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Many Escape Arrest Here - Warrants Out for Those Charged with Theft of Nylon Shorts - Walk Inn Stolen Too - Officers Went to Sleep As Night Hawks Got Away With Conveniences

   One of the most ridiculous stunts ever pulled off in Hampton took place here yesterday when a lot of folks around town took it upon themselves to hang out their dirty linen on other peoples clotheslines. And, it would not have been so bad had it not been for the fact that some of the articles, mostly women's scanty attire, had been stolen from the lines of the legitimate owners who had their things washed up to wear for the Hampton celebration days this week.

   And, another  ridiculous trick was pulled off by a gang of young outlaws when during Tuesday night they stole several of those ready made walk in huts which had been placed at points near alleyway corners for the convenience of visitors who had hurry calls during the day. Frank Zimmer, of the Zimmer Plumbing Company, had one of them at the corner of his place of business, in which he planned to place some tin pail, conveniences in the morning, but when he found that the cover all had been stolen, he just put out a sign for everybody to come inside where he had several bathtubs on display in the back repair room, and which could be used in emergency cases.

   Anyway, the women folks were not the only ones who were going around town in short pants yesterday. Several business men who have been rated as conservatives in most anyway you take them, were hobbling along in B.V.D's and others in long skirts with thin slips underneath. It was most ridiculous program to be pulled off in any modern town, and it looks like Hampton police force was asleep at the switch all day, as not a single arrest was made.

Source ~ Hampton Chronicle; October 11, 1951