Birthday Postcards


These are birthday greeting postcards sent to my great-grandfather James Harvey Tobias on his 51st birthday in 1912.  If you are interested in scans of the written part on the back of the postcards, I'd be glad to scan them and e-mail them to you.  The names listed on each card are the names of the people who sent it.
~contributed by
Don Turner

W. A. Atkinson

Geo. Kruse

A. Crawford

J. P. Johnson

Mrs. M. Mauch

B. F. A.

    Lena Ray

W. L. L.

C. L. Jones

John Atkinson

Madson Andrews

A. Meyer

C. F. Roemer

F. M. Gillett

Fran & Maggie

G. K. F.

Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Clark

John Miller

T. H. W.

A. S. Andrews

E. H. F.

D. Vaughn

C. L. Roper

Mr. & Mrs. F. Bender

J. E. Gibson

Frank L. Patton



Bert Ray

Clarence Haller

Anita Smith

Grant & Clara Smith

W. E. Miller

Clara & Walter V.

L. P. Rellihan

J. H. Van Vorhies

Hazel & Ma (Hazel Tobias, his daugter, my grandmother)

G. G. Kaus

Hazel Tobias (his daughter

and my grandmother)

Harry G. Arthur

Mrs. Livermore

Hazel (his daughter and

my grandmother)


Frank Lukensmeyer

Herman Bonjour

J. A. Myers

Lewis Rodemeyer


Mary & Frank

F. H. D.

W. L. Burres

G. C. Patton

C. H. Hollingsworth

To Daddy from Hazel

Harvey from Mama (his wife)

Frank & Netha


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