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Coulter Cemetery Society
Marion township, Franklin County, IA


Transcriptions by S. Ferrall for Franklin County, IAGenWeb

The following lists are all from area newspapers. More than likely none reflect the entire membership of the society in any given year.


Mrs. Leslie Christiansen, president
Mrs. N.R. Christensen, vice president
Mrs. Franc Horn, secretary
Mrs. F.B. Elledge, assistant secretary
Mrs. C.P. Christensen, treasurer

Mrs. Oliver Christiansen, president
Mrs. Joe Rodecap, vice president
Mrs. Nels Pedersen, treasurer
Mrs. C.P. Christiansen, secretary
Mrs. Andrew Blom, assistant secretary & treasurer

Axel Tobiasen, cemetery caretaker for 1951

Mrs. Oscar Boughton, president
Mrs. Arnold Numelin, vice president
Mrs. Wilbur Beck, secretary
Mrs. Walter Hansen, secretary & treasurer
Mrs. Tom Johansen, treasurer
Mrs. Albert Hansen, member

Mrs. Marius Pedersen, president
Mrs. Lena Brown, vice president
Mrs. Wilbert Reineking, secretary
Mrs. C.P. Christiansen, assistant secretary & teasurer
Mrs. Leslie Christiansen, treasurer
Mrs. Andrew Blom, auditor
Mrs. John A. Johansen, auditor
Mrs. Esther Larsen, member

Cemetery custodians for 1958
Mrs. Fern Kassebaum
Mrs. Fred Christiansen

Mrs. John A. Johansen, president
Mrs. Esther Larsen, vice president
Mrs. Arnold Numelin, secretary
Mrs. Andrew Blom, treasurer
Mrs. Marios Pedersen, assistant secretary-treasurer

Mrs. Esther Johansen, president
Mrs. Lena Brown, vice president
Mrs. M.G. Johansen, treasurer
Mrs. Walter Hansen, secretary & treasurer
Mrs. Sophie Lind, secretary

members: Mrs. Harold Holmgaard, Mrs. Arnold Numelin, Mrs. Nels Pedersen, Mrs. Wilbert Reineking, Mrs. Oliver Christiansen


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