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Soldiers buried in the Hampton Cemetery

War of 1812 * Civil War * Spanish-American War * World War I

~published in The Chronicle May 24, 1951
~transcribed by S. Ferrall for Franklin County IAGenWeb

Alert - the names are not always alphabetical & the type-set was difficult to read. The user should expect errors. The names of WWII and non-war veterans were included in the paper's list, but the type-set was too poor to transcribe.


Graves or markers of 247 veterans of the several wars in which our country has been engaged, will be honored at the memorial service to be held at the Hampton Cemetery on Wednesday, May 30th. The list of the veterans graves to be decorated and the war in which they fought is as follows:

War of 1812 veterans

Horton, J.W.
Lathrop, Zebulon
Miner, Andrew
Rice, Gideon

Civil War veterans

Adams, J.H.
Adams, W.T.
Argent, T.F.
Autry, George
Bailey, Samuel
Bailey, J.W.
Bailey, Asa
Baker, S.E.
Barne, J.S.
Behrends, henry
Benson, R.S.
Bird, R.L.
Bender, Jonathan
Biggs, J.D.
Blankenship, John
Boutin, C.W.
Bourne, N.R.
Boals, A.C.
Brown, H.D.
Bryan, W.B.
Burris, W.L.
Beede, James
Burns, C.P.
Blanchard, John
Caldwell, Jeptha
Campbell, James
Caldwell, Eben
Clark, Charles V.
Claypool, N.B.
Coon, S.S.
Coppernoll, Geo.
Craighton, David
Craighton, Sol
Cressy, Charles
Conner, Levi
Dawson, B.P.
Davis, S.A.
Dirst, Howard
Dow, D.W.
Ferris, S.W.
Franklin, W.A.
Franshain, Henry [Fransham / Franham]
Fowler, R.B.
French, W.W.
Freegard, C.C.
Fritz, W.J.
Fowler, J.R.
Foughty, John
Ferris, B.F.
Gillett, A.A.
Galer, J.B.
Gibson, A.D.
Haecker, T.L.
Hutchins, J.H.
Hallowell, J.E.
Hudson, T.E.B.
Hall, T.W.
Hyndman, G.C.
Henderson, D.B.
Hollingsworth, C.H.
Holden, L.P.
Hullingsworth, H.
Hogle, Sanford
Hopkins, C.M.
Jernegan, C.H.
Jones, M.B.
Johnson, W.B.
Jones, A.M.
Justus, Isaac
Kempthorne, Chas.
Knapp, J.R.
Kibbe, Anthony
Kron, L.J.
Kline, B.F.
Latham, H.E.
Luke, J.W.
Layton, W.P. (or W.F.)
Marble, F.B.
Mallory, D.C.
Madden, Lemuel
McCord, J.M.
McCord, R.H.
McCauliff, John
McCrillis, R.E.
McKenzie, T.C.
McKenzie, C.R. (or C.A.)
McKenzie, J.W.
McMillan, Z.L.
Minor, A.N.
Morris, C.H.
Miller, Jacob
Myers, I.W.
Nelson, J.B.
North, D.M.
Nowell, John
Norton, E.A.
Parks, William
Pease, George W.
Phelps, Josiah
Phelps, H.K.
Raymond, L.B.
Ray, A.
Rawles, H.H.
Reeve, A.T.
Reeve, J.B.
Reeve, O.G.
Reinke, Fred
Richards, W.H.
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Stewart
Ross, M.H.
Rother, F.M.
Roberts, Cyrus
Sanford, Don H.
Savidge, William
Schmidt, C.C.
Shane, Matt
Shane, John W.
Shafer, Wm. F.
Smith, C.W.
Studebaker, G.E.
Staley, J.K.
Smith, Edward
Stinson, E.H.
Soper, G.W.
Spencer, G.M.
Soper, E.B.
Stonebraker, E.J.
Tebay, James A.
Thomas, Theodore
Thompson, Andrew
Triplett, J.D.
Tyler, J.E.
VanNest, Geo. D.
Vigreen, C.P.
Wade, T.L.
Watt, J.M.
Welty, W.H.
Wheeler, M.M.
Wheeler, C.P.
Wolf, Casper
Wolf, William

Spanish-American War veterans

Beebe, E.A.
Burns, G.A.
Campbell, S.E.
Chesterfield, Chas.
Clock, Ned L.
Foughty, John C.
Ferris, John C.
French, John W.
Gillett, E.D. 'Babe'
Harriman, John W.
Lee, Harry Chester
McCrillis, G.T.
Mowerty, Wm.
Muir, David
Myers, J.P.
Roemer, Harve
Reeve, John
Scott, Frank
Wiseman, Fred

World War I

Andrews, Maude - nurse
Aldinger, Geo. A.
Allinson, C.J.
Armstrong, B.
Artley, Wayne C.
Autry, D.W.
Beringer, C.E. (or C.B.)
Barry, Frank
Brewster, Ivy L.
Brewster, J.W.
Blanchard, Arthur
Brewster, A.L.
Burke, Joseph E.
Bryan, Earl H.
Burkley, Fred
Chester, Floyd
Chester, Ray
Clark, McCoy F.
Claypool, N.B. Jr.
Clinton, Willard (or Wisard)
Dirst, Harold M.
Elliott, Ned S.
Farnham, Delbert
Fowler, Floyd
Grimes, Sam
Goodenberger, A.
Hanson, F.E.
Hanig, Edward
Have, Jens
Inglis, D.D.
Jamison, R.S.
Jernegan, P.C.
Klubsia, Howard (surname is a guess)
Kothenbeutel, G.F.
Kenison, W.W.
Long, W.K.
Long, Newton E.
Norman, Lind
Malnory, J.A.
Malm, Nels T.
Maneely, D.K. (surname is a guess)
Mannenga, Elvin
Meyer, George
Meyer, George
Monahan, A.P.
McCord, Wm. S.
Patterson, Clyde C.
Raymond, L---- L.
Ryan, -. T.
Shefer, Roy J.
Smith, D.W.
Silvius, Harold
Schaefer, George
Shmitt, Jules H.
Swift, Albert O.
Simmons, Milton
Stru--, H.C.
Wallacee, Bernard
Weeks, George C.
N-----, B.C.
illegible name

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