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Seven Booker Boys in Service Since '41
By James Denny
World-Herald Staff Member
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Booker Boys Source: Submitted by Roy Booker

Their total Army service adds up to 23 1/2 years. Six were drafted and Royal, the latest to serve, received his discharge a month ago. "It won't be long before another son, Wayne, will be drafted and then we'll be back in the groove again," said the Riverton mother. "I certainly know this family has contributed to our nation's defense," she added.

  • The Booker service record:

    • James Booker, 38, served three years, part of which was in the South Pacific.

    • Jack Booker, 36, served five years, including duty in Asia and Africa.
      Jack Booker
      Born: 10 March 1919, in Fremont County, Iowa.
      Died: 5 December 1973, in Portland, Callaway County, Missouri.
      Jack served in the Medical Corps during World War II from February 1942 to 1947

    • David Booker Jr., 34, served 10 years, including Japan and Asia.
      Born 17 July 1921, in Fremont County, Iowa.
      Died 27 November 1970, in Dallas, Texas.
      David served in the U.S. Army Air Forces from Sept. 8, 1942 to Sept. 14, 1953.
      He served at Midway, the Marshall Islands. the Carolina Islands, Okinawa, the Philippines, China, Japan and Alaska.

    • Paul Booker, 27, a year and half, including Europe, with the Army of Occupation.
      Born 28 May 1928, Hamburg, Iowa
      Died 26 March 2001, at his home in Rock Island, Illinois

    • Kenneth, 24, served two years, including several months in Germany.

    • Royal, 22, served two years, part of the time in France.

James, Jack and David, Jr., are World War II veterans. Although they traveled many miles during the war, not once did they meet.

Riverton, Ia. -- Mrs. David Booker Sr. has been sending parcels to her sons overseas for so many years that it's a habit. She and her husband are the parents of 11 children, 10 of whom are sons. From 1941, until recently, at least one of the boys has been in the Army.

The family's only daughter, Mrs. Francis Chaney, 31, is the wife of a World War II veteran who served in the South Pacific. She and her husband now live near Tarkin, Missouri. Mrs. Booker said that Wayne, 20, now is serving in the Merchant Marine, but expects to be called to Army duty "any day now."

She added that it looks like the other boys; Forrest, 17; Roy, 13; and Larry Dale, 12; will go into service too, because they are in the best of health." Larry Dale may break the chain of Army duty however. He has decided a desire to serve in the Navy when he is old enough.


David Booker, Sr. (Grandfather of Roy Booker)
Born: 22 April 1893, Hawkins County, Tennessee
Died: 13 August 1971, Hamburg, Iowa
  • David Booker's Sons:
    1. Paul Dean Booker
    2. David Booker, Jr.
    3. Jack Booker
    4. James Booker
    5. Kenneth Booker
    6. Royal Booker
    7. Wayne Booker
    8. Forrest Booker
    9. Roy Booker
    10. Larry Dale Booker

Paul Dean Booker(Father of Roy Booker), age 16

Bookers Military Photos

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