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Lenonard E. & Rosa Forney

(who celebrated their diamond wedding jubilee Sunday)

Lenonard & Rosa Forney

Fremont Couple Wed for 60 Years

Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Forney, who celebrated their diamond wedding jubilee Sunday.

Mr. Leonard E. Forney, 87, and his wife Rosa, 76, Fremont county pioneers will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary Nov. 27, at the home of their daughter, Mary A. Boldra, assistant postmaster at Randolph.

Mr. and Mrs. Forney have spent their entire lives in Fremont county except for eleven years between 1893 to 1904, when they homesteaded in Oklahoma. Returning from Oklahoma they moved to a farm near Bartlett and later purchased a farm near Thurman where they lived until they retired four years ago. They then moved to Randolph.

They are spending the winter at the home of their daughter, expecting to return to their own home in spring where Mr. Forney can continue his hobby of gardening and whittling wooden figures and chains and toys. Mrs. Forney has a long record of making fancy quilts which were prize winners at the shows.

Besides Mrs. Boldra, there are three other living children: Mrs. Cora Boldra of Santa Monica, California; Guy B. Forney, farmer, near Randolph, and Mrs. C. E. Mince of Hamburg. They also have 1-grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special to "The Nonpareil", Council Bluffs, Iowa

~ Source: Contributed by Stephanie Pierce

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