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 Hampton Girl Robbed - Room of Employee at Hotel Ganfield Torn Topsy Turvey - Her Savings Taken - Police Search for Suspect

     Hampton, Nov 27 - A bold robbery was pulled off at Hotel Ganfield, Wednesday, Miss Louise Cornshafter, an employee of the hotel, being the victim. She came down to her work, leaving her room in good order, and with the door locked as usual. A short time afterward she had occasion to return to her room, where, to her surprise, the door was securely fastened and could not be opened from the hallway. Help was secured from the office and still the door resisted all efforts to unfasten it. Thinking that the lock was disarranged, and not having time just at the breakfast hour to give it further attention, their efforts were relaxed for the time being. Upon trying the door a little later, it was opened without trouble, and the discovery was made that someone had been in the room for the purpose of robbery. About $8, that the young woman had in the room, had been taken, and in the effort to find more, nearly everything in the room had been upset.                  

    No clue to the identity of the robber was found about the room, but it is stated that a stranger was seen leaving the basement of the hotel by way of the furnace room.

    Source ~  Times-Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa; November 27, 1908