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Indicted As Hold-Up Men - Franklin County Grand Jury Accuses Two of Crime

     Hampton, Nov. 27 - Nic Thomas, who resides on the farm of C. B. Harriman, near Latimer and William Walsh, who has been working this summer for John Pink, southwest of Hampton were indicted by the grand jury on the charge of holding up Johann Wessels, at Latimer, last Saturday night. Wessels has been a resident of Latimer since last July, coming over from Germany at that time, and has been employed on the Iowa Central section at Latimer. It is claimed that several men were at the Ed Hanson place in Latimer, commonly called a restaurant, and most of them were in the back room relieving "malt" bottles of their foaming contents. Wessels had a bunch of money in his hand after getting the change back from a good sized bill that he had presented for payment for one of the bottles, and when those about him took his bottle away from him he showed them that he had money enough to get another. The money was knocked out of his hands and it is claimed that Thomas and Walsh got the most of it and immediately made their escape thru a side door. Several other persons are said to have been implicated in the hold up, but indictments were returned only against the two above named.  No arrests have been made yet and it is reported that Walsh has skipped out.

     Source ~ Times-Republican; Marshalltown, Iowa; November 27, 1908