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Cowles Family

by David Blake Strait and Adelia Cowles

Harvey Cowles was born April 12, 1792 in Avon, Hartford, Connecticut. He married Sally Griswald May 16, 1814 in Connecticut. Sally was the daughter of Jeremiah Griswald and Sally Sanford. The couple moved to Fremont County, Iowa in 184, settling in Madison Township, where they were among the first settlers to the region. They had 9 children.

Harvey Cowles died January 19, 1879 in Fremont, County, Iowa. He is buried at Zion-Utterback Cemetery in Fremont County, Iowa.

Note: Harvey Cowles is listed as one of the very first settlers in Fremont County, Iowa. He settled there while the area was still considered Missouri. There was a school on his property at one time. He is listed in several of the early records of the county, but not to be confused with his nephew, Harve.

  1. Children of Harvey Cowles and Sally Griswald:
  2. Chauncy Cowles b. August 13, 1816
  3. Adelia Cowles, b. July 13, 1818 in Gallia Co, Ohio, d. Nov 18, 1901 in Union, NE
  4. Little Boy Cowles, b. June 9, 1820; d. June 12, 1820
  5. Orin Cowles, b. Nov 13, 1821
  6. Emily Cowles, b. March 4, 1825; d. March 10, 1890, Fremont Co., Iowa
  7. Giles Cowles, b. Sept 25, 1827, Gallia County, OH
  8. Julia Cowles, b. Sept 15, 1831
  9. Rul Cowles, b. December 3, 1834
  10. Harriet Cowles, b. June 29, 1838

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