Fremont County, Iowa

Monroe Township


Source: History of Fremont County, Iowa
(Des Moines: Iowa History Co., 1881)
Transcribed by Cay Merryman

  • BIRDSALL, HENRY, farmer and grain dealer, P. O. Imogene; was born in Canada, April 13th, 1829, remaining there until 1838, when he moved to Warren county, Illinois. After a residence there of thirty-nine years he moved to Mills county, Iowa, and after one year's residence there came to Fremont county. Was educated in the common schools, and has followed farming as an occupation from youth. Was married April 10th, 1855, to Miss Phebe A. Burton, a native of New York. they have seven children: Elroy, Adaline, Ardell, Edward, William J., Horace and Harriet. Mr. Birdsall owns a good eighty acre farm and property in Imogene.
  • DUNNING, A. F., merchant, P. O. Imogene; was born in Van Buren county, Iowa, November 3d, 1850. At the age of eighteen moved to Des Moines, Iowa, and learned the tinner's trade. After traveling several years, he came to Fremont county, Iowa, in 1878, and located in Imogene in February 1880. He was married February 28th, 1878, to Miss Eliza A. Cook, a native of Illinois. They have had one child, now deceased.
  • GRAVES, A. S., farmer, section 32, P. O. Shenandoah; was born in Montgomery county, Indiana, June 21, 1840, and passed his early life there. In 1872 he moved to Fremont county. He was married October 3, 1872, to Miss Rhoda Griest, a native of Indiana; by this union they have four children: Omar E., Charles E., William P., and Albert. Is a member of the Society of Friends. Owns a fine well improved farm.
  • HANNAWALD, L., physician, P. O. Imogene; Dr. Hannawald was born August 24, 1842, in Germany, and located in St. Louis in 1862, remaining there four years, when he moved to Nebraska. In 1878 he moved to Red Oak, Iowa, and after remaining there two years, moved to Fremont county. Was educated in the medical college of Saxony and has followed his profession since emigrating to America. He was married June 29, 1869 to Miss Theresie Hahn, a native of Germany, who died May 19, 1878. By this marriage he has two children, Emelie, and Theresie.
  • HULLINGER, DANIEL, farmer, section 31, P. O., Farmers City; was born in Fayette county, Ohio, October 10, 1808. At the age of twelve years moved to Pickaway county, Ohio, where he remained for three years. He then moved to Champaign county, Ohio. After living in Clark and Allen counties, Ohio, for twenty-nine years he came to Fremont county and has resided here since June, 1870. Was married in 1834 to Miss Isabella Dare, who lived but a short time. He afterwards married Mrs. Ann Ducker, of Clark county, Ohio. By this union they have had five children, three of whom are living: Levi S., Stephen and an infant daughter; Edward and Mary deceased.
  • HULLINGER, L. S., farmer, section 31, P. O., Farmers City; was born in Clark county, Ohio, July 24, 1841. At twenty years of age moved to Allen county, Ohio, remaining there until he moved to Fremont county in 1870. Was married October 18, 1868, to Miss Louisa O'Neil, of Ohio. They are the parents of four children: Alice M., Ida M., Nettie J. and Edward W.
  • LEABO, E. A., merchant, P. O. Imogene. Mr. Leabo was born in Fremont county, Iowa, November 19, 1859, and spent his youth on a farm and attending school. At the age of eighteen he taught one term of school. He settled in Imogene in December, 1879. June 5, 1880, he was married to Miss Elizabeth Russel, a native of Missouri.
  • LEFEVER, D. P., clergyman, P. O. Imogene. Mr. Lefever was born in Gettysburg, Adams county, Pennsylvania, January 5, 1839. His early life was spent on a farm. His education was begun in the common schools, continued in Dickinson college, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1871. He then entered the Reform Theological Seminary, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and graduaated May 13, 1874. After residing in Linn county, Iowa, for one year, he was elected principal of the Blairstown Academy; leaving there in 1876 he came to Fremont county. Mr. Lefever served in company G, 149th Pennsylvania infantry. Entered the service August, 1863, and after losing an arm was discharged, November 30, 1864. Participated in the battles of the Wilderness and Spottsylvania. was married June 25, 1857, to Miss Elizabeth Boggs, of Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, who was born September 27, 1841. Mr. and Mrs. Lefever are members of the Reformed church.
  • McGARGILL, ED., farmer, section 14, P. O., Imogene; Mr. McGargill was born in Perry county, Ohio, in 1828, and moved in 1845 to Venango county, Penn. After remaining there eleven years he came to Iowa, settling in Jones county. At the end of nine years he moved to Dubuque, remaining there nine years. From Dubuque he came to Fremont county, and has lived here since 1874. He has made farming his life business, and was educated in the common schools. He was united in marriage, July 12, 1864, to Miss Eliza Rogers, a native of Ireland. By this union they have six children: William H., Martha L., Amy C., Lewis E., Ida C. and Anna L. He owns a fine farm of 400 acres, well improved. Mr. and Mrs. McGargill are members of the Roman Catholic church.
  • PARRISH, M. M., farmer, section 28, P. O. Imogene; was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, October 24, 1836. At the age of eighteen moved to Webster county, Iowa, remaining there four years, when he moved to Douglas county, Kansas, remaining there four years, and then moved to Peoria county, Illinois, where he engaged in the hardware business. In 1874 he located in Fremont county. Enlisted in company C, fourteenth Illinois infantry, and served until the close of the war. Was married August 26, 1860, to Miss Olinda Miller, a native of Ohio. They have two children living: John M. and Carrie E. Three deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Parrish are members of the M. E. church.
  • RICHALSON, JOHN, grain dealer, P. O. Imogene; was born in Norway, September 22, 1837. At the age of twenty-four emigrated to America, locating in Chicago. After remaining there six years he moved to Clinton county, Iowa; after eleven years residence there, he moved to Mills county and from Mills to Fremont county in 1879. October 16, 1861, he was married to Miss Catherine L. Caltins. They are the parents of six children: Mary H., Arthur W., Albert J., Grace, Benjamin and an infant. Mr. Richalson owns considerable property in Imogene.
  • RICE, A. M., merchant, P. O. Imogene; was born in Cuyahoga county, Ohio, August 14, 1852. Moved to Fremont county, December 17, 1861, and has been a resident of this county from that date, with the exception of five years spent in Mills and Page counties, Iowa. After three years service as a carpenter he engaged in the mercantile business. He was married March 29, 1874, to Miss Ella E. Cox, a native of Wisconsin. they have three children : Iona M., Marcia E., and Burdette.
  • ROSE, H. T., farmer, P. O. Farmer City; was born in Summerset county, Missouri, April 10, 1837. Removed, at an early age, to Fulton county, Illinois, where he remained until 1862. He then moved to Peoria county, Illinois. In 1868 he moved to Ford county, Illinois, and in 1879 came to Fremont county, where he has since resided. Was married December 22, 1872, to Miss Helen Z. Hines, of Fulton county, Illinois. They have two children: Albert F. and Brice M. Mr. and Mrs. Rose are members of the M. E. church.
  • YOUNG, C. S., farmer, section 3, P. O., Imogene; was born in Morrow county, Ohio, February 7, 1834, and spent his early life on a farm, leaving there in 1855 for Muscatine, Iowa, where he remained a year and a half, and then moved to Henry county, Iowa. January, 1872, he moved to Fremont county, Iowa, and located at his present home in 1874. On the 15th of May, 1855, he was united in marriage to Miss Joanna E. Williams, a native of Ohio. By this union they have ten children: Augustus L., William A., Newton C., Myra, Charles L., Hettie M., Martha C., Catherine and John P.; one deceased. Owns 240 acres of well improved land. Mr. and Mrs. Young are members of the Congregational church.

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