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Franklin co. Jurors
(1876 - 1877)

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The Enterprise, Ackley, Iowa; Friday, March 24, 1876
The following is the list of Jurors for the Franklin County Court, commencing April 25th. The Grand Jurors will convene on the 25th, and the petit on the 26th:

Grand Jurors

W.B. Bryan
W.P. Smith
D.G. Carbaugh
E.M. Knight
J.B. Peck
T.E.B. Hudson
S.P. Weaver
C.J. Mott
Casper Wolf
A.M. Mott
John Fahey
U. Weeks
Austin North
Dan. Burke
James Carn

Petit Jurors

Welcome North
Patrick McCahn
T. North
O.G. Reeve
Silas Armstrong
T.F. Jones
Philo Loss
A.G. McMillan
Benjamin Palmer
John Griggs
Wm. Hartwell
Andrew Huff
Henry Jordan
R.H. Watters
J.C. Butterfield
Louis Elsefer
Isaiah Wagner
O.P. Lane
Rfus Wilder
Josiah Kempthorne
Samuel Butler
B.F. Andrews
N. Ebersol
Abram Zook
John Schillion
Dixon Bailey
Thomas Murphy
A. Zimmerman
M.B. Jones
J. Davenport
Edward Cassidy
John Hunt
E.J. Tyler
D.M. Pratt
D.C. Creighton
T.W. Bailey
Wm. Rowe, Sr.
V.A. Harris
D.J. Patton
Joseph Mitchell, Sr.
Henry Kaus
H. Morehouse
Owen Jones
D. Murlin
Wm. Savage
John Pride
R. Wilde
Silas Page
M.K. Donovan
W.B. Garber


The Enterprise, Friday, July 27, 1877
Below will be found a list of the persons drawn as jurors for the next term of Franklin County Circuit Court, to convene Monday, Aug. 13, 1877:

J. Allen
Ed. Esslinger
Jessie Coggswell
William Ganfield
Henry Hayes
T.H. Rose
Steve. Fitzgerald
L.O. Rule
John Nixon
L.A. Miner
Henry Scott
D.S. Lynk
Silas Armstrong
Alden Patee
G.E. Marble
Andy Thompson
A.C. Walker
H. Busbyager
B.K. Jackson
D.W. Hinman


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