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World War II Honor Roll

This page honors the men and women who served in the military during WWII. Many sacrificed their lives.
It is an on-going project, not finished until every Franklin County veteran of WWII is on the list.

If you'd like to honor a WWII veteran on this page, please send the name of the veteran and a brief note about their service. Photos are welcome too!

SS# = Selective Service number

Name Remarks
Alden, Orval R. SS#37696396; Private, Co B, 318th Infantry, 80th Div.; died 12/04/1944, buried in Hampton cemetery
Allison, A.J.  SS# 37041374; Corporal; Killed In Action
Allison, Clinton Staff sergeant; tail gunner on a Flying Fortress; stationed in Italy; he was reported missing 6/14/1944 after a mission over Yugoslavia. Son of William R. Allison, of Hampton. ~Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44
Ammerman, Albert J. 1913-1968; US Army, Co M. 263rd Inf 66 Div.; awarded the bronze star for heroism. ~Wright Co. Monitor, 3/28/68
Archamboult, Delmar L. SS# 37109120; Private; died non-battle
Baier, Wendell W. SS#37251761; Enlisted 12/16/1942, discharged 04/26/1945; Corporal, Detachment Medical Dept. Fitzsimons General Hosp.; died 07/23/1949, buried Hampton cemetery; born Ridgeway, MO
Barney, Robert J.  SS# T-224331; Died non-battle
Blake, Howard A. 1922-1945; US Army, Private; Co B. 473rd Inf Regiment, KIA; buried Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Bleeker, Raymond G. Enlisted 03/19/1942, discharged 10/21/1943; SS# 37118480; US Army, Private; Postal Section ; buried Oakwood cemetery, Ackley
Blau, Arnold E.M. US Army, 6th army forces, 414th engineer dump truck company; served in New Guinea & the Philippines, where he took part in the Leyte & Luzon campaigns; s/o Mr. & Mrs. John J. Blau, Alexander
Blau, Clarence 1919-1991; US Army, Tec-4; served in Germany; s/o Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Blau, Alexander
Blau, Walter J. US Army, served in Germany; awarded the infantry combat badge & a purple heart; s/o Mr. & Mrs. John J. Blau, Alexander
Bronsema, Lester US Marine Corps, enlisted August 17, 1943. Served in the Pacific.
Bryan, Keith K. SS# 17068435; Private; Finding of death under Public Law 490
Bullard, Harry E. Serial #37445375; Enlisted 11/20/1942, discharged 11/09/1945; Sergeant, Battery B, 872 Field Artillery, 66th Infantry Division; died 11/06/1948, buried Upper Maynes Grove cemetery
Burman, Orval L.  Aerial Gunner of Hansell Killed in Action Over Italy
Hansell, Ia - Mr. and Mrs. Neil Berman, near Hansell, received word from the war department that their son, Staff Sgt. Orval Burman, was killed in action April 20. Word was received May 5 that he was missing. He was a lower ball turret gunner on a B-17 stationed at Foggia, Italy, with the 15th air force, and was returning from a bombing mission over northern Italy when his plane exploded in midair, killing all but the pilot. It was approximately his 20th mission. He was graduated from the Hansell high school in 1943 and enlisted Feb. 19, 1944. He went overseas in January of this year. He is survived by his parents and two brothers, Verald and J.D. Burman, Hansell. ~Waterloo Daily Courier, June 25, 1945
Christensen, Emma L. WAC; joined 1944; 09/30/1901-05/18/1958; d/o Jakob Christensen
Crawford, Lynn Corporal; died of wounds; s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Crawford of Chapin
Doyle, Robert N.  SS# 37418480; Private; died non-battle
Eckhardt, George J. SS# 37190171; Tech sergeant; Killed in action
Fredricks, Lewis J. SS# 17043318; Staff sergeant; Finding of death under Public Law 490
Gerdes, David F. SS# 37109809; Private 1st Class; Killed in action
Graff, Andrew C.  SS# 37428100; Tech sergeant; Killed in action
Green, Daren Lee Served in both WWII and Korea. Obituary
Guldberg, Donald Lieutenant; MIA on an air mission over Austria 6/5/44. Imprisioned by the Germans. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Karl Guldberg. ~Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44
Hanna, Max Bethel Serial #37190160; Inducted 04/02/1942, discharged 11/04/1945; Pvt, Co. A, 166th Engineers, C Battalion and HQ Co. 1st Battalion, 357th Inf. Regiment, US Army; Awarded Bronze Star; died 11/26/1958, buried Hampton cemetery
Harper, Cecil R. SS# 17071262; Staff sergeant; Killed in action
Hicks, Wendell F.  SS# 2056593; 2nd Lieutenant; Missing
Hofdommrt, Eslyrt M. SS# 37666186; Private 1st class; Killed in action
Hoffman, Marcedes 1914-2001; Army Nurse Corps; buried Hampton cemetery
Hopes, Arvine L. Serial #37195166; enlisted 05/18/1942, dischged 10/11/1945; T-4, 320th Engineer Battalion, 95th Inf. Div.; died 03/12/1952; buried Hampton cemetery
Jamison, John Charles Service #6219519; Enlisted 08/10/1943, discharged 04/08/1946; US Navy; died 09/14/1956, buried Hampton cemetery
Joneck, Wilbert SS# Private 1st class; Killed in action
Jackson, Dallas R. SS# 37675804; Private 1st class; Killed in action
Jackson, Thomas W.  SS# 0-380249; Major; Killed in action
Johnson, James Herman Serial #8603259; Enlisted 03/27/1944, died in service 12/28/1944; Seaman 1st Cl., U.S. Navel Reserve; buried Hampton cemetery
Kinney, Paul A. SS# 0-692021; 1st Lieutenant; Killed in action
Kirkbride, Alva A. Serial #37666123; Inducted 03/19/1943, discharged 02/03/1946; Corporal, Battery A, 864the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, Heavy Machine Gunner; awarded Good Conduct medal; died 01/20/1952, buried Hampton cemetery
Kleuver, Imogene nee Ferris Specialist Third Class, WAVES. Trained at Hunter college, NYC, attended naval reserve midshipmans school in Northampton, Mass., officers' training at Smith College, Northampton, Mass. & naval air training at Corpus Christi, Tex. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Ferris, Hampton. Wife of Air Force Lieut. A.F.A. Kluever, San Antonio, Tex., stationed in North Africa (1943). ~Waterloo Courier, 3/5/43; Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44. Stationed at the U.S. Naval air station at Ottumwa. ~Hampton Chronicle, April 1944
Korth, Carroll E. 1913-1991; CPL US Army; buried Hampton cemetery
Kothenbeutel, Elmer  Army, infantry. Wounded 6/10/44 in the Normandy invasion. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kothenbeutel. ~Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44
Kroch, Svend A.  SS# 37428065; Staff sergeant; Killed in action
Larson, Carl G. Serial #36819300; enlisted 05/08/1943; Pfc., Med Dept, 891 Med Clr Co., 56th Medical Btn., died 05/01/1945, buried Coulter cemetery
Lee, Elwood Hammett Service #37694886; Enlisted 04/18/1944, discharged 03/22/1947; T-4, 988th Engineer Treadway Bridge Co., Carbine sharp shooter; died 11/04/1961, buried Hampton cemetery
McClenahan, Edward Major; Reported MIA 5/7/1942 in the Philippines. Released & returned to the US in 1944. Former Hampton HS principal. ~Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44
Nemmers, LeRoy C. JR SS# 0-554047; 2nd Lieutenant; died non-battle
Rieken, Louis P.   Louis Rieken, Former Faulkner Boy, Suffers Fatal Wounds.
Faulkner - A message from the War Department to Mrs. Louis B. Rieken stated that her son, Pvt. Louis P. Rieken, died August 29 in the North African area as a result of wounds received in action. Pvt. Rieken was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis B. Rieken, long time residents of Faulkner, who moved last spring to Everett, Wash., to which address the message was transferred. A sister of Pvt. Rieken, Mrs. Emil Pulmateer, resides here. Pvt. Rieken was born December 23, 1921. Inducted into service in November, 1942, and served overseas since May, 1943. He had served in North Africa, Sicily and Italy and had been wounded twice previously. ~Ackley World Journal, Ackley, IA, Thurs., September 28, 1944, pg 1 ~contributed by Linda Holm
SS# 37445371
Rooks, Ardell E. Serial #0751077; enlisted 04/01/1942; 1st Lt., A/S Air Corps, 770 AAF Bomb SQ; died 06/27/1944, buried Meservey cemetery
Schear, Robert L. SS# 3766136; Private 1st class; Finding of death under Public Law 490
Stoffer, Donald US Marine Corps; s/o Mrs. Herman Rickeus
Van Every, Edward US Army Air Corps; Staff sergeant, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary flying achievement in the Southwest Pacific area from Dec. 8, 1941 to Nov. 1942, participated in more than 200 hrs. of flight missions during hostile contact was probable & expected ~Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, March 15, 1943
VanHouten, Clement J. Serial #37041373; inducted 03/21/1941, dischged 10/29/1945; Tec-4, Troop A, 113th Cav. Recon. SQ, US Army; died 06/17/1959, buried Hampton cemetery
Vietor, George A. SS# 37698913; enlisted 06/22/1944, Private, 329th Inf., 83rd Div., 3rd Army; Killed in action, 01/11/1945; buried Hampton cemetery
Walsh, Howard Major. Stationed in England, awarded the presidental citation of honor. Son of Mr. & Mrs. B.G. Walsh. ~Mason City Globe Gazette, 7/8/44
Weir, William L. SS# 37044257; Sergeant; Killed in action
Wheeler, Ephrain E. SS# 37676440; Tech-5; died non-battle
Wolf, Merlin A. Serial #37668889; Enlisted 04/16/1943, dischged 11/19/1945; Sergeant, 1766th Engineer Parts Supply Platoon; died 01/01/1948, buried Hampton cemetery
Woodley, Dilman Lloyd Serial #39554228; Inducted & transferred to enlisted reserve corps 01/15/1943, active duty 01/22/1943, dischged 10/20/1945; Pvt 1st Class, 970 Quartermaster Corps; died 05/28/1954, buried Hampton cemetery


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