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Groom Bride Date Married by / Place
Away, Anders  Auld, Etta   11/03/1886 E. Lee ? 
Anway, Elmer E.  Myers, Norma Jean   04/17/1938  
Anway, George Starkey, Nancy E. 07/25/1867 John D. ?    J. P.
Anway, James   Watkins, Nancy M. 06/16/1868 W. W. Day, Circuit Judge
Anway, James H. Mendell, Estella B.  01/18/1875 L. A. Call, Minister
Anway, L. Lorenzo Robinson, Pearl E.  01/14/1903 C. H. VanMetre, Rev.
Anway, N. A.   Rick, Nettie    12/31/1908 E. L. Caldren, Mayor 
Barnes, George S. Walker, Hannah 04/02/1868 L. S. Cooley, Minister
Barnett, J. Anway, Esiloia  07/26/1870 L. A. Call, Minister
Bundy, Thomas H. Anway, Julia E.  10/16/1879 Jas. T. McCormick J. P.
Cable, Albert (more info.) Robinson, Ida 03/??/1885 Esq. John Hoskins
Chapman, Ira E. Anway, Lucinda 12/02/1872 L. A. Call, Minister
Gould, John W.  Ross, Sarah E.   10/27/1868 W. P. Avery, Minister 
Gould, Wm. H.  Robinson, Lousia  09/04/1867 Allen, Greene J. P. 
Kellogg, Eber Anway, Belle     07/04/1889 H. Foote, Minister
Osborne, C.F. (more info.) Cronin, Anna 04/??/1921 J. Lewis Gillie, Pastor (Des Moines)
Perington, Milton J. (more info. & photo) Pardee, Olive Carolyn 02/06/1856 Rossville, Allamakee co. IA
Reeve, Orson G. (more info.) Winegard, Xenia Belle 06/03/1929 Rev. H.L. Michael
Reinhardt, George Robinson, Mary A.  11/01/1905 C. H. VanMetre, Rec. 
Robinson, A. J.  Smith, Z. T.   03/13/1879 R. W. Weilner
Robinson, Frank Cable R. E.  10/06/1872 Jas. T. McCormick J. P. 
Robinson, Fred S. (more info.) Frye, Ella Kate Newton 09/29/1897 J. C. Magee
Robinson, G. R. Lloyd, Maggie  03/31/1879 Wm. Wilder 
Robinson, George R.  Floyd, Maggie   11/16/1878 F. B. Taylor
Robinson, T. J. B.  Clinton, Belle H.  06/15/1887  
Robinson, Wm. A.  Vandecor, Sarah E.   12/21/1887  
Robinson, Solomon Peters, Sarah 08/21/1862 Benjamin Loomis
Sinkey, Robert L. Anway, Lillie May 01/26/1898 W. P. Taylor, Rev.
Slaley, Solomon Wheeler, Philo Melinda 09/22/1857  
Slatey, Solomon Allman, Melissa Ann 07/04/1865  
Sniffen, Joseph M.  Robinson, Mary Alice   09/12/1905 E. T. Crowell 
Snyder, John (more info.) Snyder, Dora 10/11/1878 Rev. F.X. Miller
Stonebraker, Eliphelet James SR (more info. & photo) Marsh, Emma 11/19/1867 Oregon, IL
Tucker, Franklin J. Frinch, Sarah Ann 01/06/1868  
Tucker, William C. Anway, Viena  08/24/1871 L. A. Call,  Minister
Turk, Zachariah A. Hagaman, Ruth H. 03/23/1866  
VanHorn, Harm Anway, Cleo Rosa  02/25/1923 W. G. Crowder Rev. 
Watkins, John R. Merrill, Cora J.  07/24/1890 C. R. W. Kenzie J. P. 
Webb, Earl L. Anway, Shirley F.  11/11/1925  


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