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Ten Year Old Boy Rides 20 Miles

   Hampton, Oct. 12 - Starting out on a bicycle trip of 20 miles at the early age of 10 years is not an unusual occurrence, but that is what Master Wilbur Williams, who makes his home with his aunt Mrs. Flectcher Russell did here last week.

   He disappeared from the home soon after 4 o'clock and no trace could be found of him during the entire night, although diligent search was instituted. 

   It finally occurred to relatives that he had enjoyed an intimate acquaintance a few years ago with the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Esslinger, who now reside in West Fork township, inquiry was made by phone, and the information came that he was there visiting well and happy, as though it was no unusual occurrence. Notwithstanding the roads were far from smooth and the weather threatening he perserved until Sheffield was reached, where he inquired the balance of the way to his destination. He reached it without mishap and proceeded to do his visiting.

   (Ottumwa Courier, October 14, 1915)