivated land. Was a member of company K, Thirty ninth New York volunteers, enlisted in 1864, served nine months.
  • GOODIN, L. C., farmer, P. O. Farragut; born in Athens county, Ohio, in 1843, raised on a farm, educated at common schools, enlisted in company I, Ninety-seventh Ohio, August 5, 1862. Was in the battles of Hoover's Gap, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Resaca, and all the other engagements in which his regiment participated; mustered out June 23, 1865, Mr. Goodin was married in 1861 to Miss Mary Snowden. they have four children, George Mc., Eva A., Sarah J. and Lewis L.
  • GORDAN, FRANCIS, farmer, P. O. Farragut; born in 1848, in Mercer county, Ill., where he grew to man's estate; was educated in the common schools and spent his early life on a farm; came to Iowa in 1877. Mr. Gordan was married in 1873 to Miss Susan Love, a native of Illinois. they are the parents of three children: George E., Alice and Edgar. Mr. G. owns a nice farm of 80 acres, which is well cultivated, and on which are situated a good house, stable, a young orchard, and which is entirely fenced with hedge.
  • HEATON, WM. Y., farmer, section 10, P. O. Sidney; was born the 4th of March, 1845, in Peoria county, Illinois. Passed his boyhood days at his birthplace, and moved to Fremont county, in 1866. On April 10, 1872, was united in marriage to Miss Margaret J. Gaby. Received his education in the common schools, and has been a school director for one term. Has two children: Henry J. and Hattie R. Has passed his life as a farmer, and has 240 acres of fine land with an orchard of 300 trees, constituting one of the finest farms in Prairie township.
  • HOSSELTON, JACOB, farmer, section 20, P. O. Sidney; born October 18, 1832, in Pickaway county, Ohio. Spent his early life at his native place, and at the age of twenty-two moved to Marshall county, Illinois. After remaining there thirteen years he removed to Livingston county, Illinois. Enlisted in the forty-seventh Illinois infantry, company G, and participated in the following engagements; New Madrid, Island No. 10, Farmington, Corinth, Iuka, Jackson, Vicksburg, Satarcha, Mechanicsburg, Richmond, La.; Society Hill, Fort Durusy, Henderson Hill, Pleasant Hill, Natchetoches, Old River, Clouterville, Cain River, Mill Bridge, Moore's Plantation, Bayou Bluff, Marksville, Ward's Plantation, Yellow Bayou, Lake Chicot, Tupello, Abbeville. Was twice wounded, once at Corinth, October 3, 1862, and again at Vicksburg, May 27, 1863; was discharged November 16, 1864. December 21, 1855, was married to Miss Ann Fosdick, a native of New York; has two children: Zalmon S. and Levi G. Is a carpenter and blacksmith by trade. Mr. and Mrs. Hosselton are members of the M. E. Church. Owns 160 acres of well improved land.
  • KINGSOLVER, JOHN M., farmer, section 24, P. O. Farragut; born in Washington county, Virginia, May 21, 1840; removed with his parents in 1847, to Hawkins county, Tennessee; to Sullivan county in the same state shortly after, where he resided till he was seventeen years of age, when he went to Clark county, Indiana; came to Iowa in 1871, locating at Sidney, and in 1875, on his present farm. Mr. Kingsolver enlisted August 28, 1861, in company K, tenth Indiana infantry; served three years; was in the battles of Mill Spring, Chickamauga, Tullahoma, Mission Ridge, Buzzard Roost, the siege of Corinth, and all the other engagements in which his regiment took a part. During the service he contracted an army disease, from which he has never fully recovered. He was married in December, 1866, to Miss Sarah Fitzpatrick, of Washington county, Virginia. They have three children: Lewis H., Mary N., and Sarah L. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsolver are both members of the Presbyterian church, , and Mr. Kingsolver is more closely identified with the Sunday school interests of this county than probably any other individual. He owns a good farm and is very comfortably fixed in life.
  • McMULLEN, WILLIAM, farmer, section 26, P. O. Farragut; born in Onondago county, New York, March 4, 1834. Removed with his parents to Mercer county, Illinois, at an early age. This was in the early settlement of the county, and, as the nearest school house was fifteen miles distant, he was almost wholly deprived of the benefits of an education. His early life was spent in farming, which vocation he has followed through life. He came to Iowa and located where he now lives March 2, 1876. Mr. McMullen was married November 8, 1855, to Miss Mary Norman, a native of Illinois. They have had born to them eleven children, nine of whom are living, whose names are: Josiah, John, Samuel, Frank, Wesley, Charles, William and Amos. George and Major are dead. Mr. McMullen owns a well-improved farm of 380 acres, has a good house, barn, etc. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. Although not a church member he has always given generously to religious and charitable objects, and is a gentleman well respected by all who know him.
  • MAHONEY, DENNIS, farmer, section 26, P. O. Farragut; born in 1832 in county Cork, Ireland, where he grew to manhood and was educated and spent his early life on a farm. At the age of nineteen he came to America, settling first at Portland, Connecticut, where he remained seven years; thence to Illinois, where he resided until 1869, when he removed to where he lives. Mr. Mahoney was married in 1859 to Miss Mary Connell, a native of Ireland. By this union there have been born six children, living: Mary, Daniel, Dennis, John, Michael, and David, and Ella and an infant unnamed dead. Mr. M. has a good farm of 150 acres, a good house, barn, orchard, and grove. He and his wife are both members of the Catholic church.
  • NETTLETON, A. M., farmer and blacksmith, section 29, P. O. Riverton; born in Genesee county, New York, February 12, 1823; came to Fremont county in 1861; educated in the public schools; worked at blacksmithing forty years. In 1862 he enlisted in company E, Twenty-ninth Iowa, and served nearly three years. He was in the battle of Helena, and at the capture of Fort Blakely, Spanish Fort, and Mobile, and with the regiment on an expedition into Texas on the Rio Grande. While in the service he was on detail as a blacksmith for eighteen months, and was once sent in charge of some prisoners to Florida. Mr. N. has been twice married, the first time to Helen Gillett, in 1848, and the second time to Miss Hannah I. Havens, of Cattaraugus county, New York, May 10, 1859. His children are all by the last marriage and are three in number: Henry Clarence, Herbert A., and John Clifford; he has one child by adoption named Mary. Mr. Nettleton now resides on a good farm, 120 acres in extent, which contains among other valuable features two good orchards.
  • OPENHEIMER, ELI, farmer, P. O. Farragut; born in Highland county, Ohio, July 15, 1847. Moved to Fulton county, Ohio, July 15, 1847. Moved to Fulton county, Illinois in 1851; remained there four years, and then moved to Johnson county, Iowa; remaining there until 1873, when he moved to Fremont county. On March 5, 1879, was united in marriage to Miss Emma L. Hall, of Fremont county, Iowa, who was born in this county August 27, 1858. Her father was an early settler, coming to this county twenty-five years ago; she was educated at Tabor college. Mr. Openheimer was educated in the common schools and is a carpenter by trade. Had held the position of road supervisor. Owns 160 acres of good land, with an orchard of one hundred trees.
  • SMITH, WILLIAM, farmer, section 23, P. O. Farragut; born May, 1836, in Ohio. Moved to Illinois in 1850. After remaining there sixteen years, came to Fremont county, Iowa, and located on the farm now occupied by him. In January, 1874, was united in marriage to Miss Sarah E. Coe, of Illinois. During his early life he followed the profession of teaching, but has for many years been a farmer. Is a member in good standing of the I.O.O.F. Owns 160 acres of good tillable land, and has an orchard of 100 trees.
  • SCHAFFER, LUTHER, farmer, P. O. Farragut; born February 12, 1850, in Fulton county, Illinois; educated in the common schools; spent his youth on a farm; has always been a farmer; came to Iowa in 1875, locating immediately on his present farm. Mr. Schaffer was married in 1877 to Miss Lavina J. Mitchell, a native of Fulton county, Illinois. they have one child: Gertrude. Mr. Shaffer owns a good farm of 160 acres, which is well improved, with a good house, orchard, etc. He and his wife are both members of the church.
  • WAGNER, GEORGE, farmer, section 16, P. O. Riverton; was born at Wheeling, Virginia, in 1840. At an early age he moved to Crawford county, Ohio. At the age of twenty-one moved to Davenport, Iowa. Moved from there to Fremont county, about eighteen years ago. In 1866 was married to Miss Caroline Thomas, of Fremont county. Received his education in the common schools. In 1862 enlisted in the 26th regiment Iowa volunteers, company A, participating in the battles of Arkansas Post, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta and numerous other minor engagements. Has filled the position of road supervisor for several terms. Has three children: Frank, Annie and Charles. Owns 160 acres of good land.

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