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Rotary Club - Hampton
11th Anniversary, 1935


Eleventh Anniversary of the Hampton Rotary Club, Hampton, Iowa. Wednesday, May 8th, 1935 at 8:00 p.m.

The members of the Hampton Rotary Club, and their Rotary Anns are tonight celebrating the eleventh anniversary of the club with an inter-city meeting with the members of Eldora, Iowa Falls, Ackley and Clarion clubs and their Rotary Anns at the Hotel Coonley ball room. The Hampton Rotary Club has an unusual record in many ways, but one that is most outstanding is the record of continuous membership since the initiation of the club in May 1924. Of the original sixteen charter members, twelve are still active members of the club. Two of the charter members have moved out of the city. The club now has the largest membership in its history, there being forty members at present. Thru the so-called "depression" Hampton maintained its membership, and even increased it somewhat. Classifications have been held to strictly.

Dr. Joe C. Powers was the first president of the Hampton Rotary Club, and the others in the order which they served were as follows:
Walter T. Robinson
Tom W. Purcell
Gareld Leming
Dr. Walter K. Long
S.J. Galvin
Earl Ferris
Morris M. McNie
Herb E. Boehmler
Dallas M. Harrison
Arthur E. Rankin (serving now)

1935 Hampton Rotary Club Members and their occupation or business
H.D. Baldwin, City Clerk
Herb E. Boehmler, Capital Investments
Ronald H. Boehmler, Retail Footwear
Earl H. Bryan, Butter and Ice Cream Manufacturer
Edwin M. Beebe, Retail Lumber
Willis K. Bramwell, Banker
D. Dana Bramwell, Banker
Dr. Joseph M. Burger, Surgeon
Rev. W.C. Cleworth, M.E. Minister
Sherwood A. Clock, District Judge
Earl Elliott, Chick Hatchery
Earl Ferris, Nursery
Wayne Ferris, Nursery
George C. Ford, Laundry & Dry Cleaning
S.J. Galvin, Brick and Tile
Dallas M. Harrison, Retail Dairy
Manning W. Howell, Agricultural County Agent
Howard Hughes, High School Coach
Dr. Howard H. Johnston, Physician
Fern L. Jennings, Groceries
Dr. Lee K. Juhl, Dentist
Dr. Walter K. Long, Physician
Gareld Leming, Lawyer
Morris M. McNie, Grain and Coal
Harold B. McGee, Paper Jobber Salesman
Charles W. Nolte, Retail Meats
Derwin W. Parks, Collections
Dr. Joseph C. Powers, Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat
Tom W. Purcell, Publisher
Dwight V. Purcell, Associate Publisher
Arthur E. Rankin, Superintendent of Schools
Frank H. Ridgeway, Banker
John W. Robinson, Hotel
George A. Robinson, Abstracts
Dr. Edd C. Scantebury, Veterinarian
Fred B. Timm, Telephone
Arthur W. Wolf, Farmer
Ray A. Wood, Automobiles
Walter E. Wright, Electrical Service
T.J.B. Robinson, Honorary Member

President, Arthur E. Rankin
Vice president, Dallas M. Harrison
Secretary, Earl Elliott
Assistant Secretary, Dwight V. Purcell
Sergeant-at-arms, Charles W. Nolte

Earl H. Bryan
Earl Elliott
Wayne Ferris
Arthur E. Rankin
Dallas M. Harrison
Gareld Leming
Harold B. McGee

~Source: Hampton Rotary Bulletin, May 8, 1935
~Data transcribed by S. Ferrall for Franklin co. IAGenWeb


H.E. Boehmler

Mr. Boehmler, who was elected president of the Hampton Rotary Club at the annual election a month ago, takes over his duties July 1st. He succeeds Earl Ferris as president of the group. Mr. Boehmler and other new officers of the club will be regularly installed at the regular meeting next Wednesday.
~Hampton Chronicle clipping, undated
~Contributed by Sandy Boehmler, g-granddaughter of H.E. Boehmler




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