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Short History of Gagnebin Family of Switzerland and Fremont county, Iowa
(submitted by Richard Anderson

Henry Francis Gagnebin was from Switzerland. His father was in Neopolians army. When they lived in Missouri after the civil war they were attacked by Kansas Rebel and Eliza Ann Winfreys father and mother (I believe) were killed. This is why they moved.

When Henry was in Switzerland he was educated in the watchmaking trade. After he enlisted in the Missouri Volunteers he was trained as a blacksmith. He was injured in 1862 after a four ton freight wagon crushed his left foot and a portion of his left shin. He spent about eight months in the hospital recovering. His description of the filth in those army hospitals is something to read.

He had brothers and sisters who immigrated with him. His father was awarded many medals for meritorious service during combat with Neopolian. He was a musician, writer of poetry, good cook, and wonderful singer. His daughter, Kate,was my great grandmother. Kate Gagnebin married Albert J. Dutcher. Albert and Kate Dutchers daughter, Myrtle Priscilla Dutcher married Louis William Anderson in 1917, October 10. I find this very interesting that all of my relatives lived in Fremont and Randolph County. I am related to the Brannians of Iowa, the Dutchers of Iowa/Nebraska,The Gagnebins of Iowa.

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