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Burdette School Reunion Register
1934 & 1935

Burdette School Reunion Register, 1934 & 1935

~register scans contributed by Steve Oler, 2007
~transcription by S. Ferrall, 2011


The composition book belonged to Mrs. May Wall Grant.  In it she recorded notes and attendees to the 1934 and 1935 Burdette School reunion.

In the transcription, names that have been enclosed in [brackets] are a 'best guess' by the transcriber. There may be other errors due to stains on the pages, fading of the ink or difficulty in reading the handwriting.

page 1

The first reunion of the Burdette School was held at Burdette Iowa, on June 20, 1934, the last & driest of the three or four successively dry years. The occasion was also the 40th anniversary of the new school house. One hundred-twelve people attended. 43 of whom were at some time pupils, and 8 were teachers.

Mr. F.E. Furry who taught in the dist. in 1877 or '78 was the earliest teacher present & read his recount of the history of the school in his time.

Mrs. Bertha Reinhardt Atlas, former pupil, Sioux City, Ia came the longest distance to attend & Mrs. Myrtle [Hartly] Warner of Armstrong, Ia, was the teacher from fartherest away. After a picnic dinner the following program was given, followed by sports, Song America the Beautiful.

All Welcome - Marion Christenson
Song - School Days
Dialogue - Deacon Allens
Joke - June Simpson, Glen Kelly
Talk - Carly School History - former teacher Mr. F.E. Furry
Talk - Carly Pupil - Wm. Eberhart
Letter from pupil George [Whaly] - read by Thora [illegible]
Telegram from Philo [Body] - read by [Ralph ----well]
List of teachers - Gertie [Nichols or Michall]
List of pupils - Ellen [Last]

page 2 & 3

Picnic 1934 June 20

Fred Nichols
Nellie Wall
Lois Well
Wilma [Nyce]
Gladys [illegible]
[B-----] Maxwell
Hazel F. Wood
Ruby Jean Wood
Jannile Reinhardt
Marjorie Reinhardt
[Jane or June] Christiansen
[Ke-----e] S. Furry
Mabel Crawford
Bertha Beamish
May Wall Grant
Bertha Reinhardt Atlas
Raymond Miller
N.A. [--rant]
Will Wood
June 20, 1934

F.E. Furry
Emil [Hartkopp]
Edgar Beamish
William Reinhardt
Earl [Kaugan or Haugan]
Homer Dougan
J.F. Thorp
W.E. Crawford
Judy Wiarda
[illegible] Moore
John Lulge
[--ena] Wiarda
[Nit--] E. Thorp
Thos Christiansen
[Gl--a] Simpson
Ellen Leslie
Mrs. Bessie E. Leslie
Mary Leslie
Mrs. William Eberhardt

page 4 & 5

June 20, 1934

Mrs. Clara Woodruff
Palmer Eberhardt
Mary Eberhardt
Pearl Miller
Evaline Miller
Junior Miller
Eveyne Miller
Labonnna Miller
Eunice Miller
Donald Miller
Velma Hougan
Bonnie Dougan
Myrtle Warner
Jean Warner
Lura Crawford
Doris Crawford
Glenn Crawford
Mrs. Emma Hartkopp
Fran S. Woodruff
June 20, 1934

Mrs. Will L. Moore
Muriel Ladd
Elsie Garman
Rebecca Garman
G.F. [Hickethie-]
Billy M.W. Eberhardt
Mrs. Geo. Rommel
Mislard Rommel
Henry F. Smith
Dean Wiards
Mrs. Earl Dougan
William H. Eberhardt
Mrs. Roy German
Mrs. James Doty
Mrs. Lawrence Keller
LeRoy Keller
Darius Wiarda
Mary Ladd
[M.P.] Ladd
Roy German

page 6 & 7

June 20, 1934

Kenneth L. Ladd
Keith [Geirfran]
Grant D. Sheer
Burnard W. Wiarka
Dorothy Ellison Madden
Mildred Ellison Nelson
Oscar Nelson
Dallas Lyle Nelson
Lewis Wm Nelson
Clarence Robert Montandon
Charles Gatewood
Allen B. Christiansen
Edith M. Mott
Victor E. Mott
Walter Harkema
Allen [Hickethres]
Emma H. Hagen
Margery Jo Christiansen
June 20, 1934

Mrs. Anna Dodd Long
Mrs. Roy Dodd
Mrs. Hattie Nichols
Gertrude Nichols
Helen Nichols
Ura M. Oler
Mrs. Grant Oler
W.L. Moon
Mrs. Dave Burns
Maurice Dave Burns
Mrs. A.D. Barriek
Deane Johnson
Miss Lois Ellison
Mrs. Sam Walhazel
Mrs. Mabel Jackson [Alv--son]
Glen Keller

page 8 & 9


Names - Addresses -Year present at Burdette school

John Leslie -Alden, Iowa -1917
C.A. Hall - Spokane, Wash. -
Thema Cowie - [Ho--] Iowa -
Marion Lorraine Christiansen - Burdette, Iowa - 1932
Evalena Miller - Burdette, Iowa -193-
Ruth Wall Hall - Spokane, Wash. -[1909]
Edith Mott - Alden, Iowa - teacher 1927-1935
Pearl Miller - Alden, Iowa -
K.B. Leslie - Alden, Ia -
Harry Lawton - Alden, Ia -
Mrs. Geo [Roumel] - Burdette, Ia - 1906
Mrs. Ellen Leslie - Alden, Iowa
Raymond Miller - 1909-1917
Evalena Miller - 1932 [note: this entry was crossed out]
Junior Miller - 1933
Wayne Miller - 1934
LaDonna Miller
Eunice Miller
Donald Miller

Lena Miller Hartkopp
Emil Hartkopp
Thora Christiansen
Sadie Keller
Laurena Keller
Glenn Keller - 1927-1935
LeRoy Keller - 1929-
Millard Rommel - 1932
Mildred Nelson - Alden, Ia
Edna E. Wall - Weston, Wyo. - 1892-1900
Clara Woodruff - Alden, Ia
George Wall - Burdette, Ia
Frank Woodruff - Alden, Ia
George Rommel - Burdette, Ia
Mary Leslie - Alden, Ia
Allen B. Christensen
Mildred Ellison Nelson - Burdette, Iowa
Oscar D. Nelson
Dallas Nelson - 1934
Lewis Nelson

page 10 & 11

[note: this page is mostly illegible due to the fading
the ink]

Clarence [illegible]
Henry [illegible]
Golda [illegible]
Thois [illegible]
Annabelle [illegible]
Donald [illegible]
Mrs. Etta Jackson Kinney & daughter - Goldfield, Iowa
Mrs. Charley Jackson - Dows, Iowa
Mr. Ed Cowie - Holland, Iowa
Jane Wall Cowie - Holland, Iowa - 1907
Dale Mott - 1932-1933
1935 (continued)

The second reunion of the Burdette School was held at this schoolhouse on June 19, 1935. The attendance was less than in 1934, because of the weather. Mrs. Ruth Wall Hall, a former pupil and husband of Spokane, Washington were present from the farthest distance.

After a picnic dinner the business meeting was called to order by the Vice Pres. of the PTA, Mr. Earl Miller. The minutes of the last reunion were read by Thora Christiansen. Letters from former teachers were read by George Wall, John Leslie and Allen Christiansen. The list of teachers and the years taught by each were read by Ellin Leslie. Miss Edith Mott read a list of former pupils in an effort to find out their addresses. A vote was taken to decide whether

page 12

to have a school reunion every year, every three years, or every five years. More were in favor of having the reunion every three years. The meeting adjourned.

Etta Jackson Kinney of Goldfield also came a long distance.

Mrs. Raymond Miller was elected president and Mrs. John Leslie secretary and treasurer.


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